Google Play carrier billing now available to Bell customers


  • peter mc keown

    So bell employees get 35% discount on google play purchases…………

    • Kaiden Rogers


  • jackjiarocks

    If I were you I would stay away from this. You never know what kind of problems could occur and the hassle is simply not worth it.

  • ToniCipriani

    Because Bell’s billing is so accurate all the time?

  • Guest

    TELUS should have this ,I like the 25.00 limit

  • Jonathan G.

    I like the limit idea. But is this something that you would have to opt into? Or would it be done automatically?

  • Ryan

    For some reason I imagine reading my bill and seeing a Google Play purchase combined with a Bell Google Play Service Fee…wouldn’t surprise me

  • Josh

    WTF mobile syrup whats wrong with you guys!? at least explain how to do the process…… Jeez… this post is useless without stating how to actually do it…

    • silver_arrow

      You go to pay and when you get to choose you click carrier billing I assume…

    • Josh

      tried it, doesn’t work. searched google, told me to setup wallet… Tried to setup wallet and it said “this is not available to you” …

    • Serge Cote

      Bell is not on the Google Play list, just Rogers and Fido are on the Canadian Carriers list, then……..

  • Serge Cote

    If you check on the help file of Google Play for the Canadian carrier offering the “carrier billing” on Google Play you will see Rogers/Fido…..That’s it. No Bell!

  • Bell Tipster

    I can clarify why you guys can’t see the carrier billing option, and why Google don’t yet list it. It’s because the service isn’t yet “officially” live. It’s on a limited rollout for a small percentage of users – It will take a few weeks before it’s live for everyone.

  • Mike Taylor

    Not available yet. Get your facts first.

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