BBM for Android leaks but you can’t use it yet


  • Skazzberry 2.0

    At this very point, almost all my closest friends and relatives from across the world have moved on to Whatsapp. It’s going to be far too much a hassle to get them all on board BBM again. It’s too late already and this should have been released a year or two ago.

    • Plazmic Flame

      I thought the same thing at first since Whatsapp became the defacto cross-platform messaging app once people moved on from BlackBerry but once I mentioned BBM, people are now looking forward to it.

      Even though I’ve been an iPhone user for a number of years now, I can still boldly say that BBM was and is still the best messaging app.going cross platform is going to make things interesting!

    • bluecanada

      Should’ve been done awhile ago, but better something than nothing.

      I’ll get it on my iPhone…

    • Anaron

      Only some of my friends use WhatsApp and a couple of other friends use BBM. If I had an Android device, I wouldn’t hesitate to install BBM. Yes, it’s another app to install but it’s a nice way to keep in touch with my friends. I’ve used BBM a lot in the past and I see no reason to limit myself to just one instant messaging app (WhatsApp).

    • Curtis K Louis

      Whatsapp is good but not great.. BBM looks sexier

    • rter4353633

      the question is, does anyone even remember their old bb account? i sure as hell dont.

  • Tony Sarju

    What version number is the leaked APK?

  • Tom Adams

    I don’t really see why they are putting resources into this when I seriously doubt many people care anymore. I am sure BBM has some sort of benefit over other apps or just standard text messages but I read these sorts of sites all the time so clearly blackberry needs to do a better job as telling people why they should be using BBM instead of what they already use

    • Anaron

      That may be true but it’s great for current BBM users. They’ll have a way of communicating with their non-BB friends (assuming they install the app). I have a Windows Phone so I won’t be able to use this app. If it was available for WP8, I’d happily use it to keep in touch with my friends that still use BBM. I wouldn’t tell anyone to switch though because WhatsApp is good enough for me. And it’d be a hassle for people to invest in another instant messaging app.

    • Lamar

      Invest? Ppl are not attached to a instant messaging app like that. It’s not like switching from instagram to something different. Ppl have no emotional investment in a messaging app, as long as they can message their friends.

    • Anaron

      You misunderstood me. I wasn’t talking about an emotional investment. I was talking about an app investment that mainly involves time. It’d be a hassle for people to switch to BBM because in comparison to WhatsApp, it requires you to add someone’s BBM pin. WhatsApp only requires a number. It’s unlikely that people will go out of their way to use another app that is essentially the same. The main reason Android and iOS users would install BBM is to keep in touch with their BBM-only friends.

    • Lamar

      Okay. I see what you are saying. But why would an Android or iOS user download BBM to talk to their BBM friends when their BBM friends already have whatsapp? Because if that is the case then no one will use the app.

    • Anaron

      I have one friend that refuses to use WhatsApp alongside BBM on his BlackBerry Torch. I’m sure there are other people like him out there.

    • iPlunks

      This is the main reason why i am not on board with BBM. Blackberry thinks it take back some of its glory. KiK, Whatsapp, WeChat, Line, Skype, Viber, Voxer blah blah blah are TRUE cross platforms. What benifit does BBM get sticking to 2 platforms (asises from BB). WP8 has passed BB. Bitter taste? Doeant want to believe or aknowlegde there presence? They are starting with only picture sharing at the moment. Not impressed

    • LuckyMe Singh

      Considering that Whatsapp, Kick, etc draw their inspiration from BBM, I would think the point of having BBM (a far superior messenger) would be rather quite apparent. By the sounds of it, you probably have never used bbm. Oh and just to keep you informed BB is spinning off the Messenger unit BBM Inc. as a separate entity. Hopefully this helps you understand why a lot of us, non BB, users are rather quite anxiously anticipating the launch of this HIGHLY ADDICTIVE app.

  • Thomas C. Riddell

    Since it’s already leaked why not just Release it

    • Zee

      They said “this summer”, summer still has 5 days left. Blackberry loves being precise.

    • Dimitri

      Also remember, they may want to wait until Friday ( iPhone 5S & 5C release) to release the app. So i could see it come out within the next couple of days OR Friday.

    • Zee

      I find it easier to believe the app just isn’t ready as opposed to some grand marketing scheme by Blackberry to try and steal some spotlight from Apple.

    • jroc

      Exactly, BlackBerry said they submitted the app to Apple a while back so it’s out of their hands now. Perhaps Apple has found something they don’t like about it.

    • Lamar

      nah its coming Sept 19.

    • jroc

      If you say so…

    • skullan

      Like what, the fact it’s made by a competitor (albeit, a smaller one), the fact it competes against their iMessage software and the fact that it would help a smaller competitor to release it?

      What could Apple not like about it?

    • Lindsay

      So explain why every other messaging app is available on iTunes then hun. I think the Internet is rotting your brain.

    • skullan

      Upvoting because yes, the Internet is likely rotting my brain.

      With that said, I wouldn’t be surprised if they were checking everything in triplicate during last week and this week.

      I’m not saying they will reject it, however, from what I understand, it takes about 8 days right now, to get an application approved:

      A URL: reviewtimes(dot)shinydevelopment(dot)com

    • jroc

      On Sept 6th a BBRY spokesperson tweeted that they had submitted the app two weeks prior to that, which means it’s been about 3.5 weeks.

      I am not saying that it’s gonna get rejected, but there’s a good chance there’s something that Apple is at odds with.

    • Dimitri

      You never know right? Anything is possible at this moment. It may just be a delay or waiting for Apple to release IOS7 / the new iPhone’s to release the app.
      Hopefully we shall find out in a few days.

    • Lindsay

      Lol. Like most things bb, I doubt very highly this will be released on time. It’s just not their way of operating.

  • Brice Johnson

    Nobody is going to care about this product by the time it hits the market, if they don’t already. Another failure by BlackBerry. Canadian or not, this company is a joke.

    • Anaron

      Nobody? That’s not true. I care about it even though I own a WP8 device. I’ve moved on from BlackBerry and I don’t plan on coming back. With that said, I see the value in offering BBM to non-BB users. I’m sure there are people out there that would use it to keep in touch with their BB friends. It’s not exactly something that would save BB but it’s a step in the right direction.

      As for BB being a joke, I think that’s a little too harsh. They were simply too slow to adapt and they suffered because of it. I imagine BB10 would have been a huge hit if it was released in 2010.

    • Brice Johnson

      The people who do actually care about this company/product are a very small piece of the market. Claiming the your friends and family will use the app won’t make the least difference when BBM is launched and continues to struggle. There is a reason BlackBerry has struggled even after their new revamp, and it’s not because they are doing well. You can talk about ‘would ofs’and ‘could ofs’, but the fact of the matter is that they didn’t get the job done. They tried to turn the corner too late, and they aimed for a high-end market that was already dominated by Android and iOS, as opposed to first aiming at the more realistic wide open developing market.

      I am not pro anything, and I did want BlackBerry to do well if only to bring more parity to the mobile market, but it seems obvious at this point that BlackBerry will not be the company to do this with neither software, nor hardware. To slow to innovate, and extremely poor marketing.

    • Grammar Police

      … ‘would haves’ and ‘could haves’…

    • Anaron

      You’re right. BlackBerry is already insignificant in the mobile world. The only thing, in my opinion, that’s keeping them afloat is BBM. With that said, I was simply addressing your choice of words. “Nobody” is too strong of a word even when you consider the situation BlackBerry is in. Yes, they were slow to innovate but they’re not entirely dead just yet. I don’t think an Android and iOS version of BBM will save them and it’s highly unlikely that the BB Z30 will be a huge success so we’ll just have to wait for a “time of death”.

      I used to want BlackBerry to succeed mainly because it’s a Canadian company. Once I made the switch to Windows Phone 8, I realized how biased I was (as a Canadian myself). There’s no room for BB in the smartphone world with Android and iOS on top and WP trailing behind in 3rd place. It’s a damn shame too because if they were a little quicker at releasing BB10 (say in 2010), then things might have been much different today.

    • skullan

      I care about this software. I will care about this software whether or not Blackberry the company survives or not.

    • Lamar

      stop taking wireless devices so seriously. Like its the only thing in life. Let competition be competition.

  • deltatux

    Can’t wait to play with the app, got friends still using BBM and are staunchly against moving to WhatsApp, LiveProfile, Kik and those hundreds of other texting app services that everyone and their grandmother is making.

    Whether this is going to hurt BlackBerry or not remains to be seen but I have hopes for the company. Not high hopes, but do have hopes that they do relatively well.

  • 01011001001

    I don’t think there’s a huge demand from non bb users, people have moved on to other platforms.

  • Kyle Camacho

    Can’t wait for this to be released. (:

  • vn33

    It will be released this Thursday …

  • Marc Palumbo


  • Phil Rod

    I’m sorry in advance for this ignorant comment, but what’s so great with BBM or whats app or any messengers app? The simple texting “app” preloaded on any phone is not enough? I thought that having unlimited messaging was perfect, but, again, what is useful in a service that uses the net (= your data) over the simple texting function of the phone?

    • Ceribaen

      Most places do not have international texting. I’ve got friends on WhatsApp in the US, Germany, England, Spain, Netherlands, etc…

      Additionally, texting receipt is tied to your phone number – so again if you go on vacation, or travel for business… you can swap sims and still send and receive messages with the various IM solutions without having to give people a new number to get in touch with you.

      Finally in Europe, texting isn’t always ‘unlimited’ and can actually be quite pricey. WhatsApp gained critical mass in the Netherlands for this reason exactly.

      That said, I still think there’s room for improvement… WhatsApp uses a significant amount of battery life. Viber and the others are fairly inconsistent delivery wise if you get into 2/3G reception.

      IF – BBM on can achieve the same success rate on Android/iOS for delivery/receipt that (or better) WhatsApp has especially in low signal areas… and improve on the battery life when the app is actively being used… I can see people switching to it. Also, does it receive the same crypto that BBM on an actual BB device does for delivery? That’d be another point for BBM. Also if they are able to relatively quickly roll out voice/video chat through the service – that’d surpass WhatsApp for sure and make the features equivalent to Viber and its ilk.

    • Anaron

      As Ceribaen mentioned, it’s great for messaging people outside of your country, province, state, etc. I have unlimited global texting but not everyone has that. For that reason, I use WhatsApp to keep in touch with friends from the US and Caribbean.