BlackBerry Q20 aiming to launch in the ‘September/October timeframe’


  • Guest

    Wow, launching along side a new iphone, that should not effect sales at all.

    • Steven Clarke

      cool! im looking forward to the release of new iphone

    • Macy John

      You don’t get it do you? This device is not coming to compete with iphone!!!
      This is a new BB10 device for BBOS users to get the same feel to the phone with the new OS! Keep up with the news please!

  • hardy83

    No specs yet eh? 🙁
    Also wheres my BB10 Torch! Give me a 4-5″ screen with a slide out keypad and I’ll throw my money at you.

  • hardy83

    No specs yet eh? 🙁
    Also wheres my BB10 Torch! Give me a 4-5″ screen with a slide out keypad and I’ll throw my money at you.

    • Martin Chan

      I think a Torch like device is too fat in the day and age.
      I’m not stoked at all about the return of the function keys. I’m waiting for the successor to the Z30.

    • hardy83

      Yeah I know. Thinner is better…..I’d totally take a thicker device if it meant a massive battery, decent screen size and a keypad, but i know I’m a very small minority at this point. 🙁

    • J-Ro

      You are not alone

    • Buzz88

      Not that small. It would be hard to go from the Z30 to anything with shorter battery life.

    • jamil

      Good to know that there are still some people who believe in this …

    • jojo005

      Are you serious? Have you seen those huge Gorilla cases people drown their “slim” phones in these days. I think folks want something solid, but like cute girls, they want prefer them slim. Nothing wrong with solid phones at all.

  • Columbo

    In before the flame war.

    • Acer12345

      Too late.

  • Bri Bru

    BB needs to be more quick on things. I think if BB10 was released earlier, it would’ve been a bigger success.

    • psycros

      If it had been released on proper devices with hard buttons & a trackpad? Maybe. I personally found OS 10’s gesture controls to be as poor as Windows 8’s.

    • Bri Bru

      I actually find the gesture feature quite innovative and useful. Besides the BB Hub and keyboard, the gesture control is the only thing that stands out. But I still think they should make improvements since the OS still needs the back button in many of their screens and that takes up a bit of the screen space and I personally hate it (the same goes with iOS). I’ve never actually used the gesture control on WP8 so I wouldn’t know.

  • AW Sudo

    Uh… a generous 3.5″ screen? This is not 2010. Technology regression?

    • Billy

      All those iphones before the 5 were 3.5″ screen. So 3.5″ screen *with a keyboard* is pretty big.

    • Ren596

      Compared to BBOS phones that is Large Screen, they are aming the Q20 phone at BBOS owners inorder to get them to move up to BB10 OS

    • AW Sudo

      Billy and Ren, thanks for sharing the info. Have not followed BB much… I am immersed in the Android world now.

  • Knacker

    They really cannot learn from the past!
    Announcing a new phone 6-7 month ahead especially when it is not a groundbreaking model? And with BB culture we can assume that we won’t see this phone till 2015.

    Really a desperate way to keep people talking about the sinking brand.

    • Macy John

      That was the BB B4 Chen!
      This is the new BB and this man will see to this hilmself just wait and watch!
      And Btw their phone business might not be good right now but they have a solid reputation in security and enterprise.
      Their new OS is awesome and those who’ve used it already know that. So BB is far from a sinking brand, infact they are on the way to a big come back!

    • Anthony Roberts

      When they meet the deadline of september or october I will come back and ask this” What did you say about a 2015 release??

  • Box


  • Billy

    I would definitely consider this device.

  • crocop24

    If its not too thick, I would consider buying this device…….my kitchen table needs a new prop.


    HERE IT COMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • GTP20

    Research In Motion (RIM) was a far better name then Blackberry. They should have kept it, dropped Blackberry and moved forward with the BB10 OS and its devices under new branding.

  • Allwayswrite

    There’s no shame in being #4 in the market. This is the kind of blatant ignorance of market conditions that will make Blackberry the “Yahoo” of their marketplace….so sad…

  • Thet Ang

    Here comes the Americans who don’t have any money to buy any sensible smartphone other than their dumb cheap iphone.

    • Ryan

      iPhone is gear towards being stylish not function. There’s a reason it comes in many colours. It’s considered more of an accessory than a highly functional device.

      It’s simple to use and offers very little customization aside from 1000’s of different cases. Most people buy iPhone because it looks good and is popular. As long as it does the basic function well it will continue to sell very well. But style changes every decade so expect iPhone sales to drop dramatically in the next 3 years.

      Btw I can’t stand using iPhones, I buy for function.

    • PT

      What’s funtion? LOL!

    • barrist

      What can the Blackberry do that an iPhone can’t, function wise?

    • Ryan

      Miracast, DLNA, FM Radio, USB OTG, NFC, HDMI output, Adobe Flash support, SD card, working file system and attachments, universal share function, Android 4.2 Runtime…..

      Tbh iPhone is an overpriced mid-range smartphone with an excellent ecosystem.

  • Aditya Sonti

    A decade ago, manufacturers focused on form factor and build quality (Metal Casing etc). Now its bigger screen with touch is all that’s made…..any BB device is unique and solidly built. I would prefer a BB any day!!!

  • skullan

    “So I’m bridging the two worlds… so that takes a little while. It will
    probably be towards the end of the year, September/October timeframe.
    And I’m very much looking forward to that device.”

    Peter, you’re one aspect of the company. That should be “We’re bridging the two worlds”, thank you very much.

    • psycros

      His first language was probably NOT English.

  • Raj Brar

    Magnesium casing, glass and aluminum, glass weave backing. Many so called tech reviewers call the Glass-weave on the back of Blackberry devices Carbon Fiber or plastic (Q10 and Z30). For the Z10, the casing is magnesium oxide which tech reviewers call plastic. Q10 has used both Aluminum, Magnesium and glass weave.

  • Steve S

    I could kiss John Chen for finally bringing out a newer version of the Bold 9900. I cant wait for the Blackberry Q20! Anybody who does business on their phone with multiple business email addresses & personal email addresses knows how convenient a Blackberry is. And having a Home button and Back button is so much more efficient than ‘swiping’. I hope this phone will allow separate icons for different emails, instead of the terrible blackberry hub.

  • Ryan Barone

    I think what its going to come down to is everyone will just have to carry an iphone 6, a blackberry q20, and their choice of Android. That way everybody wins.

  • Dan

    Bold 9900 was the best blackberry and I’m excited to see it back on the market. Too bad they didn’t figure this out 2 years ago

  • Erin Thompson

    I would be the exact type that Chen is building the Q20 for. If it has terrific battery life, and a removable battery I might go for it. I really prefer a larger screen at this point. 4.5 inch screen with physical keys (and extremely thin top and bottom bezels) would be sufficient. I am looking for an all-in-one every day carry device, so that I can retire the PlayBook. One feature that would strongly raise the appeal of any mobile device in my eyes, is a magnetic charging port, like the PlayBook sports. As it stands today, I am in limibo. Sprint does not offer the Z10 or Z30, and I already have the 9930, which I consider the apex device in its form factor. So I have not upgraded to the Q10. if I end up in the position of being able to choose between an all-touch BB device and the Q20, if the specs are on par, I’m going for the touch device. A year ago I would have sung a different song, but I am at the point where I am willing to relinquish physical keys in lieu of greater screen space, so that I can maintain a single mobile device for all purposes.