CyanogenMOD 11 gets real, hits Milestone status across Nexus family, Nightlies on other devices

Android 4.4 may have already given way to 4.4.1, but the CyanogenMOD team — androids, bots and humans who never sleep — is pushing through Milestone builds of CM11, based on KitKat, for most of the Nexus family of devices.

According to a blog post, “The AOSP-supported Nexus devices should have minimal to no device specific issues (as their hardware code comes mostly from Google).” Not only have the devices been tested thoroughly for any bugs, but the CM team assures users that any bugs should only be from features introduced outside of the core KitKat source code. “By acknowledging them sooner,” the post says, “the entire CM 11 roster will benefit.”

It should be mentioned that the Milestone releases are only for Nexus device that are still supported on AOSP by Google, so only the Nexus 4, Nexus 5, Nexus 7’s and Nexus 10. For Nexus S and Galaxy Nexus users, there are CM11 nightlies to peruse and test, though they’re unlikely to work quite as well.

There are more nightlies, too, mainly for Samsung devices like the Galaxy S3 and Galaxy S2, but expect more of them to pop up in the coming weeks. When CyanogenMOD begins pushing out nightly releases for its devices, it gives thousands of users on older hardware the ability to run the latest Android version.

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