Update: Drake rumoured to be BlackBerry’s new brand ambassador (Nope)


  • G-man

    Here, here.
    Only smart people use BlackBerry QNX.

  • Super_Deluxe

    Drake is the Raptors and Blackberry ambassador, I like that. Fvck beiber and his arrogant d*****s, he can stay in America for all we care.

    • J-Ro

      Damn right. They can keep him and his father.

    • HalfBlackCanuck

      Drake hangs out with Miami Heat players more than Raptors players though, barely had presence until the Raptors had a shot in the playoffs. So by that accord, if this was happening, expect him to show up at press conferences but otherwise use an iPhone…

  • applesue

    lmao. here we go again….where is akeys?

    • Plazmic Flame

      Sending a response to BlackBerry via her iPhone…

    • JTon

      She was dropped during the restructuring that brought on Chen. Good riddance

    • Salinger

      Many people thought much the same when Drake signed an affiliation with the Raptors, but he was totally legitimate in his support for the team and actually attended a lot of games cheering his guts out. If he shows some of the same commitment to BlackBerry, it could be a good partnership.

    • Lion5

      I agree. Drake will be more sincere about promoting the brand. My question is, how many mobile phone OEMs actually benefited from celebrity ambassadors? At least Drake is definitely not in it just for money. I believe that he truly believes in the product.

  • canuck07

    Let’s just hope nobody catches him using an iPhone/Android

    • Plazmic Flame

      Surprisingly, Drake is an absolute diehard of BlackBerry. He’s seen everywhere with it… he could actually give the brand a much needed boost.

    • HalfBlackCanuck

      Everything American except Miami Heat…and Young Money (after turning down Canadian sub-label Black Jays)..and his Canadian fans a lot of the time. But yeah, diehard Canadian

  • Plazmic Flame

    Just hold on, we’re going home…

    • MikeOxlong

      Drake is equally terrible for brand image as Alicia was. Its belly rolling laughter coming from these fools. Oh well, par for the course.

    • thisiscjay

      And you are equally terrible delivering a balanced perspective on this website. We recognize how sorry things must be for you, if you constantly visit articles about a product you dislike to repeat these negative opinions over and over and we are ALL subject to belly rolling laughter due to this.

    • MikeOxlong

      Following me around again, eh goof?
      Look, I visit many articles, and comment on many more. Much of the time it’s to help folks having issues, or to provide additional info that may be lacking in the blog post itself. But, BlackBerry articles are prime for a beat down. Even more so are the goons like yourself that swear by them like some demented reject and cry like a pussssy when a little reality smack talk gets in their way.
      Go back down to moms basement and remember to clean up after you’ve finished beating off to a photograph of Chen. Mmmmkay?

    • vn33

      Schools out … shouldn’t you be looking for a summer job some where ?

  • Yeng Ling

    I guess productivity the way they use their phone?

  • djino

    Started From the Bottom…

  • Surveillance

    I believe this is a good call on blackberry’s part. Drake is a young, intelligent, decent looking Canadian who will undoubtedly promote blackberry proudly!

  • SexyHyde

    It depends really. Some of the designers of today could do with some fresh eyes that isn’t as entrenched in the established design mode of thinking. Some times they just plough ahead with things regardless.

    Samsung S4 = Horrible looks, cheap material.

    HTC M8 = Extremely Slippy, ‘unusual/difficult’ button placement.

    Iphone/Nexus 4/5 = *Delicate glass backs, large bezels
    If Drake really is a die hard fanboy, then this is great, because he will actually want to make and improve the device as he will be using it, unlike a lot of these ‘colabs’ where the celebrity say it is great but never actually use it.

    • MikeOxlong

      Love your remarks on all those phones. Haha. Problem is you got every single one of them incorrect, except maybe the galaxy s4.
      I especially love the “large bezels” on the nexus 5, which haooebs to have some of the smallest available period. Within the top 3 anyways.

  • Tuan Bui

    Wow, Alicia keys part 2 anyone? I mean what does he know about phone designs? He’s a rapper/horrible actor, and yet they have him as an ambassador? Money not well spent bb..

    • ^Think Again

      It’s all about the marketing. Essentially what they’re doing is targeting Drake’s fans. Since he is the ambassador, it’s building tons of publicity as well. BlackBerry made a good move.

    • Tuan Bui

      Rofl.. And what do you think Alicia keys was? Were they not targeting her “fans” Was she not a publicity stunt? How far did that get them?

  • Handheld Addict

    Update: (good)

  • Susan

    It wouldn’t have worked out anyway, because Drake uses an iPhone, like A, Keys. They should hire Nelly Furtado as their ambassador. She still uses a BlackBerry. She does A LOT for charities and visits lots of countries. And dare I say Madonna? She sleeps with her BlackBerry and even said that’s the one thing she would never give up.

  • Tyrone_83

    I don’t know why Justin was being such a douche. I mean are you really gonna do with 20 phones apart from either giving them away or selling them. But it’s the way he came off probably turn off Blackberry and wont do business with him again.

  • Bill

    “Brand Ambassador” a.k.a “We pay a celebrity huge sums of money to say they like our product”

  • Hungrier

    Even though it’s not true, how did he help design the BB Classic? Was his contribution to look at a BB Bold and say “yep, looks good”?

  • OgtheDim

    You got pnked.

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