Update: TELUS targets Bell and Virgin customers, offers $100 off a smartphone if they switch


  • d a

    Pfffff, I don’t think anyone would even consider it for $100. They get you for $100 and then make all kinds on a subscription, where the real money is.

    • framing god

      There’s a lot of people who can’t confidently evaluate a deal and are very short sighted. A lot of people. Not me but lots of people. You are absolutely correct.

    • ToniCipriani

      Which is why we had 3-year contracts and subsidized phones in the first place…

    • sdfsfsddgbgcbvcvcv

      the rest of canada should sue for discrimination. why is this only available in BC/AB?

  • MXH070

    What special plans are they offering?. What’s the incentive to move a 100 bucks off an already over priced phone thanks but no thanks.

  • mdram

    Not worth giving up my unlimited data plan…

    • Dimitri

      Does Bell & or Virgin even offer unlimited data plans? :/. Never heard of it on smartphones. Unless you count 6GB as unlimited..Old style flip phones & such they used too

    • mdram

      They haven’t offered those plans since 2009.

    • Dimitri

      Exactly that is why i said that. Rogers last used those plans late 2009 / 2010 on normal phones like fliphones & such. Smartphones & superphones use normal data which is limited to 1-6 GB per month as they offer.

      Smartphones & Superphones can get unlimited data on 4G & LTE but the carriers will not offer it sadly.

    • Jesse Laurin

      that was for 1x data usage that they had unlimited data, so like old flip phones, no one has unlimited data on a smart phone

    • mdram

      Incorrect..I have unlimited HPSA+ 42MB data…got that plan when I picked up a Palm Pre in 2009. Currently using that plan on my Nokia Lumia with full HSPA bandwidth and internet sharing when needed.

    • blueadept1

      Same here. Bell can take my unlimited HSPA+ out of my cold, dead hands.

    • Dimitri

      While that is true, i find it useless if i am getting a LTE device & can not use the LTE speeds if i have this unlimited plan which is only good for HSPA+.

    • blueadept1

      That is exactly what they want you to think.

    • mdram

      LOL…exactly..mine will be passed down generation to generation!

    • silver_arrow

      There is a way to get an unlimited data plan on Bell, don’t know if it still works but you’re limited to H+ no LTE.

    • Dimitri

      That was ONLY for flip phones & non smartphones. Smartphones / superphones with 4G / LTE do NOT get this plan at all. Its been restricted to the older phones.

    • silver_arrow

      You get the plan on an older phone and transfer it to a new one. Just google bell unlimited data on redflagdeals

    • Dimitri

      Hmm I searched i am seeing more people talking about plans like this ONLY for Corporate / Government plans. All of them have been recent ( 2013 answered).

      Anyways if this is true, it will be hard as reps may change it / Bell may have customers change & remove that. Who knows. I would love to have unlimited but on a Note 3 getting unlimited data & getting low speeds on LTE isn’t worth it.

    • RoboBonobo

      My friend has an old blackberry promo plan with unlimited data. He signed up with a blackberry when they were offering the unlimited data plan to blackberry users, before Android was popular… And then he switched to an android phone now and gets to keep the unlimited data.

    • mdram

      Don’t know about being able to get it today but you’re correct that it’s H+ only, no LTE. In toronto i can get 12M down and 5M up…

    • Mohsen

      Sasktel does! :p

    • H.E. Pennypacker

      wind considers 6gb an unlimited plan =P

    • Dimitri

      Lol yes but we are talking about Bell, Telus, Fido, Rogers, Virgin that doesn’t have unlimited or consider 6GB as unlimited :p

  • Super_Deluxe

    Only difference is you’ll pay the cancellation fee yourself. Don’t think they’ll offer anything different than Bell. They’re all the same just with different company names.

    • ScooterinAB

      There are some service and feature differences, but nothing you’ll see in the prices.

  • Nik Iafrancesco

    The $100 off is nice, but it’s not particularly worth it when all the plans they offer are more expensive than Virgin’s offerings and are completely identical to Bell’s.

  • Jesse Laurin

    I can tell you has a Bell employee, if you leave even 1 day before your subscription is done with bell, you’re automatically charged $100 cancellation fee, so there goes the savings..

    • Robert Day

      Leave it to Ma Bell to ignore the law. They still can’t get past their monopolistic ways they developed over the years operating land lines

    • Comrade Yeti

      So Jesse, Bell is ignoring the new wireless code, or you’re just really uninformed? Which is it?

    • Dimitri

      Honestly i feel like he is lying as Bell doubt would go do that & then having to deal with CRTC / courts & all.

      It seems like reps are being misinformed & making up their own rules as they go without realizing that the CRTC has a new policy out & this policy has been out since Jan 2012 actually with the flextab.

    • Neal Belgrave

      Actually you are the one who is misinformed. What Jesse said is fact and those doubting him are based on opinion or a over confident arrogance that leads you to believe the headlines you read make you more informed then those of us who work in the industry.

    • Dimitri

      Really now? So please show me a Bell, Rogers and Telus document backing his word up.

      January 2012 flextabs came out. When your contract is over. Your flextab is $0 in which u will be able to cancel and leave without paying a cancelation fee other then your last bill and the disconnection fee.

      How come with Rogers and Bell i only have to pay my flextab and i am out? Also a friend of mine is contract was over and cancelled without any fees.

    • Jesse Laurin

      No one is going to look up anything to satisfy your needs, it’s the way it works, end of story.

    • Dimitri

      In your little world but if u claim something, back your words up or don’t say anything at all.

      I can list you official links from Bell, Rogers, Telus, Fido, Mobilesyrup and other sites backing up words up

    • Neal Belgrave

      That has always been the rules for tabs…. Do you have evidence of it being different before January 2012? And “my friend said” is the typical answer of someone who has no idea what they are talking about.

    • Dimitri

      Yes i do actually as all the big carries in Canada never had tabs like the flextab. Flextab came out January 2012. Before that they had a cancellation fee which came down every month per amount.

      Oh but i do know a few things and what i am talking about. Unlike others like you who come here, tell others how they have no clue what they are talking about.

    • Neal Belgrave

      Jesse and myself have now and always been talking about contracts. You brought up flex tabs. Tabs and contracts while essentially the same thing are referred to separately by the crtc. Like I said what Jesse said is fact you don’t have to like it or THINK it’s fair or legal. If you signed a 3 year CONTRACT in 2012 you can not cancel in 2014 for no charge. I deal with ignorant people who think they know the law better than me everyday. Even had someone like you literally call the crtc to complain. They were put in their place by the crtc in whatever way they communicate. Mr. Ignorant came back to my store to apologize for the nasty names he called me and my staff and told us we were right. He still complained and rightfully so, but I don’t know why people like you truly believe you know better. You Don’t.

    • Jesse Laurin

      the new law applies to new contracts as of dec 3rd, anyone in an old 3 year contract doesn’t go under the new umbrella, as an example, if you have 6 months left of your 36 month term, you’ll still be charged at least $100 as the 2 year terms are not retroactive.

    • Gajrollia

      Yeah change the plan to in market. Then you under the new rules. Plus your cancellation will be based on the remaining value on the economic inducement. Then it doesn’t matter if you signed under old rules.

    • Jesse Laurin

      That’s true, the 1 weird semi-loophole to all this is all you need to do is make a change to your plan you’ll be under the new WCOC that will let you cancel(and only pay off device balance), so call in, change your plan, call back and cancel..lol

    • GrimConch

      A quick google came up with a new cancellation policy for Bell/Virgin that omits this as of over a year ago. Posted on this site, no less. I’m sure that isn’t retroactive either, but that $20/mo min $100 max $400 + data charges is old stuff. Not to mention there are people who are out of contract, more than you’d think.

  • WiZZLa

    Wallet is safe for those on a contract / “agreement” with Bell.
    The “up to” $100 Telus is offering might not even cover the early termination fee with Bell.

  • aamd11

    Maybe if Telus were to offer a plan that actually undercuts Bell’s (or around the same price as Virgin) this would be a deal. But they don’t, which is actually a shame because I’ve had nothing but good experiences with Telus (Unlimited data for the first 8 months, uhh yes please) while the others…not so much

    • Sean

      It’s never gonna happen . Whenever one of the BIG 3 decide to lower a plan, the other 2 follow …

    • ScooterinAB

      Anyone remember when price matching started to become common. It’s basically the same thing. At some point, all companies will charge one price for any given product or service, with very little deviation.

      In wireless, I don’t see this as a terribly bad thing, since it makes sure that companies have to find other ways to compete than just monthly pricing.

  • God

    The Source gave me a hundred bucks for switching from Telus… a month ago. Tried plans cost more, which is why I didn’t want resign with them.

  • Dimitri

    So this only goes for BC and Alberta? Sounds like Telus doesn’t want to include the east coast but it’s alright lol

  • blzd

    If someone was thinking of switching to Telus anyways, and wanted one of the phones they offered this would essentially put any high end phone ($100 on contract) at $0 for them.

  • HD Z

    Share Plus plans are for n00b.
    And than they charge you $100/mo for 2 gb

  • Alway

    I like Telus compared to a company like Virgin. It seems more professional and less of the high pressure tactics to sell things like accessories. I saw a poor old lady get talked into buying a 30 dollar screen protector, a 30 dollar case, a protection plan for 7 dollars a month if she lost the phone she would have to pay a 150 dollar deductible. All for a phone that was only worth 199 dollars to begin with but it was like the world was going to end if she did not get it. Also I have seen them advertise a gift card and the reps all of a sudden say oh its a instore credit so they can sell more high priced accessories they get you busy and then swipe the gift card as payment. All about targets with them and nothing to do with the costumer.

    • Neal Belgrave

      All you did here was observe a typical sales transaction. Could have been any company and any customer. Lol @ all about targets. It’s a SALES job not a customer service position. As often as people come back crying about their broken phones I can’t imagine why buying a screen protector and case would look shady to you.

    • Neal Belgrave

      You obviously know nothing about Telus if this story is the reason you like Telus. I was a manager for them for 6 years. Great company but you are truly misguided if you think Telus reps aren’t just as aggressive. Let me know which store you go to so I can let their manager know somebody needs to be fired lol.

    • Always

      It maybe a sales position but you should always give the facts and government will not have to get involved. I ran into the lady down the hall and explained to her what had happened. She could have got the screen protector and case (same ones) $25 for both two stores over. The big problem was that she was never told the promo was a visa gift card that she could have spent anywhere. Also she was never told about the deductible if she was to lose her phone. Honestly I am all about you should know what you sign. But this lady was well in her mid 70s and had nobody to help her. The only reason I even followed her was because of the high fives that where going around after she left. Needless to say she actually came back to return it all and go somewhere else. I wish her the best of luck.

    • Neal Belgrave

      There’s no reason a sales rep should advise any customer to buy a case somewhere else that’s just stupid. You wanted to spite that rep for high fiving or whatever but that’s just that rep and you’ve said nothing about how this would be any different in a Telus store. I can’t imagine why you were even at a Virgin store for that long paying that much attention to detail to someone else’s transaction. The only thing shady about that transaction is the alleged not mentioning of the deductible.

    • Always

      Not mentioning the deductible and lying about the visa card having to be spent in the store oh and also the rep keeping the remaining balance on the visa card so she would not find out she could have spent the whole amount somewhere else. I was there for so long to check out one of the new phones and started hearing what was going on. But hey anything for a sale.

  • H.E. Pennypacker

    every carrier/dealer has an “in store credit” for new activations, this isnt anything new, all of this is a bit of dirty marketing by telus nothing to get excited about

  • 01011001001

    make it $200 and I’ll switch from Rogers.

  • Mary-Helen Clark

    I used to work for Telus & this isn’t a new thing; they’ve been offering prime discounts to AB & BC for years. It’s because they’re trying to get customers to bundle with their home services. They’ll also get a 10% discount off each service for bundling.