500 Firepaper taps into 500px’s extensive database for your Android wallpapers

The reasons I love Android are many, but it’s when using apps like Chainfire’s 500 Firepaper that I recognize the value in its flexibility.

The developer of Android mainstays SuperSu, DSLR Controller and CF-Bench has broadened his reach with this new app, which taps into 500px’s extensive and often-stupefyingly beautiful database of user-submitted photos. 500px is a Toronto-based startup that offers a professional alternative to Flickr, and has attracted thousands of paying customers with its user-friendly CMS, extensive portfolio support and welcoming environment.

500 Firepaper uses 500px’s Read API to set your Android phone’s wallpaper, rotating between photos of your choice in intervals of 5 minutes to 24 hours. The app, which is actually a live wallpaper, can be manipulated using gestures — tapping three fingers on the screen, for example, will manually cycle to the next photo. Users can choose from a number of preset categories, including Abstract, Architecture, Landscapes, Nature, Maco, Film, Food, and even Nude. One must also choose a source of these photos, as 500px also sorts based on Feature: Popular; Upcoming; Editors’ Choice; Fresh Today; Fresh Yesterday; Fresh This Week.

There is no shortage of wonderful visual treats, and while the images themselves cannot be downloaded due to API restrictions, they can be viewed on the official 500px app afterwards. Lots of other little settings abound, including the choice of making all photos greyscale; adjusting brightness for the photos; and allowing NSFW content to come through.

While the app does use quite a bit of memory, developer Chainfire ensures users that it is quite expeditious in giving it up to other apps when required.

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