ChargeCard for Micro USB Review


  • dandoozled

    possibly the stupidest thing I have seen in a long time.

    • Farid Pirani

      If it raised over $150,000, obviously there is a significant market for it that don’t think it’s stupid.

    • Tony Sarju

      Exactly. Most people fail to grasp the fact that just because a product isn’t right for them, doesn’t mean it isn’t right for someone else.

    • Dangotdoozed

      I assume you don’t own any smartphone, because if you did you’d probably realize you need your charger more often than not… and who wants to carry a cord and cube when I can put this in my pocket.

    • dandoozled

      I carry a Note 2 for my personal line, as well as an HTC One for my work line, battery life isn’t an issue at all with the Note, and is a moderate issue with the One. I’m never more than 30 feet from a charger (aka, my desk, my car, or home) so it’s not an issue.

  • Matt

    I came expecting a credit-card sized battery…

  • Nadefrenzy

    $25??? $15 would be too expensive as well. Make it $10 and it will sell like crazy.

  • William Worlde

    Lots of fools buying anything! By the same token, first adopters make our world spin! Thank you!

  • Zed

    There’s also a kickstarter in progress for a CC size kickstand for iPhones if anyone is interested. MS writers can contact me if interested

  • sicsicpuppy

    A lesson on how to make $24 profit .Watch for these at Dollarama in a year .

  • Jonathan G.

    It is a good idea for a charger but I wouldn’t pay 25 dollars for one of these. Id rather put that money towards an external portable battery of some substantial size.

  • Dylan K

    What a concept, a credit card sized USB cable. Never would have thought of that. I wonder if it also does data transfers too?

    • Travis Chalmers

      Yes, it also does data transfers. I have one and keep it in my wallet. It’s super convenient for my battery-hog of a phone and reduces clutter. Instead of having cables at my office, computer, bedroom, and in my pocket, I have a tiny charger in my wallet.