Skype says it has fixed its cross-platform message sync issues

Skype has admitted many times that its cross-platform messaging synchronization left a lot to be desired — or didn’t exist at all. More recently, the Microsoft-owned VoIP service has been working to overhaul the peer-to-peer infrastructure that left it open to ridicule — and frustration — in the first place.

Because Skype’s lineage was built around lack of centralization, both client and server side, it’s taken Microsoft years to “fix” the problem. But now the company says it has turned a corner, and messages will be synced between Windows Phone, Windows, OS X, Android, iOS and any other platform the app happens to be on.

At the moment, you’ll still get a notification on all logged-in Skype accounts, but even that will change in the coming months: Skype plans to remember, and limit notifications, to a single “active” device. Now, at least, when a friend leaves his or her Skype app on iOS, or logs out of the Android version, messages will go through, only to be appointed a “read receipt” when he or she logs back in.

Baby steps.