Vine releases major update for iOS and Android, adds draft support and improved editing features

Vine just got a lot easier to use and much more capable of making great short videos.

The Twitter-owned startup has added two new features to its iPhone and Android versions that go a long way to improving the quality of its six-second masterpieces. While it may seem that Instagram has stolen some of Vine’s video-based thunder, Vine is actually growing much faster, and is quickly being embraced by both individuals, businesses and, yes, brands, to do some amusing and creative things.

The first added feature is “Sessions,” which lets users save up to ten in-progress Vines, so that if you didn’t get the right shot the first time, or didn’t have time to finish the entire piece, you can return it it later. This is going to be a huge boost to quality.

Second is “Time Travel”, which compartmentalizes the individual clips generated by touching and removing a finger from the screen, allowing users to rearrange clips in the timeline. You can either edit the makeup of a Vine before or after the sharing process — either while filming, or later, after completing the first draft.

And while the iOS version has always been relatively stable and performant, the Android version, until now, was severely lacking in that regard. It looks like this update has fixed many of the slow rendering and performance issues on Android 4.0+ devices, as well as correct the aspect ratio problems on devices like the Moto X.

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