J.D. Power says Canadians are spending less and are more satisfied with their carrier, Koodo and SaskTel top the charts


  • peekabo

    spending less because we choose not to be screwed and raped by ROBELLUS

    • Benny X

      if you’re getting screwed by the Big 3 then you’re doing it wrong.

  • alphs22

    Wind and Mobi with the lowest satisfaction. Not surprising unfortunately. They need to expand their network and improve reliability. Well, Mobi is going to be bought out soon.

    • Ulysses Grant

      Honestly, I thought the entrance of WIND mobile can make things better for everyone. Unfortunately, they have the worst customer service.

    • peekabo

      that’s because i****s try and use the service outside a wind zone, get charged and they are unhappy

    • Nytetyme

      Yeah, I don’t understand the complaints either. I’ve been with Wind for awhile now and I’ve had zero issues, customer service or otherwise. I’m in $40/month heaven lol

    • Anaron

      Your experience doesn’t represent the experience of others. I was with WIND from December 2010 to February 2014 and I haven’t had any issues. However, I know people that had issues and it’s unfortunate. I understand their complaints if their service isn’t good.


      For me, once you go outside of the GTA you start losing a lot of reliability. I live right on the boarder of Oshawa and Courtice, and everyone I know here who has Wind can’t rely on its service at all.

    • MikeOxlong

      Well like the old saying goes: you’re more likely to see bad reviews than good ones, as the people that are happy don’t usually tend to write a positive review, like unhappy would write a negative. With one caveat, that being blackberry users. They post everywhere how awesome they think their phones are. Lol

    • Accophox

      In my experience, they have some of the shittiest phone support… On the other hand though, it’s hard to complain a whole lot when paying half of what I’d be paying on a big3 carrier for even less service.

    • deltatux

      I hate to say this but I agree to that. Though, so far, Mobilicity has the best customer service I’ve ever dealt with though.

    • Benny X

      that’s because Wind is not profitable and literally cannot afford to pay for good customer service.

    • Columbo

      Not true, they are separated into different categories. Compare the actual numbers and both Wind and Mobi beat Rogers, Telus and Bell.

    • Dave


    • Jakob

      You’ll find the CAPS LOCK key on the far left side of your keyboard right above the SHIFT key. Push it down so that you can converse with the rest of the adults…

    • Bobert


    • Stuntman06

      Their satisfaction is still higher that the big 3.

  • Christian Artin

    Since when is 81-76 = 7?

    • Pascal


    • TseTse

      Yeah this and 30MM wireless subscribers in a country of 34MM people, it seems like a hell of a lot. These numbers look fake to me. I wonder who paid for that study.

    • Al Chui

      Don’t forget that data sticks/mobile hotspots are still assigned a number so those will add to the total of wireless subs too.

    • Jakob

      Don’t forget tablets. Just look at the iPad market and factor that in.

    • NotARogersEmployee

      Ian was correct to say the bills have dropped by $7 on average.

      The error was that he cited $76 vs $81 as the before and after spending whereas the report states customers with 2-year contracts spend $76 a month while those not on 2-year contracts spend $81 a month.

  • OgtheDim

    Paint me unimpressed.

    On a scale that ranks to 1000, the difference between 778 and 727 isn’t all that much.

    (The circles beside those are just fluff based on relevance to the averages)

    • Jakob

      That’s just what happens when you have a monkey see, monkey do in an industry.

  • Matt

    Nah Koodo is to expensive now. I’m a happy Wind Mobile customer. Wind mobile all the way

    • Joel

      Take a look at Koodo’s prepaid plans. The base plan is $15/month for unlimited international texting. 1GB booster for $30 that rolls over month to month and never expires. I picked up 2GB in a 2-for-1 deal. I mostly use wifi for heavy data so this plan is perfect for me at under $20/month. Best deal outside of Europe that I can find.

    • Matt

      You crazy or something. $35 for only 2gb of data with Koodo is ridiculous and a rip off. And $15 for voice place with barely any minutes is a joke. With Wind I pay $30 per month and get unlimited calling anytime I want and get unlimited Data. And unlimited texts. Big 3 are a joke lmao lol

    • Joel

      Sure, but I only use a couple hundred MB a month so it lasts me over a year. If I were on your plan I’d be out an extra $12/month for nothing. I’m at work most of the day and at home with my kids at night. So it’s perfect for me and a lot less than you’re paying. So where’s the joke?

    • skrug

      $15/month base plan with no mins +
      $30/month for 1gb
      $45 > $30

      not sure how you get 2GB 2for1 deal netting you $20/month? You only have data or what?

    • Al Chui

      The $30 isn’t a monthly charge. 1GB would last him 5 months if he truly only uses 200MB/mth, so in a year that would be $252 on Koodo vs. $360 on Wind.

      My 10 yr old son walks to/from school, his tutor, & home so I got him his first phone. I was originally going to go with Wind for him, but ended up stumbling across a Rogers prepaid plan that would be perfect for him. $85/yr for unlimited CDN texting (plus 100 minutes for emergencies). Not saying it’s suitable for everyone, but it works for what I needed it for. Sometimes there are deals to be had even at Robelus.

    • Joel

      Exactly. My average use is less than 150MB/month so 2GB lasts me a while. I fully admit to being a light data user, but I’m on wifi almost all day so I don’t need a lot.

    • Benny X

      will you still be laughing once Wind goes belly up because it can’t turn a profit and it never has? It’s great while the ride lasts, but it isn’t going to last forever.

  • fbhawk

    i cut my bill and used fongo app… haven’t regretted since! p.s. tablet sims also work on phones for data only plans! even thought careers say it won’t work Lol

    • Benny X

      ewww Fongo is garbage.. personal experience, though. I suppose its possible you haven’t run into quality problems yet.

      But you’re right about data plans for phones. That’s the one thing I refuse to give up on my phone. Bell makes it so you can’t use a tablet data plan + voice plan, they literally leave you with no choice but to give up your data plan if you want, say, a voice plan with unlimited voice minutes (but you get a ridiculously small amount of data for the money, or a ridiculously large bill for a reasonable sized data allowance). So I keep my tablet data plan (5 GB for $40 but its flex usage so I pay on a sliding scale dependent on usage) and only pay for 500 voice minutes/month + voicemail + 1000 nationwide MMS per month.

    • fbhawk

      You have to play with the settings because each phone is different. As a guy I don’t really do voice calls and use fongo more like a very portable landline. If you need to absolutely talk on go it’s not for you. Anyone else can txt or leave a voicemail if it’s important enough.

  • OgtheDim

    And ur, once again, stalking.

  • greenlink23

    bell/rogers/telus: “better rise prices again!”

  • canuck07

    JD Powers has just losts all its credibility.

  • Deciare

    If one factors in ratings from the full-service segment, WIND ties for first with Sasktel. That’s not a bad showing. That’s the power of WIND!

    Choosing to pay less in exchange for some known limitations is a choice I’m really happy about having made. Most of what I need most of the time for $29 is awesome! I’d much rather have that than all of what I need all of the time for $85 or whatever the baseline price for a usable plan from the Big 3 is these days.

    • Benny X

      Who are you going to switch to once Wind goes bankrupt?

      I see many people going on about how Wind is so much better than the competition, but nobody seems to realize that Wind has never turned a profit, which means unless prices are raised, Wind is going to die. Are you willing to pay a higher price for the service you are currently getting?

    • Deciare

      For personal reasons, I consider mobile data service to be a necessity. If WIND were to go go bankrupt, I would have no choice but to switch to another carrier. Fortunately, they are not at immediate risk of going bankrupt.

      For the reasons you cited, I’ve been defending WIND’s recent $5 price hike for their lowest cost plans. They’re not raising prices without reason; and they’re giving something back, even if it’s not something specifically relevant to my needs. And it’ll help them confront the reality that a sub-$30 ARPU doesn’t go far enough in Canada. It’s an unfortunate reality, but denying it would be detrimental to the cause of correcting it.

      If WIND were in great financial shape and able to offer a lesser plan (e.g. limited minutes or outgoing texts, but high/unlimited data) for even less than what I am paying now, then I would seriously consider it. But that is not the reality.

  • MikeOxlong

    I still laugh at all these kids complaining about the price of their mobile services. While I agree the carriers are evil criminals and there is no competition the rates we lay now are NOTHING compared to what I paid up until around the time the iPhone came out. Prior to that my bills averaged 3-700 per month for voice and extremely slow (edge) data. Laughs.

  • Blocknards

    Everyone in Canada moves to Saskatchewan….

    • Benny X

      hell no, I left chewie town 15 years ago and I’ll never go back…

  • Stuntman06

    This story purposely made Wind and Mobilicity look bad compared to the big 3. Look at their Power Circle rating. You see 2 circles for Wind and Mobilicity while Bell and Telus has 3 and 4 respectively. The reason is that the circle ratings are comparing different things. If you look at the actual 1000-point rating, Wind and Mobilicity have a higher rating than the big 3.

  • Matt

    unfortunately the survey was paid for by big 3 and obviously Telus to make their koodo brand look good

    • Benny X

      I don’t understand the allure of Koodo. I can understand how Rogers’ Chatr service may appeal to some, but not Koodo. There’s nothing attractive about Koodo, nor Fido for that matter.

  • Fight Back Fight Back

    I wonder how much JD Powers is being paid off. I personally think JD Powers is on drugs.

  • Jean B.

    No mention that the study was done in English only markets.
    I would imagine that it is the case since Vidéotron was left out of the sample.
    2cents science….

    • Deddyman

      “Included in the study but not ranked due to market share threshold are MTS Mobility and Vidéotron.”

      2cents reading…

    • Benny X

      The French Connection!!!

  • Squishy

    Where the eff are they getting this information? Cell services cost more now than they ever have and you get even less of what you really want… that with all the new technology costs even less to provide. Seriously someone is being paid off…

    • Benny X

      “Cell services cost more now than they ever have…”

      you must be very young, or simply don’t remember when cellphones became ‘all the rage’…

    • Squishy

      I’m actually going to be 30, I remember just a couple years ago 6gb of data, nation wide to 10 number 300 min, unlimited text, all call features and nights/weekends at 6pm for $65. now for $80 you get unlimited min, text, calling features and 500MB of data. Please tell me how that is cheaper? Hell I remember before the smartphone rage I paid $40 for unlimited data, caller id, vm, 400 min, and unlimited text back in 2004. Technology has improved so much now since then. It doesn’t cost this much to provide cell service, they are gouging us any way they can. The hike in cost for the 2yr contacts is also BS. They make any excuse they can to charge Canadians more money so that we just shrug our shoulders, say ok and hand over our money. You must be very old and blind.

    • Benny X

      I’m not old and blind, just remembering a time when we didn’t have unlimited data, minutes, or texts, and in that respect we are getting a lot more for our money compared to back then.

      I will agree in recent years, things seem to have taken a step backward in terms of what you can get for the money.. although from my perspective, my monthly bill has never been lower.

      It all depends on what you really *need*. Do you really need unlimited minutes, data, and text? Sure, it’s nice to have. But do you *need* it? I decided that wasn’t worth the extra cost, so I ‘downsized’ and now I have a plan that works for me.

      $60 or so for voicemail, call display, text spam filter, call forward, 5 GB data, 500 minutes, 1000 nationwide MMS.. generally I don’t come close to using 5 GB data per month so my monthly bill is closer to $30 or so. I can live with that.

      *also, back in 2004.. i suspect that ‘unlimited data’ was not the same as offered today, in the sense that in 2004 i doubt you were using a full web browser. That makes a very large difference. Also, back in 2004 I doubt you were using MMS (picture and video messaging). Back in 2004 nobody would have used 5 GB of data on their phone.. maybe if they tethered, but that would have cost an additional, outrageous amount of money. I can do that now if i choose to do so.

  • iPwn8599

    clearly they didnt ask me

  • Guest

    Just because some of you are disappointed in the results doesn’t make it that JD Power and Associates rigged the process.

    I’m going to make a bet. The ones who are disappointed here are ones who want to see Wind succeed. If that’s the case then here we go.

    JD Power doesn’t give a crap about Koodo, or Virgin, or Wind, or anyone else for that matter. These statistics are compiled based on the responses of their respective clients.

    Wind’s clients are the ones who put Wind’s score where it is. No one else is responsible for that. So technically, either you guys who claim to be beloved fans of Wind should reprimand yourselves or you should be saying that hopefully this sends a message to Wind that they can do better.

    • Benny X

      Obviously Wind is going to have to do better.. it has no choice, because it is going to need to raise its prices in order to stay alive. So how can it retain its customers once it raises its prices? Where can it do better?

      The answer is… it can’t.

  • Benny X

    it’s possible he’s using a VOIP service for his voice minutes and text messaging.

    I tried that for a month.. but the tech just isn’t quite there yet. unreliable and a bit too convoluted to get things up and running smoothly. (and once you do, the quality of service varies even if you pay for highest-tier quality, lol)

  • Stev Rav

    How can people pay on average 80$ a month and be satisfied? I’d like to look deeper into that BS customer survey sponsored by lobbies. This could arm the big 3 to put down the CRTC… They’ll use it and say that customers are satisfied and don’t need more tree regulation, don’t need competition… What a nightmare…