LG officially shows off the Lifeband Touch and announces a set of ‘Heart Beat earphones’

LG has officially unveiled the Lifeband Touch today. This is, as expected, a wristband that takes LG into the “wearable health care” space and tracks your movements, counts steps, distance, and calorie consumption. In addition, like many others, the water-resistant Lifeband Touch will have an OLED colour touchscreen display that allows you to receive notifications, accept incoming calls and play music from an iOS and Android-powered devices via Bluetooth 4.0.

The Life Band Touch also has a compatible set of earphones called “Heart Beat earphones.” These are still in production and reportedly measures the blood flow in your ear to quantify heart rate. No word yet on the pricing of these wearables, but LG will be holding their CES presentation later today and we’ll bring you a hands-on shortly.

Update: The Lifeband Touch is coming “this Spring.”

Source: LG Press release
Via: The Verge


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