Jony Ive now completely owns Apple’s software design group, Greg Christie reportedly out


  • Acer12345

    Jony Ive sounds like he’s a hard guy to work with. It’s either his way or no way.

    • Harold Mitchell

      I’m amazed that you are able to discern this from a three paragraph posting

    • Ulysses Grant

      He is just being a captain.

    • WatDah

      Yeah, talented and successful people seems to have that as a personality trait. Look at Steve Jobs, notorious for being hard to deal with.

  • Jonathan Schmitt


  • Baynerd

    this goes to show you the dysfunction within Apple. Yes, they are making profits and selling lots of hardware – but reality is, this internal combustion is exactly what RIM went through until their final demise. Apple will too go through this demise and soon be extinct.
    Let the havoc unleash internally 🙂

    • alphs22

      Ever held a job? Probably not.

      People jockeying for positions of power is nothing new or special. Happens at every company. You just hear about things like this because Apple happens to be the most valuable public company in the world.

      Also I can’t believe you’re rooting for a company employing 80,000 people to go under. Maybe when you’re all grown up you’ll understand the value of employment.

    • Baynerd

      are you an angry apple fan boy who sleeps with his iphone? ever got laid?

    • wahwah

      Apple ain’t going anywhere fool. They have more cash than half the countries on the face of this planet. They’ll be here for quite sometime to come.

    • Baynerd

      oh look, another apple fan boy.

    • wahwah

      Far from it, but I don’t have my head up my a*s either unlike you.

  • Baynerd

    Ive is a flake – those hardware videos are such sap and nonsense. “The beauty of the aluminum, and the core design of the edges mate perfectly with the whimsical essence of the flow architecture and lines”
    aka – talking out of his arse

  • Jason

    Not a member of his fan club, sorry to hear this. Even though I’ve switched to android I’m still excited to see what Apple comes up with….now a bit less so.

  • Stephen_81

    Well for those who are not iPhone fans this is great news.
    Brilliant hardware designers != Brilliant software designers and I have little faith in Jony Ives outside of Hardware.

    Being a fan of BlackBerry I would love to see Greg Christie in Waterloo

    • wahwah

      Blackberry sucks. Deal with it.

  • Tommy Crosby

    Jony Ive is my idol in industrial design, no contest.
    But sorry, I can’t accept his ideas in graphic design.
    While iOS7 is much better than iOS 6 in term concept and mechanics, the design is highly questionable at best.

  • spammenotdisqus

    Based on what I’ve seen with iOS7 – Ive should stick to hardware.