Nvidia expands TegraZone compatibility to all Android devices

Nvidia launched its TegraZone app in conjunction with what was at the time one of the most powerful mobile processors around: the Tegra 2. It was a place to showcase games that had been tweaked and optimized to take advantage of the Tegra’s specific GPU advantages, which were considerable compared to Qualcomm’s early Snapdragon entries.

As Nvidia further entrenched itself in the mobile market, practically usurping the tablet processor market with the Tegra 3, TegraZone became a place to discover some of the best games Android offered, where news, hints and game recommendations were intermingled with highlighted games and developers.

Now, with Tegra 4 flailing and the next-gen K1 months away from debuting in a real-world device, Nvidia has decided to release TegraZone to all Android devices, even if the games themselves haven’t necessarily been updated to support them. Version 2.9.0 adds Google Play Game Services, so compatible games can store achievements and badges. Also new in this version is support for the Shield portable gaming device and a new TegraZone Collections area which, according to Nvidia, “will allow highlighting of special interest groups of games by feature, genre, or publisher.”

Most games optimized for Tegra devices have non-Tegra equivalents, so while this release may not be a huge deal for those running the latest Galaxy or Nexus product, it could expose some great Android games you may not have heard of before.

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