TVOKids arrives on Bell Mobile TV to entertain your children and keep you sane

Look, you may not want to admit it, but chances are you’ve parked your child in front of an episode of Caillou or Sesame Street in hopes they’ll stop fussing around and let you breathe.

Today, Bell has added a source of such respite to their Mobile TV app, available on iOS, Android and BlackBerry, in the form of TVOKids. A channel traditionally only available to Ontario watchers, the government-funded programming actually follows the primary school curriculum to promote safe and healthy living.

Because most recently-launched Bell plans come with 10 hours of free Mobile TV service per month, the new channel should be easy to evaluate; shows include “Dino Dan,Finding Stuff OutGiverMaking Stuff, as well as TVOKids-produced in-house programs from Gisèle’s Big Back Yard, TVOKids’ early learning programming block, and The Space, TVOKids’ afterschool block,” according to a press release issued today. A basic Mobile TV package costs $5/month for 10 hours of programming — other channels include CTV, CBC, City TV, BNN, MTV Canada, Raptors TV and more — and overages are $3/hour after the initial 10.

Bell announced one million Mobile TV subscribers in September, and is attempting to use it as a way to differentiate its mobile offerings from Rogers and TELUS. The former has its own mobile streaming package, but has struggled to convince users it is worth paying for. One way Bell has ensured customers keep returning to the Bell TV app is by constantly updating it — the app is now compatible with Android 4.3 devices — and not counting its bandwidth towards a user’s monthly data allotment.