Stitcher for Android gains offline playback, new navigation scheme

One of the longest-running radio and podcast apps on Android has received a nice update.

Stitcher, which lets you accumulate a playlist of podcasts, radio show and other audio content, now supports offline playback. This allows users to download a set of material in the background and have it be available anywhere, not just when they have an internet connection.

The app has also been redesigned with a left-side navigation drawer. This is the first design tweak since Stitcher radically overhauled its app, adding a Holo interface and rich notifications.

In an effort to make audio more visually appealing, Stitcher now supports news alerts with big, beautiful HD photos and a full tablet interface.

While not quite as good as the overhauled Pocket Casts for strictly podcast listening, Stitcher is a great all-round audio player.

[source]Google Play[/source]