TELUS releasing the Sony Xperia Z1 on October 15th, here’s the pricing


  • ITCanWork

    Such robbers, a Note 3 is 750 no contract (25$ more than the Z1), and 299 on contract, compared to 99 for the Z1. Wtf

    • zanzee

      Got my note3 32gb outright from Rogers $699.

    • wes

      I wish I could do that, but I can’t justify paying 700+taxes, more like 830$ for a cellphone. But that’s me, more power to you!

    • zanzee

      It came to $734 after tax. I’d gladdly pay this and not be tied to a carrier. If I upgraded I’d probably lose my $55 after tax 6gb / canada wide plan. The way I look at it is I used to pay $2000 for a laptop every 2 years. It’s been 3 years since I bought my last laptop and it was only $1400. So a top tier phone at half that price every odd year is fine.

    • wes

      you in alberta? we got 15% sales tax (gst and pst).

    • zanzee

      Yeah, but you know you can order it from a store here and save the taxes? In the long run even @full price you’ll save a ton of money. When the Carrier knows it doesn’t have a leash on you, your power over them is much stronger.

    • wes

      I’d have to find a store in Alberta that’s reputable and sells it unlocked, then pay shipping… So it comes up to about the same thing.

    • MarkLastiwka

      Try the Sony Store if you are looking for the Z1

    • wes

      Z1 is too small for me. Looking for 5,5-6.5″.

      – dont like the mega cause of specs
      – dont like z ultra cause of the flap over the charging dock (i use usb to tether with my pc)
      – dont like s pen in note 3, dont want to pay for something I wont use
      – maybe htc one max although I dont like the bezel in the pictures

      Not looking for a powerhouse, but something with decent specs at the 5-600$ range.

    • rkz

      Pretty much any Sony Store you should be able to go buy it unlocked. I pre ordered mine on Oct 2 … still havent heard from them as to when they’ll even have the phone in store.

    • Dimitri

      The Note 3 tho has a few more features then the Z1 does. Also it has a SD card slot, Removable 3200 mah battery, 32GB memory built in, IR blaster, USB 3.0. 4K recording, dual shot cameras & more. That is also the reason why carriers raise the prices.

      I got the Note 3 for $699 +taxes from Rogers outright. Paid an extra $50 & unlocked it. ( Yes i know i can unlock it for less but i really do not care.).

      Remember tho, Rogers can raise their prices on the Z1 because they have the exclusive for the Purple edition.

    • Stimulator

      The Z1 also has an SD card slot, a better camera, and is waterproof, so that hardly makes sense as to why the subsidized price between the two would be so different.

    • zanzee

      Sony’s name always has a price even when the reality is its not a great name anymore. I grabbed the note 3. The very slighty better specs, wacom pen and removable battery won me over. Zero Lemon 10,000k rugged battery is being ordered soon as it’s released… 3 day usage sounds awesome to me.

  • bob

    Typical Telus

    • Yulet

      At launch, Note 3 was 249.99 at Rogers and it was 299.99 at TELUS. I went to TELUS chat and told them Rogers was selling it cheaper, the agent added $50 credit to my account. I had not even bought the phone yet. (I had received another $50 credit for the iPhone 5 which I returned after 2 weeks, they didn’t remove the credit. If I return the Note 3 and buy the Z1, I will be in a few cents profit lol)

  • Tip O’niel

    no way this is $99 on a term – that’d make the outstanding balance $626


    Strange pricing, still a nice phone though.

  • Eric Tang

    The generic unlocked white and the black Z1 is available at your local Sony stores for $699+HST.

    • rkz

      I pre-ordered mine on Oct 2 from local Sony store and they have no clue when they’ll get the phone. wtf

  • Super_Deluxe

    $725?! LOL are they high or something?!!

  • B-Mac

    $99 2 year pricing, was expecting $199….looks like I’ll pay $20 or so when I trade in my HTC One X towards this, bonus!

  • Jonathan Stevenson

    I was going to switch from telus and buy the phone from Sony outright, but if this price is $99 for real I am going to have to reconsider, that is one of the biggest savings I have ever saw on a new top tier phone.

    • BMSMA

      $99 on 2 years is begging for forcing you to have a plan $70 or more.

      $626 in 2 years will have to be nearly $30 a month to pay that off.

  • Xyor

    Is there a way to get the phone here in U.S.?

  • Giffmon

    Pricing is actually $199 on a 2 year, and $725 outright.

    • Jonathan Stevenson

      Thanks I was going to post this as well.

  • rkz

    $699 unlocked at Sony Store available on October 18.

  • rgl168

    Official pricing on Telus website shows $199 @ 2 years (not $99)… $725 no term.

  • rosal colaco

    i have a hatred towards the xperia z1 as it only has 16 gb internal storage , well rest of it is just awesome!!! yes i know it has a micro-sd card slot. but still if u pay off 40,000K+(rupees) then u expect it to have it!! well this internal storage memory of 32 gb is ONLY AND ONLY available in japan for the local japanese people!!!…..
    and not globally!!!