Want to root your Moto X without unlocking the bootloader? Now you can

While it’s possible for Rogers customers to officially unlock the Moto X bootloader via Motorola’s dev portal, doing so factory resets the phone and puts a pretty nasty disclaimer on boot-up.

If root access is all you’re after, Justin Case, a prolific Android developer and tweaker, has released a tool for all variants of the Moto X. Appropriately dubbed MotoRoot, the sideloaded APK takes advantage of a universal Android exploit found in Android 4.2 (which has since been fixed by Google in 4.3), and needs a couple lines of code through ADB to accomplish.

The process is quite easy as far as Android hacking goes, but Case takes you through the procedure with a handy video. There is a specific Rogers MotoRoot APK, so be sure to follow the assiduously follow the directions.