Sony sold 39.1 million Xperia smartphones last year, plans to sell 50 million this year


  • Kelly Hoy

    They would have sold one more if they had signed the Z2 as exclusive to Bell

    • cartfan88

      Exactly. The Z2 had a lot of buzz around it when the device first made the rounds for reviews. Months later and new competitors everywhere, now it’s just one of many. I can’t fault a start up like OnePlus but Sony with its experience on things like the Playstation should be better able to manage this. Same with the new tablet. Companies that don’t get that general availability needs to closely mirror the timing of the initial review hype as possible are just operating like its 30 years ago.

  • MikeOxlong

    Good for Sony! They make decent products.

    • Columbo

      Did you read the article? What’s good about this? They sold 40M phones all of last year; the S5 alone sold 10M in 5 weeks. Their own forecasts have them losing half a billion dollars this year. It’s just another sign that unless your name is Apple or Samsung it’s almost impossible to compete in the mobile world.

  • Zee

    Damn, didn’t think the Xperia’s were selling that well. I will totally check out a future Sony phone if they hop on board the “android silver” project

  • Stanley Smith

    Xperia z2 Still not available at Sony Store unlocked and I’m not switching to Bell for it… Good luck selling those smart phones Sony…what a dumb launch in canada

  • vn33

    Never understand why exclusive deals with specific carrier is more beneficial than making available to as many people as possible. Does what Bell pays for this exclusivity actually outweighs the potential sales you get from an open market ?

    Yes, you can get it from Sony store, but what about from the users under contract with the other Carriers /

    • Kaostheory

      Being that they’re short of stock, they can get a better exclusive deal over a wide release. Will probably only be exclusive for a month.

    • TomsDisqusted

      I think Bell says ‘if you give us an exclusive we will promote it’.

      If you give it to rogers & telus too, we won’t promote it.

      If you give it the new entrants as well, we will kill it.

    • Stanley Smith

      Official response from sony mobile canada facebook page: “We’ve received an extraordinary demand to the Xperia Z2 around the world and in Canada. The interest for the unlocked variant has been particularly high, and we received many more preorders than we anticipated. Sony is working tirelessly to do their best to fulfill all the preorders, which will be prioritized in the order in which they were received. We anticipate by June that the inventory situation will be improved. Please stay tuned for further information and details on availability. Thank you so much for your patience, your support is much appreciated.”

      Maybe they knew they weren’t going to have enough to supply all the carriers and going with Bell was a way to purposely limit demand? If that’s the case Sony needs to get their sh*t together if they expect to take on Samsung or Apple.

  • Garrett Cooper

    I had a ZL and liked it. Would have been a fantastic experience if not for some software annoyances. Had the Z1 Compact been on a Canadian carrier, I likely would have gotten one over my Nexus 5.