Android 4.4.1 rolling out to Nexus 4, Nexus 7 (2013) LTE, also hitting AOSP


  • Zee

    I could definitely tell call quality and speaker output was better when I first installed the update on my Nexus 5.

  • Zee

    Forgot to mention, the voicemail notification bug that affected some carriers (most notably Rogers) is now fixed as well in 4.4.1

    • Jesus McDongswoggle

      Thanks for the good news! I’m on Bell but will have to test this out once I get the update.

  • James

    Waiting for the update in Vancouver on my nexus 4

  • Jonathan Schmitt

    Nothing in London yet. We have two Nexus phones so we are checking religiously 🙂

  • Ali F.

    I checked update yesterday on my N5 but nothing. I am still on 4.4!

  • jason

    London, Ontario – No update as of yet.

  • Nylac

    No update on my N4 yet. I wonder what will happen to my N5 apk when I update?

  • drnicket

    What of the wifi Nexus 7 (2013)? No love?

  • $80872078

    From what I have seen the photo quality has much improved on the Nexus 5 with the update, better detail.

  • Charab Russ

    nothing yet on my nexus 6. im still stuck on android lime pie 4.5 here on mars.

  • Pranav

    How come i didn’t get the update on my Nexus 5??

  • Dom

    Ha. Nexus 4’s getting it already. Still don’t have it on my Nexus 5…

  • Sayeedur Rahman

    It’s coming out later for the Old Nexus 7. I am so relieved because the newer devices got it and I thought they stopped on the older nexus 7.

  • Jonathan Schmitt

    Second day. Still nothing in London 🙁

  • James

    still nothing in vancouver for my nexus 4


    Has anyone received 4.4.1 update on Nexus 7 2012?

  • Minas Nustas

    Nothing in israel for my n4

  • HoodedDemon

    Dec 12th my Nexus 4 just updated to 4.4.2