Larry Page says ‘ Motorola will be better served by Lenovo’


  • rgl168

    I hope that Motorola can keep the momentum going regarding their Android update effort. They did a good job so far with Moto X and G updates, and I hope this won’t be lost under Lenovo.

    • thisiscjay

      Annnddddd I will be selling my Moto X this week. Fingers crossed the US government blocks this crap…

    • IJustGotaTan

      The sky is falling, the sky is falling!

  • KrispyInTO

    Larry you backstabber, now all motorola phones will have backdoors for the Chinese government.

    • Ali F.

      Already almost all devices and apps have backdoors for USA. Now who makes wars more? US for sure, so why should we trust Americans more?

    • canuck07

      People have been drinking too much US kool-aid.

  • Oscar Wong

    what about project ara?

    • Adam Watts

      Oh I forgot about that! Damn… Hopefully google still pursues this on it’s own, or with some hungry partner. HTC?

  • Tom

    I’m normally distrustful of mainland Chinese brands, but Lenovo is one of the few that’s proven itself to be a quality brand. Plus there’s the good PR their CEO gets for giving his bonus to his employees…

    Better Lenovo than Huawei, at least.

  • solidpig

    I honestly prefer Moto to be under Google’s wing instead of Lenovo. Google never made that much of an effort to fully integrate Moto; I suppose this was their plan from the beginning.

    It’s a that Moto is being tossed around like this. Here’s hoping the acquisition is rejected and Google is forced to continue Moto in a good path. I feel if Google really tried, they could bring more to Moto than Lenovo could ever offer.

    • HelloCDN

      This was a publicity stunt plus a valuable patent acquisition, and I wouldn’t be surprised that Google already has a deal with the government after their PR move “made in USA” for Moto X.

    • fez

      the problem is google as the creator of Android can only favor it self for so much before pissing off other companies who are creating devices for it. This, depending on the terms of the deal could mean that Google will be able to push the direction of the smartphone and inturn Android using Lenovo’s development allowing to create nexus like devices. Plus don’t forget all the patents they gained from the initial investment and the deal they now have with blocks under the project Ara.

      Personally I love my MotoX and think it’s one of the well thought out devices in the last few years. To top this Motorola as a company has done some brilliant work under the google umbrella using the resources available to it.

    • Adam Watts

      That’s true. It put them in a tight spot. Acquiring Motorola raised more than a few eyebrows. But it’s still too bad it’s come to this. I liked what Google was doing with the Motorola brand.

    • rgl168

      I guess it kind of like the relationship of Microsoft and the OEMs with the Surface initiative added to the mix, with Whitman (HP) came out to say that Microsoft is now an “outright competitor”.

  • wes

    I wonder if this will impact the Nexus line, and if so, how? Since there have been rumors that the Nexus line will be axed as of 2015.

  • Ryan Hall

    Not a big deal. Nowadays smart phones are definitely not hi-tech stuff. The point is if you want to make money you have to lower the cost. Lenovo might be the one that can still make money from such hardware. So there is no point to spend a lot more money on something being called “cutting-edge” products, like Apple and Samsung. Open them, you find the same craps…

  • Maxime Godin

    Correction: Google announced they would take over Motorola Mobility for a massive $12.5 billion in August of *2011*

  • Jonathan Schmitt

    This could be good, but could be bad too. I have a Lenovo laptop and will never look back to a mac or HP system ever again. Lenovo will definitely want to capitalize on this opportunity, especially since Motorola, with the X and G, just became an excellent competitor.