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  • Guest

    Buddy Holly!

  • Aaron Douglas Charlong

    My Name is Jonas

  • Fred R Jackson

    Say It Ain’t So


    Buddy Holly! Oooh Oooh!

  • Chris Riddle

    Buddy Holly

  • Jason Jordan

    El Scorcho

  • Wasted Mass

    the sweater song!

  • Rafael Alberto Peña

    Buddy Holly all the way!

  • Mubin Qureshi

    hope i win

  • Alex Lingley

    pls pls pls

  • Jonathan

    Say It Ain’t So

  • Liam Fearnley

    Island in the Sun!

  • DGEM

    Island in the Sun

  • It’s Me

    Buddy holly

  • YourPalRob

    mine is The Sweater Song!

  • JayJay83

    Island in the Sun!!

  • disqus_cWiMJhK4xO

    My favourite song is Pork and Beans.

  • Cody Garrison

    Beverly Hills

  • IanDickson

    Buddy Holly!

  • cancron

    Weezers cover of “The Weight” is better then the original

  • Albert S

    Beverly Hills

  • Jeff Soohoon Yu

    Buddy holly

  • Rich Maddox

    Island in the sun.….for my daughter. She calls it the “hip-hip” song

  • kisten

    Buddy Holly

  • Arthur Ho


  • Sia

    heyy people

  • Jamil Khoja

    Sweater Song

  • Jason Russell

    Buddy holly

  • Justin

    Not Interesting…. There are nothing I want in M$ store.

  • Ernie Chan

    Cool contest

  • Zhubin Salehi

    The Sweater Song!

  • ArberBeq

    Definitely Beverly Hills.

  • winn

    Weezer’s Perfect Situation~
    Missin’ this oldies !

  • DarkisFever

    Oh, Say it ain’t so absolutely!

  • Nev

    Buddy Holly

  • Byron Fung

    Buddy Holly

  • popcultboy

    Buddy Holly

  • Ash


  • six4seven

    Island in the Sun! Thank you thank you thank you!

  • welp

    buddy holly

  • T Tran

    Island in the sun~

  • Ron Thomson

    Buddy Holly for sure

  • Jack Tang

    No brainer buddy holly !

  • Martin Kidd

    Island in the sun!

  • groumani

    Ohweeoo u look just like buddy holllyyy

  • jibjib


  • Thomas Tuong

    My favourite is The Sweater Song as well!

  • leviel

    Island in the sun for sure!

  • Nigel Rodrigues

    beverly hills

  • arj_85

    Nostalgia strikes as I remember the music video for “Buddy Holly” that was included on the Windows 95 installation CD…so that has to be my favorite song by them.

  • Chris Yung

    Perfect Situation!! I just like it!

  • E

    Sweater songgg also for sure!!!

  • Tom G

    Favourite weezer song : Say it Aint So

  • tony

    Perfect Situation

  • Greg Henderson

    Buddy Holly!! great vid!

  • Andrew Fung

    Buddy Holly!

  • Ryan McGuinness

    Buddy Holly!

  • Darren Yung

    Buddy Holly! Love the song, love Happy Days!

  • Stephanie

    Hmm, probably buddy holly or pink triangle. Love Weezer so much! Would be amazing to win.

  • Guest


  • Andrew Wiechenthal

    Buddy Holly!

  • Jin Woo Shin

    Buddy Holly!

  • {JPM}

    I always like Buddy Holly. It was a fun music video.

  • Cameron Inglis

    Buddy holly

  • samuelmaskell

    I’ll go with pork and beans. Great music video.

  • mdram

    Perfect Situation

  • Victor Monroy

    Island in the Sun!

  • Kyle Carruthers

    Beverly Hills!

  • Marcel Picard

    mine is The Sweater Song

  • Mischa Price

    My favorite is definitely Beverly Hills classic 2000’s

  • hoo dat

    I wouldn’t mind catching Weezer but I have no idea how I could find use for a $100 Microsoft gift card.

    Oh, and “Islands in the Sun”

  • Anshul Gupta

    Buddy Holly!

  • Cindy L

    I like the Sweater song as well!

  • Shawn Harvey

    Beverly Hills 😉

  • Rebecca

    beverly hills

  • Jason Elliott

    Say it ain’t so

  • Jean-Christophe Bélanger

    The Good Life

  • Sam Wiggans

    Teenage Dirtbag

  • Michael Wu

    island in the sun

  • MagicMan Mihai

    My favourite song is Island in the Sun

  • David Leblanc

    Say It Ain’t So

  • Pushpinder Purba

    Buddy holly…awesome!!!!!!

  • Eric Tackaberry

    It’s a dead tie between “Suzanne” and “Pink Triangle”, both for their own unique reasons.

  • Greg

    Say It Ain’t So. The best son ever made.

    • Greg

      Weezer and Windows together since 95


    Thanks Microsoft

  • mkvAndrew

    Say it ain’t so for sure!

  • mcneilljamesc

    buddy holly here too

  • Sebo Liska

    I would love to see El Scorcho live. Together, we can make that a reality.

  • tickman

    Beverly Hills

  • DaPower

    Say it Ain’t So !!

  • Martin Snetsinger

    Island in the Sun

  • Sam Monty

    “Say It Ain’t So” is what i like most.

  • thedesmodes

    Buddy Holly

  • Charles

    My Name is Jonas

  • Em Vee

    Beverly Hills

  • JeffHsiao

    Turning Up the Radio

  • Alessandro Dambrosio

    I’m having trouble picking between say it ain’t so and perfect situation…gonna go with…ahh…perfect situation.

  • alvin

    i want one

  • James Paradis

    Buddy Holly.

  • Henry Huynh

    Pork and Beans is my favorite Weezer song

  • Matt Ramsay

    In The Garage!

  • Aftab Husain

    Buddy Hollly!!

  • EvanKrosney

    Say it ain’t so, for sure.

  • Jiro G.

    What do you mean by registered in the comments with a FB or Twitter account? I liked and tweeted, is that enough to contact me? Oh yeah, the sweater song!

  • Guest

    Island in the Sun

  • Kim

    The Sweater Song

  • Sinan Sattar

    Buddy holy!

  • KMart

    Say it ain’t so!

  • Superphone88

    Buddy holly.

  • GSum

    beverely hills!
    THat’s where i want to beeeeeeee

  • MGDufour

    Sweater song

  • Drfacialphd

    Pork & Beans

  • Norman Fong

    Buddy Holly ftw!

  • Chris Hazen

    Pork and Beans

  • Russell

    Pork and Beans

  • Brendan Riddell


  • Avik0

    My name is Jonas

  • KiwiBri

    Say it ain’t so

  • Chris Johnston

    Beverly Hills

  • Kallan Fitzgerald

    Buddy Holly!!

  • Josh Brown

    The Sweater Song

  • BranDOOM

    My name is Jonas!

  • マイケル, ロサレス (Michael Rosales)

    The sweater song is my favorite

  • netman3000

    Sweater Song and buddy holly, tied. Both still get stuck in my head.

  • Brad H

    Sweater song

  • James Lee

    Say it ain’t so!

  • Peter Miebach

    Love the beat in hash pipe!

  • Adam Wright

    Say It Ain’t So

  • Daniel Kim

    The Sweater Song!

  • Andrew Sosnkowski

    Sweater song!

  • Samuel Gomez Recuero

    Say It Ain’t So

  • Brent Bisaillion

    Suzanne (Because I married her and I even sing it to her!)
    “Even Izzy, Slash and Axl Roooose. (o-o-o-oo) When I call you put’em all on ho-o-old”

  • Kevin Cracknell

    Say it ain’t so

  • Trevor Cook

    Buddy Holly

  • JaySea

    Buddy Holly, definitly!!!!

  • percyglanville

    kinda like the “Island in the Sun” tune.

  • Tom Cann

    My Name Is Jonas

  • Dan Rasokas

    My name is Jonas

  • Jason Mckinnon

    “I don’t care what they say about us anyway, I don’t care ’bout that.” Buddy Holly!

  • Jordan Duguay

    Island in the Sun

  • Google-Street-View

    Buddy Holly!

  • Chris G

    Another vote for the sweater song

  • Paul

    Buddy Holly, because it came on the Windows 95 cd.

  • JC

    Win win win!

  • jakeg99

    Buddy holly

  • Noah Arney

    Buddy Holly.

  • Vitus Wight

    Hmm… my favourite pink triangle.

  • PatcheZ

    Say it ain’t so

  • PistolPetestar

    Say it ain’t sooooowowooo! Best karaoke song ever!

  • Mike Stefanyk

    Hash pipe!

  • Michael Wang


  • NoahFang

    Oh my Gee!!! Microsoft please wow me again because “you might think” you are the best IT company!

  • dc07

    Buddy Holly

  • Brad

    Say it ain’t so

  • milleniumjono

    The sweater song for sure!

  • mackenzie bransford

    Beverly Hills!!

  • Jason Klatt

    Sweater Song is mine too 🙂

  • Andrew

    Beverly Hills!

  • Philosoraptor

    hash pipe

  • Bob Wang

    Sweater Song!

  • ottocomin

    Buddy Holly!

  • Jason Sallay

    Buddy Holly – all time fav!

  • Anirudh Muralidhar


  • eszklar

    Buddy Holly.

  • Erdal Ali

    We Are All On DRUGS

  • monkeytacos

    Buddy Holly


    Say it ain’t so, I’ve been listening to this song every day for the past 20 years and it’s still as poignant and intense as the first time I heard it.

  • PositivelyShocking

    (If You’re Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You To

  • Andrew H

    Say It Ain’t So

  • Dimitri C.

    El Schorcho

  • Nathan Wiersma

    Buddy Holly! Ever since getting Windows 95. Big fan!

  • Gregory Wellman

    Say it ain’t so’oo

  • Jayden Rodgers

    Pork and Beans!!! The video is worth some chuckles to 😀

  • Ian Lake-Thompson

    Their interesting cover called “Kids & Poker Face”

  • Jerms

    Buddy Holly 🙂

  • mhee

    Only in Dreams

  • Blake A. Stiller

    Say it ain’t so.

  • blair

    Island in the sun, yea and make sure I win

  • Md Renesa Nizamee

    “Buddy Holly” and hope I win 🙂

  • David Foggia

    Buddy Holly

  • Bill Colbary

    the sweater song….ya!!!!

  • priority9

    Trouble Maker is my fav.
    and a cover they have done, Brain Stew.

  • josh

    Island In The Sun !

  • Dave

    Buddy Holly

  • Jonathan

    that one from rock band… say it ain’t so?

  • Bons

    Buddy Holly

  • Hardtool

    Everybody get Dangerous! is my fav Weezer song.

  • Brian Alexander

    Best weezer song is “you’re my best friend”!

  • Brendyn Mclean

    buddy holly of course

  • huukeonfonix

    “Pork and Beans”. FTW !!

  • Peter Li

    Favourite is the sweater song


    great …

  • Ccampbell23

    Sweater song

  • erdinc karabatak

    Heart door
    Sweet November.

  • Victor Genova

    Beverly Hills!

  • jskardzius

    The Sweater Song

  • Jose

    I want one! Buddy Holly

  • Khalid

    Buddy Holly

  • Benjamin Gronberg

    Buddy Holly

  • DawnDawnXin

    Buddy holly

  • Justin Ng

    let me get this at the right time of getting a laptop!

  • Ted Heejoon Shin

    Perfect Situation!

  • Spider-Dan Perri

    The weight!

  • Olivia De Hamilton

    The Good Life! Has such an upbeat tempo!

  • Michelle

    Everybody is saying Buddy Holly. I’ll go with that. lol

  • Morgan Donaldson

    I still like buddy holly 🙂

  • Peter Johnston

    buddy holly!

  • Peter Johnston

    buddy holly!

  • Spike Gold


  • WiZZLa

    Buddy Holly.

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  • JC

    Say It Ain’t SoooooOoooo

  • scottk04

    Say it ain’t so!

  • Spencer

    El Scorcho, easily.

  • Anna Reimer

    Let’s do it

  • MrLemon

    Good Times!

  • Jason Li


  • amana1997

    Buddy Holly

  • J. Hurren

    Island In The Sun!

  • Rory

    Hash Pipe

  • Holly

    The Sweater Song is also my fave!

  • Just Jess

    Say It Ain’t So.

  • Jeremy Mauro

    My Name is Jonas

  • Arsha Z

    Beverly Hills all day long!!

  • clee666

    Say It Ain’t So!

  • Matthew Muysson

    Pork and Beans!

  • Bruce Vrana

    Buddy Holly

  • Keegan

    My Name Is Jonas

  • Keegan

    My Name Is Jonas

  • Keegan

    My Name Is Jonas

  • Kim Harrison

    Only one

  • jlafount

    I like My Name is Jonas

  • jlafount

    I like My Name is Jonas

  • sgumer

    my favorite weezer song is sweater or buddy holly. the buddy holly video is awesome!!!

  • Linz

    Island in the Sun

  • Francois Bedard

    Buddy Holly

  • M. Dmnt

    Island in the sun has to be my favourite.

  • Becky

    Buddy Holly

  • Mark Fourmanovskis

    Definitely “Say it ain’t so”

  • lanlanb

    Buddy Holly !

  • fuzzywhitenuts

    buddy holly

  • lim

    island in the sun

  • Jeffrey Martin

    All I can say is Great! Great!! Great!!! Great!!!! Great!!!!!

  • Kristy Dudley Dobson

    Across the Sea

  • Farhad Foroughi

    $100 credit for a surface pro 2 please please

  • d_A_rkd_A_y

    Buddy Holly

  • boji_eater

    Say it ain’t so

  • gy1oo

    Buddy Holly

  • kdatagmx

    buddy holly

  • wasabisnot

    buddy holly


    say it ain’t so

  • Spencer

    Thanks for the gift card!