Video shows newly appointed Rogers CEO talking about ‘The Death of Conventional Working’


  • Guest

    I’m not a big Rogers fan, but I like this guy. Hopefully he changes Rogers for the better.

    • d a

      He gets a pass for 1 year. I have very little doubt that I’ll be calling him an out of touch glutton after 1 year though

  • Liberal Phone Person

    Won’t make a difference to consumers. The gouging will continue.

    • Guest

      Very grimm outlook isn’t it? There’s always hope. The industry won’t change overnight, you may never have bills as low as you wish but this guy is cause for celebration to have him in the Telecommunications industry in Canada

    • Fawoo

      Just letting you know that office practice changes can actually affect consumers. If employees are happier working in non-conventional ways, it shows in the quality of work they provide, which in turn hits consumers in the form of better policies, products, updates, etc.

      But this is Rogers we’re talking about, so I agree with your thoughts in that it’s safe to assume gouging will continue.

    • Gary Trinder

      They are not bringing him to reduce consumer costs. He’s here for 1 reason, make Rogers more money.

  • Josh

    Good. F**k yes. I already want to switch from Bell to Rogers…. We need a guy like this running Rogers… Not just any guy but Guy. This guy knows where it’s at.. Sorry for say guy so much guys…

  • B-Mac

    “your company was like dealing with a insurance company” – sounds like Rogers to me….hopefully there is some change

  • Dave

    And so he supports to move the customer service to India and Phillipines.

    Rogers employees, wait for your fired letter.

  • J-Ro

    He is amazing. He brings a Google-like work style to every workplace. I would work at Rogers if he made it like Vodafone.

  • suresuresure

    This is how TELUS works.. no offices, flex hours, no dress code.. Hope, Rogers copies it!

  • Raj Singh

    I like it. I’m looking forward to seeing him and his work philosophy affect Rogers operations.

  • Roger

    He needs to take a long hard look at the ex Bell dinosaurs that have taken over at Rogers and ruined the can do culture that did exist at one time. Round them up and clean house…..

    • malingerer

      Bell ruined Rogers? Now that’s toooo funny 🙂

    • guest

      Not Bell. The ex Bell cast off or second stringers that were let go as Bell righted its ship… Your ability to read and comprehend…now that’s funny.

    • malingerer

      Me. Too. Dumb. For. You. Stop.

  • Dragonballzpokemon

    Prices will not go down. He speaks like a politician. If you need to be dressed like a hooker at work to do your job then god help you.

  • Dan Carroll

    Still talking about desks? That’s so 90’s. The real business opportunity at Rogers is NOT open format offices for Rogers employees…it is the value Rogers can create by emptying customer office towers and helping those customers move “office work” home through videoconferencing.

  • Samuel Gomez Recuero

    Will love to see how this will play out for Rogers in the next year

  • fruvous

    This guy is a breath of fresh air coming in after Nadir. Hopefully he’ll have enough pull to get rid of the death stench from Nadir.

  • rize

    He mentioned the left hand talking to right, that’s a win for customers.

  • Ibrahim Elmi

    don’t trust this guy , look at his fat neck, he says the right stuff but hides the real greedy truth in his fat neck. just like a dirty pigeon

  • Ibrahim Elmi

    don’t trust this guy , look at his fat neck, he says the right stuff but hides the real greedy truth in his fat neck. just like a dirty pigeon

  • Gary Trinder

    Why have a campus at all? Why not let them ALL work from home.