Roam Mobility’s ‘Snowbird Plan’ offers Canadian travellers unlimited talk, text and 1GB of data for $39.95/month

Though Roam Mobility recently slashed their daily U.S. rates, today have announced a new “Snowbird Plan” that targets Canadians who travel south for the winter.

The Snowbird Plan is “made for Canadian travellers,” offering unlimited talk, text and 1GB of data for $39.95 per month (though it must be purchased in 3 months blocks for a minimum price of $119.85). This is a solid deal as Roam Mobility also gives free long-distance calls to Canada, voicemail and caller ID.

As a bonus, customers get to keep the same SIM card and phone number, as “the SIM card goes into a suspended state and will not expire until 365 days after the last day of the plan.” One less thing to worry about, but just make sure you remember where you put it.

[source]Roam Mobility[/source][via]CNW[/via]