WIND launches ‘My Account’ app for BlackBerry, iOS, Android, and Windows Phone


  • Croc Ography

    Nice on WInPhone too! Great stuff! So glad I switched to Wind, btw, Rogers I cannot seem to get my account info today on myRogers account… not working again!

    But now Wind, start selling some high-end WinPhones!

    • Martini

      Agreed. I liked that they had the HTC 8S for awhile, but their only other option was some obscure Huawei device that I don’t even think was intended for a North American market. Would definitely love to see some Lumias offered, if they can’t get anything from Samsung.

  • Martin Chan

    I’m surprised they released a iOS and WP app too. They don’t sell any of those phones currently.

    • Sérgio Da Silva

      Don’t forget that you can use an iPad to access the account.

      They don’t sell iPhone but you can use them in Wind Network 🙂

    • Syaz

      They have a ton of people coming in who bring unlocked iPhones.

    • 5Gs

      I know mostly these days every company is after ios or android.

  • JB

    Props to wind for supporting all 4 of the major OS brands in the mobile space. Thats how it should be.

    • pomplamoose

      bb major? lmao

  • bika

    love ya wind

  • pozzitron

    Wind is getting better and better. Four active numbers with them and will support them till they become the #1 carrier in Canada or the zombie apocalypse happens, either or.

    • Anaron

      Oh, you’re so funny. Care to tell another joke?

    • chris

      You must be fun at parties.

    • Anaron

      You’re right. How did you know?

    • 5Gs

      Well they are already number one for me though. I get piece of mind and never had a single billing error. Actually bills went down instead of ever going up.

  • Anaron

    It’s about time.

  • 5Gs

    Pretty impressive and neat. Not that i have to go use my account at all. I have them on my pre-authorized payment and never did my bill was ever wrong or it went up for any reason. Been with them since the first day they launched and surprisingly my bill has went down instead of ever going up. Also never had any billing error.

    I never have to spend 2 to 3 hours at the end of every month with their customer service to fight over some illegal charges. I can actually enjoy my phone and service.

    Wind really has came a long way and i wish them all the best for the best service ever. Also thank you for considering all major OS. That is really a huge improvement.

    • Omis


  • cookipuss

    Been saving so much money since ditching Telus for Wind. Travelled to Brantford last week and had full coverage.

    Hopefully nothing happens that causes Wind to become another ripoff machine like the big three.

  • Steve Carol

    Their sister company, Yak, also came out with a mobile app ‘YApp Mobile’. It syncs perfectly with my Yak home phone system at no additional cost. Now I have my home phone and mobile plan app on my iPhone!

    Wind and Yak both have the best prices with the best quality. I’m already looking to get Yak’s unlimited Internet soon

  • Martini

    This article isn’t entirely accurate. WIND actually announced this on Tuesday, not Wednesday. Additionally, I’d like to see some clarification about how “pretty recently” you could make certain changes to your account online. I’ve been with WIND since December, and not once did I have to call in to make any changes to my features; all of that could be done online.

    At any rate, I’m pleased to see them offer this app to all four smartphone platforms.