Dolphin browser partners with Baidu, Yandex, Yahoo and DuckDuckGo to take on Google’s mobile dominance

Popular third-party Dolphin Browser has teamed up with Google competitors around the world to take on the search giant. Announcing a collaboration with China’s Baidu, Russia’s Yandex, Yahoo! Japan and U.S.-based DuckDuckGo, the company wants to ensure its experience is personalized for all local markets, not just those in which Google is dominant.

The company is excited about the prospect of growing its market share in “mobile-first” countries, those that did not have an entrenched desktop browser ecosystem before the rise of smartphones.

Dolphin’s Android browser update also includes new themes, 21 languages and even faster performance than before. The company is Sequoia-backed and is offered on Android and iOS, though the former still appears to be its bread and butter platform.

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