Flyne is a comprehensive news reader from the developer of Falcon Pro

The developer of Falcon Pro doesn’t give up. After falling prey to its own popularity, becoming unable to accept new users, Joaquim Verges quickly returned to what he does best: making great apps.

His new app, Flyne, is an “offline” news reader that sources from a curated list of blogs and websites and, if you’re willing to pay for the privilege, Twitter and Feedly. While the pricing model may throw off a few customers — Feedly support is a $2 in-app purchase and Twitter costs $1 — it’s a well-designed app whose free version should satiate most casual readers.

Once you do pony up the dollar dollar bills (at least virtually), Flyne provides what most apps don’t: a full article view. This should prevent most “click to load the mobile view” situations, though in reality not all articles (at least from Feedly) loaded properly.

The app borrows a number of visual cues from Falcon Pro, using both a left- and ride-side slide-in menu. The former is for categories — you can import your Feedly sites, for instance, or any one of your Twitter followers’ accounts — but at this point it’s impossible to draw down beyond that; there is no filtering for individual sites like you can in the official Feedly app, for instance. Swiping in from the right reveals the articles list, which filters based on chronology, but does list the originating site. It’s a bit confusing, and I’m not sure it will replace Press for me in this regard, but it works quite well.

You can also save articles for later viewing or share them to other apps, and set the app to download sources in the background at intervals.

Flyne, while released on the market, is almost certainly in its early stages. There are a number of features that I believe Joaquim will add in the near future, and there are a couple of show-stopping bugs that need to be sorted out before I can recommend users lay down their money.

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