FlightTrack 5 brings a brand new interface (and cost) to iPhone and Android users

On my way to New York City for the Nokia MixRadio event, I noted that FlightTrack, my go-to flight scheduling app for iPhone and Android, was looking a bit haggard. On Android especially, the app employs the old hidden menu system of which Google has been trying to rid itself for two years. But even in its older clothes, the app is a fine piece of software, and works like a charm tracking flights from any airline anywhere in the world at 3,000 airports.

Today, the app has received a complete overhaul on both Android and iOS, bringing modern, simple and responsive designs that respect each platform’s unique characteristics.

The core functionality is unchanged: users enter a flight number from practically any airline on earth, and get immediate updates on terminal, gate number, departure and arrival time, delays and cancellations. Because FlightTrack 5 is a single version, the $4.99 app (which is on sale for $2.99 at launch) offers push notifications for all changes associated with the flight.

Though FlightTrack is a bit less of an overall trip guide than a service like TripIt, it does allow per-flight notes to be entered like seat number and passenger names.

Both versions of the app bring zoomable flight maps, but the Android version offers a live wallpaper to see the progress in the background. Other Android exclusives include NFC-based flight sharing, a DashClock extension and updated homescreen widget.

 If you’re a frequent traveler, FlightTrack 5 is likely your best choice to stay informed.

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