Leaked sales document suggests All New HTC One will have 16GB internal storage, 2600mAh battery


  • OMFCody

    I thought the 801 wasn’t ready?

    • silver_arrow

      You’re thinking of the 805

  • danbob999

    Failed design. It’s too big and heavy. Other 5-inchers are smaller and lighter.
    Also does the front camera really has more MP than the back one? That would be ridiculous.

    • mamemame187

      A lot of other 5 inch phones are plastic or polycarbonate, as well…

    • danbob999

      So? If it allows to build lighter and smaller phones which last just as long anyway, I am all for plastic.

    • prince

      Phones made of plastic breaks faster, so technically they dont last as long. And phone is a fashion accessory these days so it has to look premium and amazing.

      Phones are like cars these days.
      Kia/Samsung = Cheap, unreliable, unsturdy
      BMW/HTC = Premium, reliable, sturdy

    • Bri Bru

      Aluminum doesn’t necessarily mean heavier

  • krazyking

    If the camera is the same then I’m out. I don’t care if the quality is a bit better. 4MP doesn’t cut it these days. If this is the case then HTC really didn’t learn from past mistakes. The ONE was a great camera away from being almost perfect.

    • mamemame187

      They’ve most likely updated the processing of images most likely so they’ll look better from the M7 .

    • Dylan D’Croix

      I was really pumped for this phone. But I completely agree, if it doesn’t have an upgraded sensor with higher resolution / clarity I’m out. I loved the One, but the camera ruined the phone for me. Sure the colours were great and the low light was awesome, but every picture looked grainy and small.

      Starting to not get excited for this phone now..

    • PG Man

      we just have to wait and see, there must be a reason there’s a second camera, if they’re focusing so much on the camera, why would it be equal to last years? regardless, I don’t by a phone for the camera, I don’t take many pix but I wish the damn flagships stopped growing.

  • Sweet

    With more and more games weighing in at more than 1GB, I’m surprised they would not put more than 16GB of storage in their flagship device.

    • mamemame187

      Other sources have said microSD card but that’s not confirmed.


    Love the new design over last year’s as I wasn’t a fan of the sharp edges but loved the amazing construction so that’s a plus. I think we will see the SD Card as standard on all models from 16 – 64gb which is always a welcome addition but not a necessity IMO. I’d rather have a 32gb internal Storage with no expansion if the price is right but for some reason they like to price larger internal Storage models way too high, which only the Nexus devices having the price increase close to what it should be for larger models.
    The larger battery is more than welcome as the battery life sucked on the original. Still would have liked to see a 3000mAh though.
    The big, no HUGE let down seems to be the camera yet again as the photos the original took lacked detail and depth to them. With this dual camera it seems that instead of making a better camera that would show detail that they’ve just made it so you can blur part of the photo to try to make the other part of the photo seem like it’s been improved which is just ridiculous.
    I still really want want to get my mitts on this phone in Gold ASAP.

  • Joe Frey

    I really hope that’s not the case. As an HTC faithful, I’ve owned nearly every flagship of the last 3 years, and I love to harp on companies like Samsung that do nothing to differentiate their product year over year, but this phone absolutely makes me not want to upgrade from my current One. A modest spec bump and a slightly larger battery mean nothing, especially with a reduced internal capacity. I was very excited for this phone, but the reduced storage capacity (regardless of sd card expansion), tiny battery upgrade and an unproven camera make me very apprehensive. I’m disappointed in you HTC, and this is coming from one of their biggest advocates. It’s not enough to make me want to go Samsung, but at least LG has been making decent phones ever since the Optimus G came out. At the very least they seem to be the ones that care about innovation, something that you used to scream at every opportunity.
    Every company gets a second chance, and of course this is all preliminary, but if this turns out to be more truth than false even I won’t recommend your brand.

    • southerndinner

      Get a G2 and roll with 4.2.2 for life

  • Ravishing Rick Rude

    Oh man, I was going to suggest this phone for my girlfriend’s upgrade, but now with the smallish battery and the 4mp camera I don’t think I will. I really wanted her to get something besides the gs5 but it looks like Samsung it is.. I know the z2 is nice but it is just too large for her tiny hands

    • power_pizza

      Moto X perhaps?

    • Ravishing Rick Rude

      Her upgrade is in May. Don’t know if she’ll be able to wait for the x2. The current x doesn’t have a nice enough camera and is getting a little long in the tooth for me to recommend right now. I know some people would say iPhone, but I think I have brainwashed her into not wanting one.

    • Joseph

      See if she can hold a Z1 and how it feels if that’s the case then she should be okay with the Z2 since its the same width but thinner and a bit taller…..I would go the Z2 myself but I have the Z1 and the upgrade isn’t big enough for me and I love the phone. Sony when it comes to build quality is fantastic and another thing to note is they are not super fast for updates but they do send small ones out fairly regularly to fix bugs, which is a lot more then most companies do these days.

      LG G2 is also really nice but its hard to say if it will ever see an update in Canada which is the only downside of it.

      I just hate Samsung cause you need to turn off 600 features in order to get decent battery life and they feel cheap.

    • KiwiBri

      Hey, with the Z1, how’s the camera? I know the Z2 will be much better, but are you happy with your “point and shoot” photos on the Z1?

    • KiwiBri

      ok… I’m sold on the Z2 now.. just watched the CLOVE TECHNOLOGY (UK) 24minute hands on video on youtube. (They also cover the case and stand in other videos) .
      The Z2 has 90% of what I would like in a smartphone…. It will match my Sony BT speaker system I got at Christmas well 😉

    • Joseph

      I find it pretty good, night shots will get better with 4.4 since the new algorithms for the z2 will be crossing over. The night photos are bad, but if you use manual mode it makes a massive difference in the quality of photos you take.

      As for the rest it’s pretty smooth compared to phones like the LG g2 which is a great phone.

  • ASh

    if there ain’t a mico sd slot. I rather stick with the original HTC ONE. and my battery life is awesome i get a day and a half with no problem. Even after a year. If the international one has it. I’m def getting that one.

  • rd0t

    Why a nano sim?!

    • Joe Frey

      Well with everything else being nearly identical they had to make room for that extra camera sensor somewhere…

    • Ry29

      Ugh, I was thinking the same thing. Nano sim, yet another pain for phone swappers

    • wahwah

      Why not? What’s the point of taking up larger space for a simcard when you don’t have to?
      Soon enough they’ll be permanently burned into the device like bell receivers.

  • Joephus

    Z2 it is for me.

    • Joseph

      You will love it 😀 I have the Z1 and I can’t give them enough praise about their phones and no I’m not just preaching in the last year I’ve had the Note 2, Galaxy S4, LG G2 and the Nexus 5.

    • Merags

      I’m just impatient and since they haven’t announced a Canadian release date I’m worried we’re going to have to wait forever for the Z2. lol

    • KiwiBri

      need to start hassling them..

  • talarico

    AH…FFS! Really HTC??
    2600 mAh battery? Same camera as the 2013 One? I hope to God these are not the official North American specs. If it is, I’M DEFINITELY NOT BUYING IT.
    Sony will most likely get my money this year — Unless LG can WOW me with their G3!

  • southerndinner

    Yawn. One more nail in the HTC coffin.

    Not long before they accept failure like Sony has and pull out of the American market.

    • Joseph

      …..You do realize sony release the Z1S in the USA not long ago which is the exact same phone as the Z1 just with plastic bezels rather then metal.

      PS they have been successful in Canada and I know a lot of people down south that came here to buy the phone unlocked which is good reason why they release it down there finally.

    • skrug

      The Z1s is a rebranded Z1 for T-mobile. T-mobile wanted the plastic frame to get a better reception.

    • southerndinner

      Successful how? They have less than 5% of the market.

      If it was that successful, their devices would be on all 3 carriers at the same time and they would see a marketing push. They aren’t even coming close to G2 sales, and the G2 itself was a sales flop for the company.

    • Joseph

      The z1 is on all three carriers…..

    • southerndinner

      Could have fooled me. If I didn’t know (and I work in the industry) then I’m sure a lot didn’t. I do know that at the store I work at, almost half of the Z1s sold have come back with major issues.

      The phones that do go out for issues often come back non repairable even if it’s a USB issue that was clearly manufacturer defect. Their service department and the internal design of the phone leave a LOT to be desired even if they do look very nice.

  • Gybook

    There is def MicroSD on the Canadian HTC ONE….can’t say how I know…

    • KiwiBri

      Please do tell more.. ie. Camera 😉

  • AReid

    No need to upgrade if you have a HTC One already.

  • KiwiBri

    “While not a catastrophe, battery life was a constant issue with the HTC One.”

    For sure! I had 2 battery issues this week… once it drained – I think due to the camera app going rouge (known kitkat bug), second time just by using the phone in general use I was nearly caught out.

    Lack of SD card and only 16gb in US version would be dissappointing along with suspected camera specs. Will miss the video highlights in the gallery app, but Google Photos does something similar. Now I commute on Transit, I use the FM Radio to save battery from streaming over TuneIn.. without an FM radio, that would be another strike.. Xperia Z2 is looking good now… even if its replaced in 6mths which it will be. Too bad HTC, I hope you’re taking note.. deliver what the people want.. you guys are not Apple and dont have a big cult behind you!
    Will be interetsing in what I end up Tweeting Jeoff Gordon what I think of HTC after the 25th..

  • crocop24

    Same camera? 2600 battery? Same bezel? lolz!

    Good job HTC…keep digging your own grave.

  • monsterduc1000

    “Breaking News 2015! HTC files for bankruptcy protection!!!”

  • God

    I like the camera on the HTC One. The mp isn’t as high as other models, but I find it takes better pictures in most situations where lighting is out of my control.
    Battery is a let down, but I have been brainwashed into buying battery packs because of the typical size in other phone models, so at this point, my battery packs do me quite well.