Update: WIND’s new device Trade-In program now live

Update: WIND Mobile has gone live with its news ‘Trade-In’ device program. WIND notes that depending on the device you trade-in could score you up to a $250 credit. As expected, all the fine details are listed below, or at this link here.

WIND Mobile will be adding a new service to their offering. Like many carriers across Canada, WIND will be launching a new trade-in program that could see your old clunker phones receive a credit for a new shiny phone or accessory. According to the internal doc we received it states that the ‘WIND Trade-In’ program will go live on September 12th.

Below is the info on the process (scraped right from the doc):

WIND Trade-In

Beginning Thursday September 12th, WIND Trade-In will be available to customers from participating locations. The program offers customers the ability to trade-in their old phone and receive an in-store credit to use toward the purchase of a new phone or accessory!
Here’s how it works:

1. Visit a WIND retail location.
A new or existing customer brings their old phone to a participating WIND retail location to trade it in towards the purchase of a new device or accessories.

2. Get a quote for the old phone.
A WIND specialist will determine the trade-in value of the device and ensure that it is in proper working condition. The Trade-In Device must be in good working order (power-on, functional screen, etc.) in order to receive the maximum trade-in value.

3. Use the WIND Trade-In credit towards a new phone or accessories.
Once a trade-in value has been determined, the customer can trade-in their phone for in-store credit to be used towards the purchase of a new phone or accessories.

IMPORTANT: Trade-In Devices, once traded, cannot be returned to the customer; before proceeding with the trade it is the customer’s responsibility to back up all personal data, including contacts, photos, music, text messages, etc.

(Thanks tipster!)