HTC One pictured in gold, tries to seem original

We’re sure it was in the works a long time before the iPhone 5s announcement, but HTC appears to be adding a gold-coloured One to its increasingly full repertoire.

The company, which has now released the One in silver, black, red, and two shades of blue, is reportedly working on a gold variant of its flagship, though we can’t say whether it will ever be more than a simple prototype.

Gold is becoming an increasingly-common colour in tech after being dismissed for years as too flashy or ornate. While it’s yet unclear how well the gold-shaded iPhone 5s will sell, Apple clearly saw a market for it above all other potential anodization variants — though gold is reportedly far easier to anodize onto aluminum than any other colour — and wants to give its customers a choice.

Similarly, HTC is looking to keep its flagship, which has been out for six months already, a second, third or fourth wind. Canadians don’t have access to either the red or blue models — Rogers, Bell and TELUS offer it in silver, while TELUS alone sells the black model — so it’s unlikely we’ll ever see the rumoured gold version, either.