Redesigned Starbucks iPhone app launching in Canada on March 19th, brings ‘Shake to Pay’


  • bogusB

    no thanks to overpriced generic coffee.

    • southerndinner

      Their coffee isn’t much more expensive than Tim Horton’s and tastes much less revolting. It isn’t the best but far from the worst and certainly not any more overpriced than anywhere else.

    • Stephen_81

      I haven’t been to Starbucks since January, but The difference in Price for my appox 20oz coffee at Starbucks vs Tim Hortons in Downtown Toronto as about $0.70 which is in and around 35% more for the Starbucks coffee. That is a significant increase in cost for really no added quality. If I’m going for Cheap drinkable coffee McDonalds is my Goto, consistently lower cost than Tim Hortons, who in turn is lower cost than Starbucks, and as a black coffee drinker the flavour is preferred at McDonalds to Tim Hortons, or Starbucks dark roast.

    • Nadefrenzy

      Lol comparing McDonalds to Starbucks Dark Roast. Try americano instead if you love black that much. Espresso beats all.

    • Stephen_81

      I love a GOOD Americano, McDonalds Americano is goodish for the price, Starbucks Americano is most certainly better than McDonalds, but McDonalds regular Black coffee is better than Starbucks darkroast coffee.

      I find that none of the quick serve coffee chains do a really good Americano, kind of need a good Italian coffee house to get a really good Americano that you can sit and enjoy, not drink while stuck on the 400/401

    • Nadefrenzy

      Why opt for the regular black if americano is so much better?

    • Stephen_81

      Because regular Black has the pricepoint, and Regular black can be consumed lukewarm, Americano must be consumed HOT. The amount of phone talking I do, at least half my coffee is consumed lukewarm

    • Nadefrenzy

      Fair enough.

  • sicsicpuppy

    They should have added the KC & The Sunshine Band song when you start shaking it

  • KiwiBri

    tipping .. at Starbucks?? really? Ok, I know I’m not hip enough to frequent Starbucks.. or appreciate the coffee there, so tell me why I need to tip someone who pours me a cup??

    • southerndinner

      So you admit to not visiting and then attack the company for offering an OPTION to tip
      A friend of mine works at a busy Starbucks. Their regulars always tip and customers ask why there is no tip option on debit machines.

      No one is forcing you to tip or visit Starbucks, don’t get uppity, dbag.

    • BBFAIL

      these are punk high school kids or dropouts who work at starbucks. pour my coffee and serve me. no tip required. i only tip for proper service. not some kid handing me coffee.

    • sirmixalot

      don’t need to be served by some punk kid. serve me my coffee and move on. no tip.

    • KiwiBri

      Hi there, so you respond in calling me a “dbag:? Good one. Real class act there.

      Let me explain more. My comments were not directly about tipping at Starbucks as such it was more that tipping as I know it is usually when a service such as serving you at a table or likewise is rendered. I dont come from a country where tipping is the norm, but I understand how it works here in Nth America. No hard fast rules, but its Usually its when a service has been provided. Ie. Pizzza delivered, Drinkes brought to your table.
      Do people tip at McDonalds or Timmies?
      Also note a lot of companies have no tipping policies. I guess Starbucks allows it ??

    • sirmixalot

      he’s the dbag

    • southerndinner

      People don’t tip at McDonalds or Timmies because they hit a button and the coffee is made. I wouldn’t be so bold as to suggest that being a Starbucks barista is a hard job, but I’ve had both awful and great lattes and there is some form of expertise and experience that goes into it, even if it’s not exactly an art.

      Perhaps I was a bit harsh in my judgement but my point remains: tipping *should* be an option and there is a reason that people visit Starbucks or other “overpriced, hipster” coffee shops every day and tip their baristas. The reality is that most people don’t tip baristas and unlike pizza delivery, it’s not expected of the customer.

    • ToniCipriani

      And there SHOULD be no “expectation”. Tip means as a bonus you get on top for doing an outstanding job.

      That’s the problem. If you mandate it like an expectation (and start throwing fits about it like some will), that’s a service charge, not a tip.

  • Bri Bru

    This looks better than the Android version app

  • shayhbaz

    I came here to see how many people would complain about optional tipping. You are what’s wrong with the world.

  • Merags

    I want the “Shake to Pay” feature on Android ASAP please!

  • cdnfreak

    Whats with the no love for Android? Constantly updating for iPhone and yet nothing for android!

    • Stephen_81

      Starbucks is a West Coast US organization, Go to the US West Coast and iPhone market share is greater than Android. USA is United States of Apple.