Apple now processing ‘several billion’ iMessages per day (Updated)

A year ago Apple claimed that they deliver over 2 billion iMessages per day. Today, Apple CEO Tim Cook, declared during their annual shareholder meeting that the company has seen a dramatic increase in adoption with activity surging to “several billion” iMessages per day. FaceTime calls are seeing between 15 to 20 million per day.

Apple’s competitors, namely the recently purchased ($16 billion) WhatsApp by Facebook is delivering 50 billion messages per day, while Waterloo-based BlackBerry’s BBM processes “billions of messages sent each day.” BBM is currently available on iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and coming soon to Windows Phone.

Update: We initially reported that Apple was processing 40 billion iMessages per day. This information was incorrect, and has now been corrected to “several billion,” as per the Apple shareholder meeting.

Source: AppleInsider