BlackBerry Q20 aiming to launch in the ‘September/October timeframe’

In a candid interview with Bloomberg yesterday, BlackBerry CEO John Chen declared that he prefers the name Research In Motion (RIM) over BlackBerry. This change in the company brand was decided last year when Thorsten Heins was in charge, but Chen noted that he doesn’t give a nano-second though of going back. “Naming is the naming, we just have to compete and do the right thing. Whatever. We have a good brand and we are going to continue that brand.”

In regards to the newly announced BlackBerry Q20, Chen said that he would like to have seen it released “yesterday” but believes it’ll hit the market in the “September/October timeframe.”

The reason is because of “the user interface is one that has some modern technology as well as letting the old user base, like a Bold 9900 user base, be very comfortable and familiar with. So I’m bridging the two worlds… so that takes a little while. It will probably be towards the end of the year, September/October timeframe. And I’m very much looking forward to that device.”

The Q20 will feature “a generous 3.5-inch touchscreen,” with a “large battery” and is “crafted from premium materials and designed for reliability and durability.” The design lines of this BB10 will also feature the function keys and trackpad from older generation BlackBerry devices.

Source: Bloomberg
Via: BerryReview