Nomad debuts ChargeKey, an easier way to charge your phone

Nomad is a company that wants to lower the barriers to keeping phones charged. Last year, they successfully funded ChargeCard, a credit card-sized phone charger for microUSB, 30-pin and Lightning-based devices. We took a look at the microUSB version and loved its ability to replace space-consuming cables.

Now, the company is back trying to raise money to develop an even smaller, more flexible accessory, the rubberized ChargeKey.

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Available in both Lightning and microUSB versions, ChargeKey attaches to a keychain and bends to the will of your circumstance; you can orient it in practically any direction to facilitate powering the phone from any USB port.

The Lightning adapter plugs into an iPhone or iPad in any orientation, and will charge it at speeds based on the port’s power, between 1A and 3A. The microUSB version, on the other hand, plugs in with one orientation, but the middle portion of the ChargeKey can actually twist around.

Nomad is asking $20 for a single ChargeKey, and is bundling it with a ChargeCard in a $40 deal. Though they’re asking $5 to ship outside the States, it’s still a pretty good deal.

The company promises that “CHARGECARD and CHARGEKEY are just the start of our modern, minimalist, mobility movement,” and is taking steps to be a different kind of company. Not only do they accept money for their products, but the team is willing to barter for items they need. When asked about deals they’ve already made, COO Brian Hahn listed off, “an original photo of John Lennon at his famous bed in in Montreal signed by the photographer; an awesome bike; a 2 hour call from a BC financial advisors; kettle corn; photography; licensed music.” Pretty amazing stuff.