Eastlink comes out with new plans that remove roaming fees within Canada, plus launches the ‘easyTab plus’

Halifax-based Eastlink has been relatively quiet over the past number of months. The company is plugging away at their wireless strategy and today have come out with a new Tab offering. Gone is the easyTab and in its place is the new “easyTab plus.”

With the old easyTab, which was similar to Koodo’s and Virgin’s Tab offering, gave 10% of your monthly bill towards paying off the device balance. In addition, with the old easyTab option you had to maintain a certain minimum plan to keep the tab going. This newly created easyTab plus sees Eastlink charging you a certain dollar amount for 24 consecutive months until the phone is fully paid off, with the option to switch to any plan at any time.

For example, if you’re interested in grabbing the Note 3, which retails for a massive $755 outright, you can also choose the easyTab plus and get it for $299, then pay an additional $19 for 24 straight months. Works out to the same price as the retail price, but acts as a buffer — with the option to pay off any outstanding balance at any time with no additional fees.

Update: Eastlink has also come out with new monthly plans today that remove the roaming fees within Canada – just like the government wants. In addition, all plans now include unlimited Messaging, Call Display, and Voicemail.

Source: Eastlink