Samsung Galaxy F pictured, shows metal body and large display


  • St. Misery

    Should really start considering phasing out that physical home button…

    • josh

      No way. I’ve had a couple androids from other companies, and I’ll constantly, accidentally hit the home button. Having a physical button prevents that from happening, especially for the senior market.

      I’m sure it’s something that I would get used to, but the physical button feels right, I think.

      It also symbolizes that Samsung is a competitor to Apple and not just one of the many similar looking Android devices out there. I don’t think it’s going anywhere

    • Matt Z10

      I still prefer BB10 gesture based movement. Home buttons are archaic to me now :/

    • StevieY

      BB10 is archaic itself

    • Matt Z10

      Where was it done before?

    • StevieY

      It offers absolutely nothing that other modern OSes don’t and hasn’t since launch. Hub was a cute gimmick for a bit but doesn’t work on any of the side loaded Android apps aka almost all of them

    • Matt Z10

      Why would you ever expect an application that you had to side load to work with the integrated Hub???? That’s a terrible argument IMO.
      You may have seen other OS functions that don’t use buttons to navigate between apps and other screens but I certainly haven’t. Physical button, capacitive touch area or on screen icon, every other OEM has a home button (which is what this was about). SO BB10 with its gesture based navigation is not archaic and actually thought outside of the box compared to its competition.

    • StevieY

      No devs want to make apps for a crappy dead platform

    • blzd

      If you accidentally tap your screen there’s nothing that can help you. If it’s not the home button it’ll be something else on screen which you activate. A physical button does not stop you from accidental taps.

      On screen buttons are easier to activate with one hand which is perfect for larger phones, and the buttons can be adapted to every situation (dynamically change) as well as hidden away when not needed.

      Physical buttons will go the way of the Dodo soon enough, though I imagine Samsung will keep it as long as Apple does.

    • josh

      Not as long as the iPhone continues to have a physical button. I’m not so sure that’s gonna change any time soon

    • marorun1982

      Got to read what he said..

    • josh

      Lol correct. I clearly glanced over the last part.

    • Iz3man

      They kill the home button I for one will drop samsung..

      When I switch from my Note 3 to my m7 I miss that button.

    • Rawrrr

      I switched from Nexus 4 to Note 3. Not liking the physical button lol

    • Joseph

      All depends on where you came from for instance I came from being an iOS user before getting the LG optimus 2x and then on to the galaxy s3 so I love having the hardware button

  • Curtis K Louis

    I enjoyed my s5 and didnt mind the plastic. That chrome ring killed it for me. Traded for M8…
    Now Sammy gonna “F” us up.. Smh..

    • josh

      Haha seriously? It’s not that bad…

    • Curtis K Louis

      Well.. I had a case on my phone from day one. Took the case off and the ring was all messed up. I didn’t want it to lose more value so I traded it..
      I still prefer the s5 over the m8.

  • JBR

    New direction? It still looks the same. The only cosmetic changes are slight and the major change is materials and not specifically design. Samsung is becoming the Android equivalent of the iPhone.

  • Davey Everydude

    Spec wise, I am so stoked for this monster. Samsung has proven that they can fully use the gear they throw under the hood of their devices and I hope they really harness what they have here. That, I think, will be their game changer, if they can make a more efficient touchwiz that is.

    As for the look? I think that this is a testament to the innovative bezel and the over all front that LG has created with the G2 and G3. Slim bezel, big screen, simple appearance. That button is the big difference and is almost symbolic of the Samsung design. They can’t, and shouldn’t change that unless they go for a fully hands free experience.

    The metal body I think comes from a very obvious source and is an excellent choice provided they do it right.

    I’m stoked to see this phone, but ultimately I am still in a passionate state over my G2 and soaked into getting a G3 asap. In my hands, Samsung has has the same general device since the S3 (which I still use and fully enjoy) and has not really deviated from that plan. They have become the apple of the android world through familiarity.

    HTC, Sony and LG have made drastic and important changes and made implementation of design the game changer. I love it and I’d love Samsung a little more if they would bring something different to the table as the “The Next Big Thing” seems to have been the same big thing for a couple years now counting on bells and whistles to keep their market pacified.

    • marorun1982

      *Spec wise, I am so stoked for this monster. Samsung has proven that they can fully use the gear they throw under the hood of their devices and I hope they really harness what they have here. That, I think, will be their game changer, if they can make a more efficient touchwiz that is.*

      Really? got clients complaining both S4 and S5 lag because of touchwiz ( stop lagging when using others launcher ) Same with the note 3 but to a lesser extend.

      None of my M7 or M8 buyer ever complained of lag or slowdown.. So sorry but Touchwiz is the most bloated OEM skin ever made! ( work at a telus store)

      Same for Sony user.. Some LG complained of some small lag on the camera on the G2 but thats about it..

      So plz…

    • Davey Everydude

      When I said touch ui and making it more efficient, I meant make it better. If they take advantage of it, then they have done something they should have done in the past.

      I don’t think you actually read what I wrote, but since you are the almighty telus employee (former Tom Harris here, which is privatized Telus) so I will take your word on this as Gospel.

      Sony Z1, it wasn’t just slow. It had problems with crashing and in many cases bricking itself. If I’m kit correct, the Z2 every now and again has the same problem with the google authenticator.

      LG, well yes it starts off slow. No secret there. The UI is so bloated and horrid. But, if you can wipe your own a*s, you will already know if it’s optimus, that there is a good chance that it’s terrible. Nova to the rescue. The G2 is the first phone they have put out in years that has been any good. Lucky enough, it turned out really, really good.

      As a once HTC fan boy, I can still say I love them. The M7 saved their asses as nothing truly worth while with a couple exceptions had been produced since the original desire. (wanna flex knowledge there, then we can also talk about the touch pro from way back as well) anyone spoke to you about beats making hissing noises in the background or that the phone gets pretty hot and less than expected battery life? Yep M7 wasn’t perfect either. I still got mine. It’s still amazing.

      The M8 is the best phone out there, but the phone has been known to freeze while in portrait mode, throw a dead pixel or two out there, loose Sim card slots and what have you.

      So I’m not too sure if your post was just supposed to flex some knowledge, or just flex your Internet dick, but do try and read what you feel the need to try and talk down.

      Really, this is why I will seldom speak to reps behind a counter anymore as I rarely ever find anyone that can actually speak about the devices and speak about each. It almost always “everything sucks. Except for this. I love this.” and that’s sad.

      So please….

  • lonita

    Still that gawdawful hardware button. They managed to make the S II X without one, and it was a lovely thing. Leap into the 21st Century and go all touch, please. Otherwise, it’s kickass.

  • Binay Chohan

    looks great, But if it had onscreen buttons and no touchwiz

    • marorun1982

      Yeah a google edition of this beast with no physical home bouton and no touchwiz plz!

  • Tuan Bui

    Need to tone down touchwiz and clear up the menu setting and camera setting please.

  • Tyrone_83

    I’m kinda pissed at Samsung when my original phone was going to be the S5 then I heard about this so I didn’t bother getting the S5 anymore. On Twitter a Samsung PR rep squashed the rumor that the Galaxy F is being a made so I guess there not making it anymore then I saw the G3 which i’m gonna get and within a few hours more news and pictures are coming.

    So I said if this phone isn’t being made why is news still buzzing about this phone and then just this week it’s buzzing about the phone launch some time soon.

  • Collin dubya

    sadly this is only coming out in Korea samsung has stated, not north america.

  • marorun1982

    Would this be my second ever samsung Phone? Got an S3 one time sold it after 3 weeks lol..

    Dont like laggy phone with bad build.. but this look interesting if they can tone down the bloatware..

  • Lost at the World…

    Will the battery be removable

  • Hail Eff

    I’m glad Samsung is finally releasing a phone with this level of hardware capabilities. However, if they don’t cease to start changing things up more in the outside cosmetic department, I can see many customers wanting to switch over to other brands, as they want to see something new for a change.

    Moreover, in my own opinion, unless they completely revamp Touchwhiz into something more functionable and smooth, I know for a fact that once I have enough money to get rid of my Samsung GS3 and get a different phone, I will not be going back to them. I’ve always found it to be an awful Android experience.