Images: Developer prototype of Samsung’s “Galaxy Gear” smartwatch leaks online

This was inevitable. After many leaks of Samsung’s upcoming ‘Galaxy Gear’ smart watch, the new product has finally surfaced online.

According to a post on Venture Beat, these images are developer prototypes of the Galaxy Gear that were captured from a promotional marketing video. Since these are prototypes these may not be the final design, but reportedly ‘won’t be far off.’ Samsung has a long history of protecting their flagship devices and the Gear should be no exception.

Most of the rumoured specs seem to accurate, namely its focus on health and fitness, OLED display, Bluetooth, 4MP camera with access to your gallery, Samsung S Voice for voice commands, WiFi connectivity for internet and email, 10+ hours battery life, plus has a slew of pre-loaded Android apps that also includes Facebook and Twitter.

VB notes that the overall design is “screen is square, large bezels on the top and bottom give it a chunky, rectangular shape, with rounded corners,” plus that the “The wristband is clunky and masculine, large enough to hold speakers in the clasp.”

The final design and complete specs of the Galaxy Gear will be officially unveiled at Samsung’s upcoming Unpacked event on September 4th.