Motorola unveils Moto Stream, a $50 gadget that turns any connected speaker wireless


  • Chris G


  • Vince

    there is a lot of these in the market and at less than $50

    • Unorthodox

      That’s what I though too, at first. But 5 device hub is unique. I’d buy, but the looks are ugly!

    • Vince

      Yeah, missed the multiple device part.

  • Connor

    I already have something like this that I bought on amazon for $12! It only connects to one device but thats really all you need

    • Andrew


  • alphs22

    Pretty sure I see these things in the $20 range.

  • Kenny S. Zhang

    nothing new under the sun here! but it sure looks cool!

  • Eluder

    I doubt it at this price, but apt-x support?

    • Dave Scott

      apt-x would be the only reason to buy this over much cheaper ones. That being said, not many devices support apt-x yet. I know my LG G2 doesn’t.

    • Eluder

      Luckily my HTC does, but does this mean it is confirmed to support apt-x (the moto stream)?

  • ddd

    You guys are hilarious. This is a main stream product. It is a HUGE deal to the masses.

    Some of you people think everyone is a tech nerd or they know of the latest technology and gadgets.

    Relax. You can always find something cheaper online. Is it better? That is subjective.

    • alphs22

      I see them at my Loblaws Superstore – is that mainstream enough? Belkin, Logitech, and other mainstream brands have already released cheaper devices for years.

      What’s hilarious is that you think this is a “HUGE” deal. Even funnier that you think this is the latest technology.

  • Kristen

    been selling this exact same thing for a while, just a different brand.

  • Samuel Gomez Recuero

    This is better than those bluetooth speakers you can buy. You can hook it up to any sound system and offers you the possibility to pari with 5 devices. Now at a party people can take turn to DJ

  • B-Mac

    perfect for pre drinks!

  • Andre.GE

    i definitely want one of these. need news on when its coming to canada or how to get one