LG’s own Dutch site reveals full G3 specs prior to launch, confirms “lightweight metal housing”


  • rgl168

    The spec says Android 4.2.2. I hope it’s a misprint, otherwise that’s a massive failure.

    • Max Fireman

      hahaha it has to be misprint.

  • jclgan

    +1 for the metal housing, but -2 for the 2GB of RAM and 16GB storage. Hope the downgraded specs are attributed to regional variants!

  • Levar Rowe

    yeah these specs arent correct, it has 3gb ram, is on kit kat and has 32 gig storage

  • Jake

    If only it were larger.

  • Nadefrenzy

    9.1mm? No Go. Too thick. Especially with a case on.

    • Garrett Cooper

      Ironic since I read a lot of comments saying people would rather a slightly thicker phone for better battery life…..

    • Nadefrenzy

      Ironic? “a lot of comments…” when do those other people represent what I say/want? Are you just trying to put words in people’s mouth now?

    • Garrett Cooper

      Well you are only 1 person, a lot smaller of a number than the numerous people who would rather have improved battery life over a couple mm’s of “thinness”. Hate to break it to you, beside 9.1mm isn’t very thick anyways, it’ll be the footprint that makes this phone too big for some.

    • Nadefrenzy

      It is too thick in 2014.

      Also, “a lot smaller of a number than the numerous people who would rather have improved battery life over a couple mm’s of ‘thinness’ “, can you provide some proof of that statement?

      What is “improved battery life” anyway? My Note 3 has excellent battery life, and so does the S5, they’re both 8.3 and 8.1mm thick respectively. With a case on, it becomes closer to 9.1mm.

      Regardless, the G3 is announced and it’s 8.9mm, so they retained the thickness but at least they increased the battery and screen size.

    • Garrett Cooper

      So would you rather it be 8.1mm and only come with a 2,300MaH battery? That’s a tradeoff in the wrong direction IMO. I’m not going to go through other phone posts, it’s simple, the general public has been complaining about battery life for years. If you haven’t read these comments before, I simply can’t help you.

      Your not 3 is also nearing the size of my Nexus 7, I’d hope the battery life is good. Guess what, so does my N7… Not to be rude, but you are sounding a little sammy fanboi-ish with that post though. The G2 had great battery life, with the improvement of the new 801 processor, I’m sure people will be just fine with the 8.9mm thickness for the battery life. You’re complaining the .8mm makes it too thick, that’s just silly.

    • Nadefrenzy

      Nah. Call me a Samsung fan boy all you want but I dislike the flagship s line from the s3 to s5. I also thought my note 3 was Farr better than my previous note 2 phone. Why? Because of the width (and screen a Lil bit) as it was thick and clumsy looking.

      The note is a lot slimmer and much easier to handle single handedly.

      Also if a 2300mAh phone gets my note 3s battery life then by all means I’m ok with that.

  • Nexzen

    That phone is actually sexy.

  • Shane Kweens

    My sasktel hardware upgrade is ready as long as it gets great battery life like the G2.