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FarmLead’s ‘real-time grain marketplace’ now available on iOS and Android

This is certainly a sign of the times.

The farming business can be a tough, not only do farmers rely on Mother Nature, but also prospective buyers willing to purchase their goods at a fair price.

“FarmLead” has arrived and it’s “North America’s first user-based online physical cash grain marketplace” and gives farmers another option to make money off their harvest. The service was previously only available online, but has now found a place on iOS and Android devices and users can participate in “real-time grain marketplace while on the go.” The app allows you to post new offers to buy or sell grain, and then negotiate pricing. FarmLead takes a capped “Connection Fee” from every transaction (price varies depending on the grain).

Brennan Turner, President of FarmLead, stated “The app is the only one of its kind that allows grain buyers and sellers to list, track, negotiate, and ultimately, complete new deals from any location, at any time, day or night.”

FarmLead mobile was apparently launched 2-months ago and has already seen 2,500 tonnes of grain move through the app. While the adoption rate of the app will not be high, it’s good to know that the farming community has options.

Download FarmLead for iOS here, Android here.
Via: FarmLead