12-minute video shows off ‘The New HTC One’


  • KiwiBri

    I saw this last night on another Android site a few mins after it went live.. The voice over is brutal.. Some kid.. Funding his way through the video.
    Apparently there’s some Twitter chat between the kid and HTC . HTC got wind of this and there’s big trouble.

    Big surprise with the SD card on the phone.

    • J-Ro

      If what your are saying is true. This is one bold kid. Maybe he will be next up after Robert Downey Jr.

    • Tech Guru

      lol watch the video, no way this kid is the next Iron Man

    • Dimitri

      Its true. Jeff Gordon ( HTC) told the kid they have the IMEI number & will be in Contact with him. The kid tried to claim its fake tho. The fact is that Jeff Gordon Threaten the kid & ontop of that say ” Leaks and broken NDAs have concrete financial harm.” goes beyond me. Jeff Removed the tweets & said the reason for removing them are ” Ongoing investigation.” When someone asked them about the removed comments. Why make commets on twitter to the kid & leak the device out your self ? lol

    • J-Ro

      HTC should have made it into a chance for free press. This whole thing reeks of opportunity.

    • Dimitri

      Agreed it does. HTC should just leave the kid alone and go on with their event on March 25th. He leaked it out himself so really if anything, he should be mire professional and not say ” we have the IMEI number and we will contact you soon” on twitter. I smell like he is pissed he can’t show off the device and someone did it before him lol. Everyone is calling him out including me on his Twitter.

    • J-Ro

      The kid did them a favor. The phone demo was very boring anyway. The kid entering the mix makes an interesting twist. They could spin that off instead of “here is the new HTC One. We have now added a SD slot, that is all”

    • Dimitri

      Exactly!. They could use the kid like Jobs used the leak with the iPhone 4 saying ” not like you guys haven’t seen it” or something like that. They could do more and if they really want too, they could add small little things to make it more interesting

  • talarico

    Check out Jeff Gordon on Twitter. Looks like he is aware of the leak and knows who posted the video. Big trouble for him.

    • Dimitri

      Read below comments. It already been said Lol. The fact the Jeff Gordon said ” we know the IMEI number” basically shows this is either a set up from the start or they tracked down the IP address, calculated the person that owns it and knows the IMEI number. Either way he should leave it alone. He can use this to make the announcement better

    • RoboBonobo

      It says the IMEI on the back of the phone. You see all those barcodes?

    • Dimitri

      Oh i do. But at the same time you can find someone out via IP address and locate the phone if it’s a prototype.

  • leobg

    Huh, seems like someone’s dad/mom just lost their job. If you watch the video, you will see the IMEI and serial number of the phone from the back label clearly shown and perfectly readable (@2:57).
    Phone definitely looks better than the old one, but why the huge bottom bezel? Glad at least they used on-screen keys this time. The SD card addition is quite nice too!

  • crocop24

    meh…nothing special. Will stick with my s4.

    • camb0s0up

      I’d say it’s a little bit more special than plastic… not hating, just being truthful.

    • crocop24

      yes. a metal phone where i will use a case regardless is much needed in my life.

  • Davey Everydude

    I think that HTC would not be so uptight about it if the product was better represented. I’m sure the kid is a fantastic writer and knows his devices and there has to be a reason why he is so “special” to get one already, but really, that was terrible.

    Early press releases can do wonders if they are done right. That one was so bad, I am going to need anti-depressants to get over it.

    Also, however he got it, if it was legit, he signed off saying that he has to keep quiet about the device or they can sue. Either way, the kids screwed up and we can only hope that he works on his delivery the next time he does a product review

    • Zen

      lol, I agree, not sure if the kid missed his pills that day…or if I will need pills after watching it hehe 😉

  • Samuel Gomez Recuero

    LOL, this person or parents are bonna be in trouble cause this for sure breaks their NDA. And he call himself a sponsor? what a joke. Nice looking phone tho.

  • Nachotech

    Most likely the phone belongs to his parents, and the kid posted this video to get himself some free internet points. BIG mistake revealing the IMEI number on the back. The number on the back could have easily been covered up, now he just likely cost one of his parents their job.

    • Davey Everydude

      The kids twitter confirmed someone got fired. Her referred to it as “they did” so I can only speculate that they bother once worked for HTC.

  • MrGreen72

    Hopefully Videotron gets this one… Yeah right.

    Love them but their phone selection sucks.

    • Zen

      Videotron never got the One, but will prob get the new Desire phones
      I agree, I was contemplating changing from Fido, but Videotron phones are not really that interesting….still on the fence

    • Eric Parisien

      Videotron sucks bad for reception, my wife and son are with them and are dreaming about the day their contract expires.

    • Zen

      hey thanx for the heads up on videotron, I may now stay with Fido, after looking around and not seeing anything really better.

      I am thinking about getting the Nexus5 to replace an out-dated iPhone4…any thoughts?

  • Flying Finn

    Is it just me or does the phone look like it’s Stainless Steel? Almost like a nickel

    • KiwiBri

      yep. not bad.

  • Phil the Trainer

    Here’s the spin…. The all new HTC One, so user friendly, even this kid can figure it out!

  • canucks4life

    hmm I was watching the video then just dies around 9:00 mark…taken down?

  • L Joel

    what a dumb a*s. His dad is going to get in crap over this! LOL

  • sgn


  • Apollo

    Fake. Viral marketing.

  • Zen

    lol…not sure if the kid missed his pills that day…or if I will need pills after watching it hehe 😉

    …and what’s up with the nasty bedspread? lol

  • PG Man

    Why are so many weird random things happening to HTC all the time, This kid really needs some belt, for speaking such broken English, oh and the phone, WE SAW IT ALREADY HTC, nice going on the leaks, lol. This spoiled brat (maybe I hate him because he has the phone already :P) didn’t reveal a single spec, feature, that can be said is there for sure. Besides, this video might have been recorded half a year ago. The software is unfinished. But about the phone, it’s HUGE, I am really disappointed – if that’s the word, although I knew it was gonna get more squished. I know when I hold it it will feel like a full size tank impossibly squished into that size, because it’s HTC, but the size…and…I so far like the original One design better, but then I mainly use the One X(the original One one, people, please….)..where’s my lighter…no, it’s HUGE, but looks so damn thin. I have hatred mixed with joy mixed with terror, lets just…wait.