Rogers bringing the ‘connected car’ to Canadians

Rogers just announced in a press release that they’ll be partnering with Sprint to allow Canadians to ‘experience next generation in-car infotainment and telematics technology.’

Both companies will work with auto makers and bring the ‘Sprint Velocity’ system into Canadian vehicles. This is part of the larger M2M (Machine to Machine) strategy of having all our devices talk to each other. Rogers currently has over 1 million connected devices and enabling Sprint Velocity will bring a ‘seamless, connected experience on the road’ that will ensure a wireless connection while driving – via a wireless modem and SIM card. There’s no indication on the pricing structure and if Rogers will come out with pay-per-use, weekly or monthly plans.

Sprint Velocity is already active in the United States with Chrylser, specifically on the Jeep Grand Cherokee, and some of the features that appear on the touch screen dash as part of the ‘infotainment’ are news, weather, sports, navigation, climate control, security, emergency services and vehicle diagnostics. No word yet on emails.

Mansell Nelson, VP of Advanced Business Solutions at Rogers, said “Canadians want to be connected from anywhere, at any time, and with over twenty million vehicles on the road in Canada there is a strong growth opportunity for Rogers in the connected auto segment. Sprint Velocity will bring to Canada the ultimate connected car experience on the road, with a combination of smartphone, tablet and in-dash capabilities, while also delivering safety features and communicating vehicle maintenance information seamlessly to manufacturers.”