TELUS ‘Travel Tracker’ is a new mobile portal that tracks your data usage while traveling

TELUS has launched a new service for their over eight million mobile subscribers today that gives them the option to check their data usage while traveling outside of Canada.

The “Travel Tracker” is a web portal that can be accessed when you’re roaming in the United States or overseas by visiting t.telusroam.com from any 4G device. Data usage is posted in real-time.

If you’re a TELUS customer traveling outside the country, and sign up for one of their roaming passes, you’ll first receive a free text that that tells you the country voice, text and data rates, plus a link to the Travel Tracker portal.

Probably the most important addition is that TELUS will send you a follow-up text of when data usage begins. TELUS said the new Travel Tracker will help “avoid bill shock” and give customers “peace of mind.”

Source: TELUS