Foursquare for iOS now pushes recommendations based on location

Android users have had the privilege imposition of Foursquare recommendations for some time now, though the feature is still rolling out to all users, and now the startup is looking push even further away from check-ins by bringing the same functionality to iOS.

While the new iOS version hasn’t changed too much since its major iOS 7 overhaul, it now provides real-time recommendations when you check in and, for some users, push notifications to remind you what’s great at a place it thinks you’re at. Too invasive? The feature can be turned off, but we’ve found it to be quite helpful, especially since we often forget to use Foursquare at restaurants and events where these tips would traditionally be helpful.

Other improvements to the app come in the form of a simplified feed, which show you immediately upon opening what your friends are doing and what’s great in the immediate vicinity. Great for tourists or people unfamiliar with a particular area, Foursquare is trying to combine the comprehensive database of Yelp with the immediacy of Twitter. Considering the company raised $41 million earlier this year, they’re in a good position to compete with both.