BlackBerry Q30 (Windermere) leaks online, reveals design and specs


  • crocop24

    LOL. WOW

    Blackberry…just stop. Please stop. This device looks horrendous.

    • Andrew Goldenberg

      Couldn’t agree more. Ew ew Ew!

    • Syaz

      I’m a BlackBerry fan… And even I’m not a fan of this. They should stick with touchscreens.

    • Danistired

      It is a touch screen

    • Ren596

      A Touch Screen And a Keyboard That works as a Track Pad as well

    • Syaz

      Yes, this is true… It just seems like a regress from the Z30, which is a beautiful, masterful device.

    • applesue

      lmfao. this looks like a pop tart

    • Ryan Roeder

      Hi, is this Ryan Brooks?

    • anthony rowland

      what’s an ugly phone? they’re all black rectangles…

  • barrist

    Looks like a neat, no nonsense, business device. Not pretty but I guess they’re not going for that for this device.

  • Kenny S. Zhang

    blackberry haters, START YOUR ENGINES!!!

    • Mohamed Rizk

      I am a BlackBerry loyal fan, with all BlackBerry 10 phones… but this phone is just… missing… Well, it’s FUGLY!!

    • John

      That made me LOL.. thanks for that!

  • Bri Bru

    Blackberry is never good at making good looking devices.. but what matters the most is the specs and software. We shall see how it goes.

    • Brian Blaauwbroek

      couldn’t agree more. I for one am looking forward to seeing this one when it comes out. Larger screen and an amazing keyboard experience would be a selling point for me.

    • fruvous

      Good looking doesn’t always equate to more productive, usable or better. It just gets things done. (Hey BB, that should be your new tagline)

    • Chuck

      You’re joking, right?

    • Bri Bru

      I don’t see myself as a blackberry dedicated user.. as I’m not a BB user. It’s always good to have more options and it’s good for competition also. However, I found BB10 quite refreshing and somewhat creative. I like Samsung devices but I don’t find this company so creative.

  • p_lindsay

    Well, I’ll give them this… It’s an interesting idea.

  • Samuel Gomez Recuero

    What people don’t get is that BB are not made to be pretty. They are made to last, be reliable and hard to beat (if at all) secured! Neither Apple or Google can claim that at ;east for security on the job site.

    But the fact remains, is this something people want nowadays. That rest to be seen.

    • Andrew Goldenberg

      Made to last? Am I the only one here who had a device with a trackball that was as reliable as a deadbeat dad on Christmas?

    • danatuw

      Well the alternative is a smashed iphone screen or an Android that gets so laggy you need a new phone in 8 months. How many old Blackberries do you see and how many 5 year old Android phones/original iPhones do you see? Yeah…

  • cs098

    Not sure if that keyboard will be comfortable to use.

    But the specs are nice. And I know bb10 will be pretty good.

  • MikeOxlong

    What a nasty, nasty thing. Just like I imagined it would be from earlier leaks.

    • Syaz

      For once, I agree with you.

    • Brian_Pelican

      As usual, you’re a bone smoker.

    • MikeOxlong

      Yap on, snapperhead. Yap on.

  • vince

    i like it!

    • ToniCipriani

      Except I’m not sure if I like this one. One thing I like about hardware keyboards is that it’s easy to type alphanumeric, but this one seem to get rid of the Alt+Key for numbers, which is one reason I loathe most touchscreens.

    • vince

      Could be nice if digit kb is only on touchscreen

    • Ren596

      The Keyboard Will Also Be a Ble to Work with Gestures

    • ToniCipriani

      Which relies on some prediction logic. Second reason why I hate touchscreens. I don’t want my phone to try to outsmart me, and physical keyboard retains the most accuracy with all these assists off.

  • Sean Raphael Jacob

    i saw this in person, and it looks much better than in the picture. It looked like it would be comfortable to use. I would not mind owning one of these in the near future

    • Lamar


    • Mobile User

      pics from n4bb aren’t even of the final hardware. i’ve played with this for about 5 to 10 min. and the screen is very nice and even for non-final hardware it feels solid.

  • fruvous

    That thing can’t be real. Where is the alt and shift button?

    • Lamar

      LA LA land

    • Ren596

      The Keyboard Will Also Resopnd to Swipes & Gestures
      So The Keyboard on this Phone Will Work Like a Touch Pad

    • fruvous

      So I need a gesture to get punctuation, number or symbols? Yuck

  • applesue


  • Jakob

    This can’t be real. This phone looks like it has some genetic mutation…

  • jay

    Nothing to do with blackberry haters! I had a Z10 and a Q10 sold them after a week or so! Made a bit money and never again

  • hoo dat

    As some have already pointed out this is a testing mule, the launch design will bear little resemblance to this.

  • Felix Ramirez

    I highly doubt the images for the Q30 depicted are actually what the device will look like when released. Where did these images come from?

    • hoo dat

      The internals and the functionality of the keyboard, but not the layout, are correct, the design is not. It’s a testing mule for running internals and the “touch” and “flick” functions of the keyboard.

  • Guest

    These images didn’t come from Blackberry!

  • Joe Buck

    I like it! Dare to be different! John C walks the talk!

  • Tony Ferdin

    I actually like this device. Despite all the closed-minded comments.

  • Raj Singh

    I would replace my Q10 with this… I like it. I wanted it to be even wider though…

  • Jake

    453 PPI

  • Brian_Pelican

    “3450 mAh”
    Holy shït, that’s one hëll of a battery. Gotta like that.

  • rd0t

    With a little bit of refinement this device could look amazing when it comes out. Props to BlackBerry for trying something different. The rumoured capacitive keyboard sounds awesome!

  • Mohamed Rizk

    That is one disgusting awful device. And I am a proud BlackBerry Z30 here!

  • OgtheDim

    If you are going to release pics through sources, don’t release mule stuff that looks like it was designed by the USSR circa 1963.

    • TheSotSays

      What’s up Ogderp? I know you;re easily excited but I didn’t realize that mule pictures were a part of your strange life.

      Listen, I understand you and Smith are going for the free wedding on the 26th. Are you registered anywhere or should I just send 10 bucks on your behalf to the parade committee?

  • guest

    Holy hit and run photoshop batman. Purposefully making the image look as bad as possible. Not even the final product format. Sheesh. Looks like the photographer wiped his butt with it before he snapped the photos. Just look at the edging of the photo ! As a final insult he sh4t the N4BB logo all over it.

  • Danistired

    I have a friend at Blackberry and he let me play around with a prototype of this device. At first I was horrified, but I quickly fell in love with it. It is a device that you need to get some hands on time with.

  • hardy83

    While I’d love to have a qwerty device again, with out comparisons to someones hand, this looks incredibly uncomfortable with the keys so low.

  • Phil Rod

    I’m probably the only one here, but I think it is a marvelous phone, the keyboard is not taking half of the phone (I always thought it a keyboard on a phone looked ugly) but this is actually pretty neat. Let’s hope it feels good in the hand. Anyway, I will probably go get myself an old z10 to try the new bb10 experience before I go and get any newer phones. (I waited to see if compatibility to android 4.2+ would be coming) P.s. can you guys tell me if it is possible to “add” our google account to a BB device, so we can transfer our stuff?

  • Ang Phet

    Americans will not like it because they are so dumb to use canadian tech or asian tech. That is why they are stuck with antiquity and apple. End result, even Obama could not turn around the downfall of USA.

    • MikeOxlong

      Unfortunately for you derp twerp, Apple is literally thousands of miles more advanced than everything bb has done to date on the consumer side. There is nothing that. An be done but laugh until they finally fold since they are inept and unable to do pretty much anything they should be doing. Its especially sad to see snappers like yourself get all wet over this garbage. Doesn’t bode well for your future. Please don’t procreate.

  • Tootall

    I had the pleasure to play with this also. When I saw it was like WTF is that! After you use it you realize it’s a communication beast. Plus I was told this is not likely the final hardware. The keyboard is very interesting. Qwerty/Swipe

    • MikeOxlong

      ^^ another bb employee spamming another mobilesyrup article with bs. Tell your bosses this device will be DOA, because it will.

    • Tootall

      Sorry buddy not a employee just a friend of the family. Listen this is not the most elegant looking hardware but it is a interesting piece. It will fit in the executives pocket of their jackets. It may be DOA it certainly did not intrigue me. I am of the Z30.

  • JM

    Really? I mean, really? Whoever approved this in the design team OR amongst the board of directors should never ever work again in the tech industry. Anyone with a sense of taste will have to chose between this and Sarah Jessica Parker will chose the horse.

  • Niz

    Even blackberry wouldn’t be dumb enough to design something this ugly! I see the release edition with something like the q10 carbon back and hopefully a little bit rounder edges. I have a z10 almost off contract looking to upgrade to another bb10 device but if this is what will be available looks like I’m going to have to hold out either until the rumored full touch flagship bb is released or I may regrettably have to switch platforms even though I’ve been with bb since the times of the pearl.

  • Derek Cathcart

    Looks like great “guts”. Do not like it that the battery is not readily removable or that the buttons are not hard like the keys. My prognostication is that this device will be like the Z30… technically quite good but a bust in the market. Just give us a Classic with a larger screen and a removable battery and forget the touch crap that destroyed RIM.

  • fruvous

    Thanks for the ad.

  • kevino

    To me,BB is still the force to recorn with.

  • Elvin

    I will take function over aesthetics any day of the week. If you want make a fashion statement go with teh bland iPhone instead.

  • (Buffering)… 05%

    This device is actually for Dev testing and app development, it has to be. Similar to the testing units deployed prior to Q10 release. If you guys remember, those units were square plastic slabs as well.

    No way in hell would they release this garbage and expect it to sell, especially to the target high end users.

  • steven_bauman_7

    Oh dear lord, that is one fugly phone. Even if that isn’t the final design, the form factor is likely going to be the same size. This is just awful.