Samsung’s North American tablet web traffic has only grown 1% since April

Online ad network Chitika has published a new report on Samsung’s North American web traffic that reveals several juicy insights into which devices resonate most with its consumers. Although Samsung is known for increasing screen size expectations throughout the mobile industry, it appears that biggest does not always equate to best loved for the company.

Tracking impressions over 300,000 websites for the month of December, 2013, Chitika found that 71% of its smartphone web traffic comes from devices with 4.8” displays or larger. However, only 13% of this web traffic comes from Samsung’s Note line, with the lion’s share (58%) split between the Galaxy SIII and SIV. Samsung’s tablet web traffic on Chitika’s network is even more stratified, with a whopping 93% split between its 7” (40%) and 10.1” (53%) devices – notably the company’s two most longstanding tablet form factors.


While Samsung is the biggest single Android smartphone web traffic source, Chitika notes concerns about the company’s North American tablet usage. Samsung currently sits third behind Apple and Amazon at 5.9% of all North American web traffic, but this share represents only a 1% increase from April of last year, and is the amount the company has been stuck at since September. Over the same period, Amazon (currently at 9.4%) and Microsoft (2.3%) have seen bigger gains.

Perhaps Samsung’s recently FCC’d 8” tablet will be able to break the stagnancy, but we’ll likely have to wait until Mobile World Congress in February to find out.