Unions hitting the streets this Friday against Verizon, urging Harper government to keep telco jobs in Canada


  • Blazed04

    It’s hard to feel any sympathy for the Big 3 who have been price gouging Canadians for years.

    • JTon

      Yeah I agree. They’ve clearly pushed consumers over the edge. I mean, few are truly thinking about the negative consequences of bending over backwards with incentives to lure Verizon in. There’s a lot of blind hatred. And may I even be so bold to suggest it’s especially obvious on this very site

    • Blazed04

      I’m sorry, I can’t hear you over the sound of having to pay some of the most expensive telecommunications prices in the world for mediocre at best service.

    • Who Needs Facts

      LMAO at “having to pay some of the most expensive telecommunications prices in the world for mediocre at best service.”

      You Blazed, have hit the pipe one too many times and have become to lazy to do your own thinking.

    • No1B4Me

      Have to You looked at Verizons prices? Looks like they are gouging too.

    • Blazed04

      It’s not going to change overnight but it’s a step in the right direction.

    • JTon

      I fail to see how you’re so confident about this. If anything, we should rally behind Wind. Wind is here _right now_ offering great value. Your “with us” or “against us” head-in-sand attitude sucks.

    • Blazed04

      Please let me know how I can support Wind when they’re not in my area. Should I send them an envelope full of money? Trust me, I’d be on the Wind bandwagon immediately if it were possible. The Big 3 is trying to make it very difficult for Wind to expand. A larger company like Verizon has the resources to actually make a difference in Canada.

    • JTon

      I feel for you man. Your best bet at the moment is one of the big 3s discount brands. When they have promotions, they are actually really nice value.

      That being said, I think you’re dreaming if you think Verizons going to come in and expand out to where you are. One of Mr. Harpers many concessions to Verizon is offering them fixed roaming rates. So they literally don’t have to expand. They’ll stick to where it’s profitable… the cities.

    • James Arsenault

      Telus did try to buy WIND but was blocked.

    • Ulfredsson The Vanquisher

      Telus tried to buy Mobilicity…


    • Who Needs Facts

      The blind leading the blazed.

  • K_p0w3r

    well on the plus side, it will be nice to have protestors in toronto protesting somthing other than wind turbines. though why would verizon cause thousands of people out of work. what will verizion do, import workers from the US just to work in canada. i’m sure if any of the big 3 had to “downsize” their workforce, versizion would probably hire those people to help build their network. Also doesn’t verizion already have call centers in canada or at least contracted call centers.

    • J-Ro

      This might be more of a publicity stunt. Verizon is likely not going to come but the attention from the media is like free advertising from Bell, Telus and Rogers.

    • Prashanna Kandiah

      Verizon is taking loan from the bank $100 billion to buy out the rest of the 45% stake from Vodafone

      BIG 3 are saying Verizon has that kind money in there bank and Ottawa should not give them a discount

      the BIG 3 dose not understand word LOAN

      once they verizon have NORTH AMERICAN MARKET

      they will pay back the banks $100 billion

      Verizon has no more room to grow in U.S because their own core
      business is slowing down FCC wont allowed them to expand anymore
      that why Verizon is looking to expand by completely owning Verizon
      Wireless buy out Vodafone 45% stake and by moving into Canada and
      getting the 2 blocks 700Mhz spectrum This new inning of this long game is just getting started

      Verizon’s iPhone 4S, and 5 comes fully UNLOCKED WITH 2 YEAR CONTRACT $199 meaning they don’t pay unlocked fee its FREE

      when they sign up VERIZON 2 year its fully unlocked put PUT SIM anywhere u want but the catch YOU LOCKED to Verizon

      BIG 3 here charges here to UNLOCKED IPHONE after 90days

      BELL $75

      ROGERS $50

      TELUS $35


      BIG 3 is ripping us now

      Verizon has 2 upper hand against BIG 3

      NORTH AMERICAN roaming


    • J-Ro

      No one questioned that they would need to take a loan. I said they aren’t likely coming due to the fact that they are in the middle of a buy back. They likely don’t want to scare investors, so they will try to shed as much money as possible until they owe back the full amount they borrowed from the banks.

    • MapleHoney

      I admire your copy and paste skill on every related posts you can find.

    • Ulfredsson The Vanquisher

      There is no hope for you… please do the right thing, and stop using the interwebz.

    • guestpooper

      “When I was in collage”

    • Guest

      LOL! Looks like Swiftkey burned me on that one. 🙂

    • Prashanna Kandiah

      they have its there head office is in Toronto Verizon Wireless Canada Enterprise

    • icyhotonmynuts

      Why aren’t these protesters protesting current Canadian Telcos..don’t they know THEY outsource jobs to overseas call centers?

    • Who Needs Facts

      They (TWU) protested like crazy in 2010 with the “Keep Jobs in Canada Campaign.

      Thousands of new jobs and hundreds of existing jobs went overseas.

      The same people that are not listening now did not listen then. They all thought was that instead of paying some union call centre employee $20/hr, paying a foreign worker $10/day would cause their bills to go down.

      Yeah – really.

  • Sukdis Knaatz

    Please come to Canada, Verizon.

    • Super_Deluxe

      Lol I bet they also enjoy their $80+ bills. If anything it’ll create more jobs. I also have a feeling they’re getting paid by the big 3 to do this.

    • ArberBeq

      For sure. The big 3 is definitely telling the Union leaders that if they don’t protest and verizon comes to canada we will have to fire the majority of the staff to stay “competitive” aka keep a 50%+ profit margin

    • icyhotonmynuts

      I thought people, at least Rogers, weren’t allowed to form a union.

  • Liberal Phone Person

    can someone please explain to me how allowing verizon into canada will cause the big 3 to lose jobs?

    • yeva77

      Do Rogers, Bell and Tellus care about people when let their employees go. Rogers did laid off more than 3000 people last year? Big three layers!!!! Non of them care about customers!!!

      What about
      cutting jobs in Canada and outsourcing it to other countries?????

      Shame on them all !!! Verizon – Welcom to Canada!!!!

    • iPlunks

      DI you work for any of the big 3? Im sure here is some package they would recieve givng there time at the company just like any corparation

    • Brian Burleigh

      Your severance package in Canada is 1 week per year worked up to I think 6 weeks (8?). If you’ve worked there for 6 years, you aren’t getting a bigger severance than the guy who has just barely worked there 6 years.

      Also, what if you’ve been written up in the past or had other issues? Well, that’s when corporate just mows you down. No severance.

    • iPlunks

      That’s nased in the company you choose to work for. I can’t speak on it as i am not sure what the policy is in that reference. But i am sure big or small, if a worker if doing a half a*s job, they deserve whatever is deemed appropriate

    • NotARogersEmployee

      Rogers laid off about 300 last year, not 3,000.

      If Rogers actually laid off 10% (3,000 of their 30,000 employees) of their staff, there would’ve been a ton of coverage on it.

    • Ulfredsson The Vanquisher

      Rogers is notorious for laying off large groups and then having a new hiring phase so they can tell the government they created “new” jobs to get tax credits.
      Nothing new about that.

    • ArberBeq

      Well they’re going to lose their jobs anyways so I don’t know why they’re complaining. Plus if Verizon puts in $3billion in Canada (estimate costs from an economist) lots of that money will go into labour thus creating jobs. Its not something where I put in $3billion and magically towers become built. This requires lots of people to do

    • Alex

      Because they’ll obviously service their Canadian customers from US retail outlets, they’ll install their equipment and towers in India and locate their billing/financial office in the Cayman Islands so your cheque is in a tax hole

      Or…maybe not. Sorry Robelus!

    • Brian Burleigh

      I still don’t care. At least I’ll pay less for my service.

      Bell/Rogers/Telus ALREADY give shitty service, they ALREADY charge us out the a*s, and they ALREADY don’t give two shits about us from a policy perspective. Who cares if the $8/hr customer service reps are in Ontario or India. I’ll save $65/month on my phone bill, which means I’ll go to McDonalds or something once more a month. Times this by 30 million cell phone plans and I think we can more than make up the ONE call centre that will close because Verizon came into Canada…

    • Bill Creton

      I guess you did not check Verizon’s rate plans before writing you will save on your phone bill. Right now Verizon charge as much as Robelus and they have 300% more clients.

    • Who Needs Facts

      “I’ll save $65/month on my phone bill ”

      Quote of the month.

    • Who Needs Facts

      Actually – you are partially correct. They will service Canadian customers from the US along with their billing. As they are one of the dodgiest corporations in the US for paying taxes, the Caymen Islands is not out of the question

      Further they will be using the telcos towers and infrastructure, so other than rebranded Wind retail outlets they will not have a footprint in Canada.

      And what they get for $3Billion (not sure where that number came from) is a couple of wireless companies and spectrum, which is actually all that they need.

    • Who Needs Facts

      Well – this is a starter.

      That expansion that was going to happen in Dawson Creek, Vegreville or Haliburton. Those will be shelved.

      Unless Verizon decides to build in those areas I suppose. Lol.

  • Guest

    I’m pretty sure Rogers, Bell, and Telus outsources lots of their jobs anyways

    • NotARogersEmployee

      I’m just pasting a reply I made up above regarding this common misconception:

      “Rogers has 0% of their call centre workforce outsourced overseas. There is nothing in India nor the Philippines. While this may be hard to believe, the Rogers employees with accents are located in Canada. (mostly GTA where accents are common) They have call centres all over Canada: Don Mills, Downtown Toronto, Brampton, Burnaby, Pickering, Ottawa, and even most of their 3rd parties are in Canada. I’d estimate that 99% of Roger’s employees (permanent and contractors) live and spend in Canada.”

    • Fawoo

      Thank you “NotARogersEmployee” surely an unbiased source.

    • NotARogersEmployee

      Bias is only relevant when it’s a matter of opinion, which this is not. It’s a matter of where Rogers employees live and spend.

    • Fawoo

      Bias is relevant regardless of opinion. If someone is biased they’re more likely to find “facts” that affirm their bias. AKA Confirmation bias.

      Until you have external sources that prove what you’ve stated your argument remains opinion. Besides Guest stated “Bell, Rogers, and Telus” so even if you were stating facts, you’re only answering to 1/3 of Guest’s comment.

    • davesousa

      BURN! lol HAHA That was great.

    • FawCow

      I think the best thing to test this claim is to call 10 times to customer service on each of the Big 3. I am using Fido (part of Rogers) and very sure they don’t outsource. I always ask where they are located before I continue my conversation.

      I don’t know if it is source but I just did wiki on Rogers and it did stated all call centres are based in Canada. 🙂

    • Scazza

      Its hard to accept facts when you have blind hate and a made up mind about something they know absolutely nothing about. You can’t educated these people on this site.

    • Who Needs Facts

      But it is a heck of a lot of fun reading their complaints.

      If what I have been reading over the past one or two is indicative of how they conduct their lives in general, I cant help but think that at least half of their misery with the wireless companies is brought on by their own ignorance of what they bought, how the contract works and a simple lack of being unable to read a bill.

    • Guest

      I worked at Bell they have call centres in Phillipines and El Salvador. In Fact some of the level 2 CSRS are in those call centres for Technical and Billing. Rogers has them in India and Phillipines.

    • Scazza

      Make more stuff up.

    • Brian Burleigh

      That’s awesome. Too bad Rogers DOESN’T WORK in 99.9% of the area I live in (Fort St John, BC)

    • Tash

      They farm out calls to Stream Global Services. As a Rogers customer I get calls from centres in India ALLTHETIME.

    • Ulfredsson The Vanquisher

      That’s sales. The people you talk to when calling for support are in Canada.

      Outbound sales are a dime a dozen. It’s probably the same 3rd party calling for all 3 carriers, then taking your Dominoes pizza order 10 minutes later.

    • Mariano Gori

      Rogers has over 80% of their IT outsourced to companies like Infosys, Accenture, and etc. How do I know this? 2 friends of mine were herded into a boardroom with another 20+ employees and informed they were being let go in 3 months time. The worst part of it is that they had to train the offshore employees or otherwise they wouldn’t get a severance package. Rogers doesn’t care about employing Canadian staff, they care about one thing PROFIT, like all other companies do.

  • Tara

    It’s good that they’re scared. Maybe we can have some real competition. Even if their prices are higher, we need actual competition.

  • anonymous

    This is fear inducing propaganda. Keep jobs in Canada is bull crap. Meanwhile the big three outsource as much possible to India. If anything it will create more jobs then losses. Competition is healthy and us Canadians have been price gouged for years through back door agreements

    • NotARogersEmployee

      Rogers has 0% of their call centre workforce outsourced overseas. There is nothing in India nor the Philippines. While this may be hard to believe, the Rogers employees with accents are located in Canada. (mostly GTA where accents are common) They have call centres all over Canada: Don Mills, Downtown Toronto, Brampton, Burnaby, Pickering, Ottawa, and even most of their 3rd parties are in Canada. I’d estimate that 99% of Roger’s employees (permanent and contractors) live and spend in Canada.

    • 4ChanApologist

      While I can’t find any concrete evidence to back up this claim, popular opinion seems to be that Rogers doesn’t outsource their call-centres as Bell does. I do know that they run at least a portion of their highspeed support out of the 1 Mt.Pleasant/333 Bloor campus.

      For what it’s worth, they did lay off nearly 600 workers in 2009 when they outsourced all of their IT services and support to IBM Global Services (who maintain a sizeable offshore presence in 160 countries and were found to be #2 for outsourcing by a 2012 Vault study).

    • NotARogersEmployee

      Just to add a little more to this, the IT services that were outsourced to IBM support Rogers employees and their workstations. They do not speak to nor support Rogers customers in any way.

    • FawCow

      I think the best thing to test this claim is to call 10 times to customer service on each of the Big 3. I am using Fido (part of Rogers) and very sure they don’t outsource.

    • hyperhyper

      Yeah, it’s sad that they know they cannot compete on service and price so they have to resort to fear tactics. How mighty they are. I wonder what they would do if they were in an open and fully competitive market? Doubt they would last long because they are grown so fat and lazy over the years.

    • iPlunks

      You understand that Verison is as much or more expensive then the big 3. Also the argument is in reference that the Govt is giving Verison a 50% discount for them to set up their networks. Making it much easier for them to come and set up. We as tax payers own the 700mh network and for the govt to sell what we pay for is WHAT not is fair. So you can priase a US company to come here but it will be on your own tax dollars

    • anonymous

      If Verizon is more expensive,.. then the big 3 have nothing to worry about do they.

    • iPlunks

      You clearly missed my point

    • anonymous

      I am not sure about other areas of the country. I am from Alberta. When the government sold AGT the government owned and operated phone company. They handed over a Monopoly to the highest bidder, which was Telus. Telus had very little competition here for years as they owned everything. The big 3 are now complaining because the government does not want to do the same thing over again and sell everything to the highest bidder. I’m not going to pretend I know everything cause I don’t. I do understand the reason why the government has divided up how much bandwidth a company can buy.. This bandwidth is up for sale for ANY new comer and not just Verizon, if its at a 50% discount or whatever I don’t know… The idea is to get new peoples foot in the door because the big 3 are not consumer driven,.. They are about making money and not causing waves with each other. I’ve seen the studies that show how Canada is cheaper…. maybe if you don’t have a smart phone that uses any data… voice only plans may be competitive but we are not in the 90’s anymore. The big 3 are scared more about their profit margins then losing jobs.

    • Alex

      You what? The government sells the asset and is paid for it. This is essentially “profit” for taxpayers. It isn’t a cost.

      They haven’t given any company a discount either.

    • iPlunks

      You need to do your research. They are looking to sell the sectrum at a discounted cost

    • djino

      Can you please provide a link to where a 50% discount is being applied to Verizon? Unless you are equating putting a one block cap on the incumbents being equal to 50% discount for Verizon. If so, I don’t see that as being equal.

    • iPlunks

      Telecom watchdog Bill O”Reilly

    • djino

      So is this something he said? And now you are calling this fact?

    • iPlunks

      Cbc interviewed him. I mean if he is that one who specialize in that industry, i can only believe til proven otherwise

    • djino

      I honestly do not believe that to be the case. And I will continue to believe this til proven otherwise

    • iPlunks

      Ok then

    • Alex

      How does that equate to giving Verizon a discount?

    • iPlunks

      If the wind, mobilicity and public mobile purchases the actual amount for their space, why does verison get it at a discount? They can spend $130million i think it is to purchase there stakes back in their company but not pay full pop back to us Canadians who own the 700mhz spectrum

    • iPlunks

      Sorry $130 billion

    • davesousa

      I have to pay my tax dollars regardless. I would rather them go to help competition in this market. The Telco. industry in Canada is a joke. (I am speaking generally not just mobile). Citizens have 0 say in how their tax dollars are spent regardless of what people think. If you asked 100,000 Canadians, I am sure that the VAST majority would rather have their tax dollars spent bringing much needed competition to this industry than being spent else where, where it will go un-noticed. Let’s be honest with our selves here. Are prices going to drop over night because Verizon comes? NO! but one thing is for certain. Competition drives change. If that change come in the form of better service, increased competition for my business, more of an investment in improving to the latest technologies to stay on top, I AM ALL FOR IT!

    • iPlunks

      I rather have my tax dollars NOT I’m keeping a non active network active. But again Canadians are spoil when it comes to the mobile industry. If telus was to expand into the US, i can imagine the uproar Canadians will have saying that the high rates they pay are funding there venture so a greddy company and make more money. Hoping the blue jays win a world series or the leafs winning the cup, its my outrageous data plan is paying there salary. Keep complaining though

    • davesousa

      Would you like to try that again, but in English this time?

      What does Verizon coming to Canada have anything to do with the Jays or the Leafs?

    • Bill Creton

      I agree with you, iPlunks! It’s not about not having a new competitor. The Big 3 are not saying that Verizon should be blocked from coming to Canada.
      It is all about NOT SELLING IT FOR CHEAP to an American company that generate a revenu of +$115 billion in a year when the Big 3 generate a grand total of less than $44 billion (not each but together).
      Since Verizon has a lot more money than the Big 3, they would have an equal chance to bid on the 700 Mhz spectrum. In this case, there is no need for half of that spectrum to be reserved for them. I wrote “them” because no other companies have shown any interest in coming to Canada.
      For those of you who live outside any big urban areas, Verizon coming to Canada will not change anything. You think Verizon will invest in an network where there is 100,000 million people when they can invest where they is 1 million people?

  • Salinger

    That’s pretty close to my office. Wish I had a Verizon shirt to wear while I walk by.

    Maybe I’m just a stupid consumer, as the unions and Big 3 are basically calling us. But how can they have it both ways? On the one hand, a major plank in their ridiculous platform is, Verizon will not offer lower-priced service. But on the other hand, them coming into Canada will steal away thousands of Canadian jobs.

    If they’re going to be as, or more expensive than the incumbent 3, then no one is going to sign up with them, hence, what job losses are we to worry about? It seems like they’re just throwing anything and everything against the wall, and hoping something sticks.

    • Netguru

      Completely agree. BTW, where were the protests when the big banks outsourced their call centres to India? Verizon may not offer lower prices but I’m pretty sure that they could offer unlimited North America calling as part of their plans. That will certainly eat into the enormous profits Robellus derive from overpriced long distance rates.

      Also can’t wait to see the protest “steamed live.”

    • iPlunks

      canadain company outsoursing, not a foreign company making a business in canada

  • J-Ro

    Verizon is in the middle of a potential buyback of 45% of their company from Vodafone valuing about $130 billion. I don’t think coming to Canada is going to happen anytime soon.

    Maybe before but now they are focused on US growth.

  • Me Ted

    I’m confused. What does Harper have to do with jobs in the Philippines? You know…the place where the person receiving my call resides in.

    • Guest

      Downvote? At least have the balls to respond douchenozzle.

    • Guest

      sorry, i’m confused. Are you trying to fight your self?

    • Guest

      I thought the term “Downvoted” would have been pretty obvious. Apparently not. Nah. I just don’t like muppets who downvote with no response that’s all. I’ll delete it to remove any more “confusion”.

    • Yo Yo Ma

      You know that call centres aren’t the only jobs at telecom companies, right?
      – Stores, kiosks, etc.
      – Face to face agents, especially in the B2B areas
      – Call centres in predominantly bilingual areas (aka, not Toronto)
      – Call centres in West.. and East.. therefore getting timezone coverage across Canada
      – Installing towers and doing maintenance
      – Doing radio frequency checks etc.

      There’s a whole host of front line and non-management jobs that are done in Canada because they can only be done in Canada.

      If the top line of a company starts to get cut, (in an industry with high fixed costs and low variable costs), its the overhead and employees that go out the door first.

      I’d guess that:
      Front line roles: For 3 guys that Big 3 lets go, one guy would be hired into a Verizon pool
      Technology roles: For every 10 guys that Big 3 let go, probably 1 guy would be hired into a Verizon pool… to deal with any VERY specific Canadian conditions (northern provinces??)
      Management functions (Marketing, Accounting, Finance, HR, etc.): Verizon would need a minimal staff out of Canada.

    • Me Ted

      You do know that the Big 3 already send plenty of jobs out of the country as it is don’t you? Oh God. Please tell me you do.

  • G35

    the real reason unions are upset is that they will be losing the monthly union dues from the employees that will be losing there jobs….

  • Rory

    See: Fear, uncertainty and doubt

  • grantdude

    I don’t get how Verizon entering Canada will cause job loss here. Wouldn’t they be hiring people to work for them?

    • Dave

      Since Wind Mobile, Mobilicity and Public mobile entered the market in 2008, the industry actually gained the average number of employees, IN CANADA.

      But don’t confuse Robellus with facts.

    • Martini

      Facts always ruin a good story, don’t they?

    • kroms

      Exactly, When you go to a kiosk is the person working there not a CANADIAN ?

      I mean seriously ? Do we need to even think about that one ?

      ROBELUS BS. They ( whomever protests this ) should be ashamed and better NOT Expect any sympathy from the people on the street (us working Canadians) that have been getting it handed to us for DECADES and told to stfu.

  • brando

    Don’t we have call centres for AT&T and others in Canada? This would just balance it out xD

  • Joseph Morin

    The unions are protecting themselves. Whether the reason be right or wrong, they need to protect their employer’s interest. (The hand that feeds you and all.) If a large company like Verizon comes to Canada, I don’t think there will be job loss. There may be job shifting where the new company grows and hires while the incumbents stop growing. These new jobs will probably be non unionized and that may make the Unions unhappy.

    • Netguru

      You raise an interesting point. Are the unions really protecting themselves or are they being duped? The consensus is that Canadian jobs won’t be lost. In the U.S., Verizon employees are unionized, so it is reasonable that employees hired in Canada will also be unionized. So it seems like the union is really hurting themselves with this protest.

    • Joseph Morin

      Don’t quote me, but I believe the Verizon union in the US isn’t the same as the ones protesting. Additionally, jobs they create in Canada wouldn’t require a union.

    • Netguru

      Correct…the U.S. union is not the same, just as the U.S. and Canadian auto workers now belong to different unions. But in all probability this Canadian union will still try to organize any employees Verizon hires in Canada.

  • canuck07

    Unions are scourges anyway. When have their existence really benefited the public? Oh and by the way, the Big 3 already outsource jobs to elsewhere so it’s not like all the jobs are still in Canada.

    • Alex

      Unions have helped a lot in the past with regards to working hours, benefits, holiday time etc. It’s fine when they seek to advance the common good. Unions often can lose sight of this and end up just looking as greedy as the employers they often fight against.

      In this case they’re actually fighting against the people who are calling their BS. They’ll lose.

    • Scazza

      They are working for their employees, if you think this is some paid stunt, you are crazy. Telecom unions have always been vocal against their employers.

    • No1B4Me

      Is it a long weekend coming up for you?

  • Wil LeBlanc

    How many jobs have the BIG 3 taken away from canadians and sent overseas??? why do they not discuss that???

  • wintermute_ai

    Poor union workers are being fed FUD by the big 3 when they themselves outsource where they see fit regardless. Protest or not this will go through, there’s already precedence of foreign ownership and enough Canadian Demand.

  • Fouet

    What a bunch of hypocrites.

    And these are the same companies which are contracting there customer service jobs outside of Canada and contracting there technical service reps outside there companies to save on health and pension benefits.

    On top of that, they keep raising there rates for no apparent reason.

    We need more competition in Canada and fast.

  • Samuel Gomez Recuero

    Really? Keep Telco jobs in Canada sure, Let’s start asking Robelus to bring back all their foreign call centers next please.. You have no idea how much jobs are just there.

    • Blair Brydges

      They actually outsource to a few call centers in canada, not saying all their call center work is located in canada.. but some of it is.

    • Samuel Gomez Recuero

      I know, bell is the biggest one with call centers outside canada

  • Blair Brydges

    I wonder more if this has anything to do with the spectrum auction and the big 3 trying to prevent companies outside of Canada from bidding, would mean less for them. Aside from that though this just seems like a ploy to allow the big 3 to continue to maintain their choke hold on Canadians.

    • Samuel Gomez Recuero

      One day they might realize that less is actually more. charging 50.00 per customer on a ,let’s say, 1 million customers base is no less than charging 40.00 for 1.5m customers.

    • Bill Creton

      Tell that to Verizon who is charge the same price for their rate plans to their +100 million clients when the Big 3 charge that price to less than 25 million clients.

  • Samuel Gomez Recuero

    Today I saw and ad on the paper here that says something on the lines of not allowing a foreign entity to buy 50% of our water resources. this was of course making reference to the upcoming auction of the four spectrums blocks. It is fun how conveniently negleted to mention that Robelus currently owns 85% of the sprectrum market across canada, And that supposed 50% up for grasp really represents about 8% of the total available nationwide.

    I can’t say it here but I’m thinking a four letter word for them.

    • 4ChanApologist

      Yeah, they neglect to mention that there are already regulations preventing Verizon from buying up more than 10% of the market. Nowhere near the 50% their misleading advertisements would have you believe.

      Think about it, if Verizon could just buy up all the spectrum they wanted then why wouldn’t they just buy Telus, Bell or Rogers in their entirety? Because the Telecommunications Act 2012 says they can’t, that’s why.

  • Richie_Peterson

    Really? Take away thousands of jobs from Canadians? Ummm who are they going to get to run all their stores in Canada? I’m almost positive they won’t bring up Americans to run them. Maybe just to get them started and for some training on how they want things run, but after that I’m almost positive they will hire Canadians to work them. I mean come on, another company in Canada ACTUALLY MEANS MORE CANADIAN JOBS!!

    • Stephen_81

      No it means a shift of low paid retail jobs from one carrier to the next.

      A decreased marketshare by the Big3 would result in layoffs of the retail workers as well as telephone support staff while the majority of the support staff are overseas there still are local telephone support staff which would likely be the ones cut as they cost more.

      As retail workers are laid off it is most likely they’ll find rolls with the new entrant so there could be a few new positions created but the net job growth would be marginal as the population growth is not exploding thus service needs don’t require a vast increase in sales support.

  • undino

    What I never understand is why people assume that a foreign company equals foreign employees. Do people really expect thousands of Americans will start crossing the borders to work everyday? I mean sure the top jobs will probably be foreign employees but everything else will just be local hires.

    • Stephen_81

      Customer service is handled via phone for the most part which can be managed from the US. Territory manger rolls can just be extended from the US. as a Canadian I often went to the US extending my territory management as it was more cost effective than hiring a US person. the same would be in the reverse.

      The only real jobs created would be low paying retail clerk jobs, even distribution could be run from boarder cities

    • undino

      I see your point, but does Robellus only employ Canadians for their customer services? That is not the case. I see no difference to the consumers, whether the calls are managed in the US or Philippines or India.

    • Stephen_81

      I don’t disagree. But if the government was ACTUALLY looking to improve the wireless industry and make things better for Canada and Canadians instead of opening up the spectrum to even more outsourcing for service they would limit access to spectrum based on Canadian Employment and service. new spectrum would be issued on 5yr leases maybe even some existing spectrum licenses to be revoked in 5yrs should certain things not be met.

      A larger percentage of the work force should be Canadian. Canadians should be serviced by Canadians. and Carriers should be reinvesting into the network to expand access to all Canadians.

    • undino

      Well to me, I would like to think that our government is looking to improve the well-being of Canadians in general. And the changes they are implementing into the wireless industry is just the means to do so. I agree that it would be most ideal for Canadians to serve Canadians, but that ideal becomes a hindrance to improving our overall well-being, then sacrifices should be made.

      I might be too much of an idealist, but I think that true competition will (eventually) drive down the prices of our phone bills. And maybe some jobs will be lost in the transition, and some money will flow out to foreign countries, but it the money lost will pale in comparison to the money that would snowball within Canada.

      For example if i pay 80 dollars for my phone bill, maybe 40 dollars are spent actually to cover the cost of my usage, the other 40 dollars are the probably their profits that is used to build more “services” that would turn my 80 dollar phone bill to 85 dollar or 90 dollars.

      Now if we have some real competition maybe my phone bill will eventually drop, from 80 dollars to 60 dollars. 40 dollars are still spent to keep my services operating and telecom companies have just halved their profits, so they will fire a bunch of people to keep their profits high. Okay, that means the some people will be out of jobs, but guess what there is still 20 dollars left in my pocket for the people out of jobs to earn.

      In an overall economic sense, it would be better for Canada as a whole to allow more industries to thrive, than to protect a single thriving industry.

    • Stephen_81

      That is excellent economic theory if we were a country with no social service.

      The money leaving the country is not taxed, so lets assume the profits of the new entrant we’ll call them company V is 5B, that is 5B of non taxed revenue.

      Those few employees who lose their jobs are non taxed persons. Canada’s economy is far more reliant of taxes and social services than that of Americans trying to turn Canada into another America isn’t the way to bring prosperity to our country.

  • Cerberus

    Ya! Keep jobs in Canada! And then continue to lay off customer support staff to outsource overseas!

    Are you kidding me!? Big 3 continue to build subscribers, but continue laying off Canadians. These unions don’t care. They are jobbed up for life.

    • Bill Creton

      Canadian companies lay off staff because many Canadian prefer buying from an American company instead of supporting their Canadian company to keep them competitve against an American company.
      If Unions don’t care, could you explain what is that rally today in Toronto?

  • Me Ted

    Nice. Homophobic as well as the first living abortion. You must be proud. Jump into traffic. Never mind. Sounds to me like you probably will anyway. $uck you very much.

  • ArberBeq

    And this is why I don’t like unions.

    • No1B4Me

      So you are working on Labour day then?

  • jared

    If verizon (or anyone else) came to canada, they wouldn’t build a network of any kind. They would just be piggy-backing on existing infrastructure. This is one of the loopholes the industry wants closed to big foreign giants. The folks laid off at the big three if profits drop aren’t going to be hired by Verizon because they won’t be building anything. They will just be taking your money down south.

    • Boolanger

      they do have to pay for that access to use the Big 3 infrastructure, they aren’t getting it for free

    • smbd

      I believe you do not shop at Walmart, Home Depot, Starbucks, etc. God forbids, they just take your-our money down south! False sense of patriotism.

    • Bill Creton

      You are totally right! I do not shop at those places. I believe in Canadian economy and I support the Canadian economy.

    • smbd

      What about “Made in China” staff? You have nothing of those? Everything on you and with you are built, made, designed, assembled, etc. in Canada? Do not tell me you have never tried a single pistachio from ever-sunny California! Hypocrisy or stubbornness .

    • Bill Creton

      You were talking about places like Walmart, Home Depot…
      I asumed you meant “stuff” and not “staff”. Of course I have “Made in China” stuff. Not much eletronic stuff being made in Canada.
      I don’t buy pistachio. Not because they are not from Canada but just because I simply don’t buy them. I buy fruits and vegetables from local markets as much as possible.
      For your information, smbd. I shop at Mark’s, Canadian Tire, Rona (or Reno-Depot and other Canadian-owned warehouse stores) and Tim Horton just to give those examples.
      That being said, could we go back to the actual topic that is about not selling out cheap to Verizon?

    • Victor_Creed

      So they would buy spectrum and then just piggyback on the Big 3? Is that what Wind did? Or Mobilicity? Or Public Mobile?

      Stop spreading false facts and FUD

  • avow

    OMF this is silly.

  • Luke Faulkner

    The Big 3 already outsource jobs to Philistines, India and other countries. Talk about pot calling the kettle black

    • Stephen_81

      THIS is something I wish Harper would address.
      If he wants a net benefit for Canadians and isn’t just trying to buy votes of the uneducated selfcentred masses he should be addressing how these Canadian Businesses get access to spectrum.

      I am clearly a BIG3 supporter vs Bringing in Verizon into Canada but I don’t think the Big3 are doing what is best for Canada either and wish the government with their wireless rules would address this. If they wish to outsource everything then sure allow a new player in with rules in place about Canadians being services by Canadians and reinvestment in Canada

  • Lukeiphone

    This doesn’t make sense. One more wireless player = one more company = more jobs. Verizon will grow faster than wind or mobilicity could ever grow and hence would create more jobs.

  • Bill Creton

    Many of you got lost in the real story. It’s not about not letting Verizon come to Canada.

    What Robelus are saying is that a company like Verizon, who make over 115 billion in a year (Robelus make 44 billion together), does not need the help of the Canadian Goverment to “finance” them.

    What they are also asking is that they should not be forced to let Verizon use their network since they have the money to build their own. Videotron (to take a new mobile service provider as an example) is a much more smaller company then Robelus and it doesn’t “piggyback” on Robelus’ networks. So why should a 115-billion Verizon be allowed that?

    You think the price of the rate plans will go down? Verizon has over 100 millions clients and Robelus has less then 25 million clients together. If you check Verizon’s rate plan on their website, you will see that their clients pays as much as Robelus’ clients. The rule of “the supply and demand” is that the more people buy your product, the lower your price will be, right? Then how come Verizon has the same price with 300% more clients?

    About jobs in Canada being affected. yeva77 wrote that Rogers laid off more than 3000 people last year and wrote “cutting jobs in Canada and outsourcing it to other countries?????”. When a company need to cut down on expensives to stay competitive (more competition like most of you want), of course they will laid off some people. If Verizon come to Canada, you really think they will have their phone centers in Canada? They will be outsourcing to another country… the USA! By the way, Verizon is outsourcing accross the ocean.
    Ask yourselves: “Do I want my Goverment to give a house to a billionaire with my tax money?”

    • Boolanger

      Verizon isn’t getting anything for free, they have to pay for the access to the Big 3 infrastructure just like any one else. they will also have to pay for the spectrum if they want it.

    • Bill Creton

      I never wrote they were getting it for free

    • Boolanger

      A piggy back is a free ride, do you know why the big 3 are required to allow other carriers to access their infrastructures for a cost?

    • Bill Creton

      Thank you for correcting me. I should not have choosed “piggyback” in my comment.

    • Victor_Creed

      What is this tax money being given to Verizon you speak of? Please explain. Just more FUD?

    • Bill Creton

      I’ll ignored that question about tax money as I am sure you were just being sarcastic

    • Philosoraptor

      I think your last name is a typo…

    • Bill Creton

      First of all, I never wrote that Verizon was getting anything for free. Also, the Big 3 are Canadian companies. It make sense that they get the help of THEIR Goverment.
      You seem to be stuck with the idea that what the Big 3 is asking is to block Verizon to come to Canada. That is not the case at all. “Fair competition” does not mean “No competition”.
      The market in Canada is competitive. You are not forced to take the service of one of the Big 3. You have Videotron, MTS, Wind and Sasktel for example. None of them belong to the Big 3.

  • Guest

    Saving Canadian jobs? Like the ones they ship overseas for support and billing?

    • Martini


  • Greg Sandsonni

    End the free ride.

  • Philosoraptor

    It would be ironic if all the Big 3 employees that have been laid off can hold a counter-protest.

  • mrawr

    heh crtc should make a policy against outsourcing jobs. I’m sure the Big3 will back that 100% since they’re so worried about Canadian jobs.

  • Keppay

    It would be Canada’s smallest rally in history.

  • BB BB

    The big 3 are so desperate they are resorting to union protests? What white collar greedy corporation likes a union? I’m sure half of the communications, energy and paper worker jobs would not exist if Robellus had their way.

  • Supa_Fly

    I’m SO SICK of Unions! protecting their job my arse … many union employees are lazy, unproductive since there is no incentive to improve their skills or work more efficiently. I say make them have a challenge, those willing to rise and match stay, those that cannot should be retiring/back to school (improve skills or new career)/goto new company work like a contractor where efficiency and updating your skills is MANDATORY; like my jobs.

    • Unorthodox

      Unions are nothing more than another type of corporations. Their main business is extortion, not protecting the workforce. Union leaders are simply same CEO’s, against whom they pretend to fight. And collective agreements are nothing more than business to business contracts. Parasites, as they can’t live without the very body they’ve grown in.

    • vn33

      Worked for a union once after school … Agree with you 100%

  • Graham Wilson

    The event will be steamed live? 🙂

  • ToniCipriani

    “event will be steamed live here.”

    It is pretty hot out there… I guess.

  • Raj Singh

    Are you kidding me? This protectionist mentality from the union is brutal. Whether or not Verizon is here, the jobs will remain in Canada. The only difference would be that we would get better rates since a 4th operator (Verizon) would have to offer deals to compete with the other 3. And then, in turn, Rogers, Telus and Bell would attempt to match those incentives or promotions to attract and retain customers.

    As for jobs, CEOs, CFOs, COOs are assessed and recruited on a global scale. And wouldn’t it be better for our economy to have Verizon thrive here? That way, the increased competition would motivate Verizon, Rogers, Telus and Bell to invest/focus on developing new technologies and improving services to one-up the competition. In turn, that would stimulate our economy by creating new opportunities for researchers and other infrastructure specialists, including the construction industry, engineering, even the aerospace sector for satelites and data transmission, even the cables that carry the data to transmission points and on and on and on…

    The more competition, the better. Total crap from Ken Lewenza and the union.

  • Thomas

    Well this will accomplish nothing but make people hate union’s even more then they already do.

  • vn33

    Since when did Unions and Corporations get into bed together??
    Oh … when both of their self-interests are threatened!!

    When do the majority of the non-unionized, ordinary Canadians stop getting gouged by the Big 3 Telcos ?

    No sympathy here …

  • HelloCDN

    Lol of course they protest. As someone who’s been involved in telecom in Canada, I remember all the perks you get. For example, around 50% or more off your monthly plan 🙂 Don’t try to explain to these people why Canadians are unhappy with the prices, because they just don’t pay those prices 😉

    • HelloCDN

      Uh-oh, is someone upset that I’m giving away corporate secrets? 🙂 50% off guys, and I’m not even talking about sales guys, who just try to rip you off from the start, but if you’re good enough to resist, they just completely lose any interest in you ;P Or how they drop the cancellation charges for their buddies.

  • Thomas Ramsay


  • Brian Burleigh

    As a Canadian, I will state that I in no way agree with these protests. If the Big 3 want to use their staff as pawns, then so be it, but the rest of Canada hates Bell/Rogers/Telus and can’t wait for a competitor to come in, regardless of if it’s a US company, a Canadian company, or a company from Afghanistan.

    I want to pay what the Americans are paying for a cell phone plan. I don’t want to pay $115 a month. I also want to have a Telco that can tell me the value of my bill when I call in.

    When I started with Bell, I was moving from my “student” (aka: never paid on time) plan from Solo Mobile. They put me on a spending cap with Bell, cut me off once a month for the first 5 months, couldn’t tell me the value of my bill when I called, and the solution ended up being for me to pay $300 lump-sum onto my bill so I wouldn’t hit the cap.



    On the West Coast – there IS Shaw Go coming for Shaw customers, which means that you can get a phone with a minimal plan and then use Shaw Go for most things, if you’re in an urban area. This will hopefully cut into the Big 3’s profits and they will have to go for the “Customer Service” angle to get people to sign back up.

  • Khristopher Ranger

    Who the hell are they to rally about keeping jobs in Canada when they are constantly outsourcing call centre jobs to other parts of the world? That’s their choice that they make. Such hypocrites!

  • Jonathan G.

    I’d like to know of the significance to 151 Yonge Street. I thought for sure all rally’s would want to be at dundas square.

    • sicsicpuppy

      151 has 2 one’s and a five .5-1-1 = 3

  • Moya Semaan

    I don’t get it, why is the free market so offensive to Canadian business!!

  • Billy

    Sympathy card: done and failed. Next up: unions and fear mongering.

  • kroms

    BELL, ROGERS,and TELUS are saying Canadians jobs are at risk ?

    Like when WALMART came to Canada and has employed 1000s of Canadians that otherwise would be unemployed ?

    Would Verizon in Canada not Employ Canadians ? or Do ROBELUS think they will hire Americans and have them come to Canada to work here ? Like are they Retarded ?
    I want to PROTEST AGAINST these Assholes , Not for them !!!

  • kroms


    They ( whomever protests this ) should be ashamed and
    better NOT Expect any sympathy from the people on the street (us
    working Canadians) that have been getting it handed to us for DECADES
    and told to stfu

  • kroms

    Where is the ANTI ROBELUS protest ? I want to be there.

  • Victor_Creed

    Ken Lewenza is a douche, I was a part of the CAW at a transformer facility for 6 years and when the plant announced closure all he cared about was making sure the CAW got all the union dues from the workers for 30 years of work. He can rot in hell. In fact I’ll be at this rally to let them all know what I think of them.

  • Dave

    If the unions are scared it must be good for the rest of the people.

  • T-Rex

    This is scaremongering by the big 3. Being a Canadian company doesn’t
    guarantee that in the future they won’t outsource outside of Canada or
    outsource to a company who outsources outside of Canada. The
    latter is just a way of passing the blame: It’s not us, it’s IBM (or
    other service provider) who’s outsourcing the jobs. The end result is
    that they’ll lay off Canadian workers and those jobs will no longer be in

    Also take a look at Rogers laying off 675 people last
    year despite strong earnings to “maintain their profit margin”. The Big 3
    don’t care about jobs, they care about profits. I’m not saying Verizon
    isn’t the same, but let’s be real here the Big 3 are not going to
    guarantee that all the current jobs are going to stay in Canada if it
    means they can make a profit by doing otherwise.

    On the other side if Verizon does come to Canada, they’ll still need a workforce
    physically present in Canada. I can’t see them ship in
    telecommunications technicians and retail staff from outside of Canada.
    Those jobs are not going to magically disappear to outside of the
    country. WIND is 65% owned by an Egyptian company, but did we lose jobs
    in Canada or did we gain some? I think it’s the latter.

  • ABCONMan

    Every whiner against the big three deserves the prices found on the Verizon website.

    It’s that, or take the punishment of being a WIND or Mobilicity customer.

    WIND. LOL.

    • T-Rex

      That’s fine with me. I looked at Verizon’s website and the plan I would be using was a better deal than a similar one on Rogers and Telus with the equivalent data allotment. I didn’t check Bell’s but I’m sure it’ll be similar as they usually collude rates. If that’s an indication yes, we do deserve Verizon’s prices. Bring on Verizon, baby!

  • LarsFromMars

    Fatcat monopolists and corrupt lazy unions are both against opening Canada’s telco marketplace? It must be the right thing to do, then 😉

    • Bill Creton

      They are not against opening Canada’s telco marketplace. Get your facts right!

  • Mr. Everything

    Kill the unions! It’s these buttholes who keep everything expensive in Canada! Most union employs have an 8 hour day and work 3 of it. No more unions!

  • Mr. Everything

    Are the Telus workers in the Phillipines in danger of losing their jobs? I’m sure they’d like to protest too when Telus tells them to.

  • James Arsenault

    if Unions wants to save their jobs ?? quit unions that’s it

  • Striker67

    This is a bad joke right? I am not saying Verizon should be allowed or not as I really don’t think there will be any real difference made to pricing, but for Bell to allegedly use its media ownership to skew how our wireless rates compare and now for the unions who represent the workers of these companies to do a rally? This sounds like manipulation to me plain and simple

  • Collin dubya

    Sorry Big 3, drop your prices or face competition.

  • Thomas C. Riddell

    Cry me River I don’t care The Big 3 of Rippped off People for years There no Loop hole it just PR from Bell robotellus and Rogers

  • Jim Soklaridis

    Since when do unions want completion ???
    Yaa, as soon as I heard the unions are joining the 3 pigs I knew who’s side I am on.
    GO VERIZON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Philosoraptor

    So I take it from the lack of comments regarding what happened and how many people protested that it was an “overwhelming success”?

  • Robert Long

    Unions and Monopolists – two sides of the same coin. They want to use their collective powers to force ordinary Canadians to Pay More than the fair price so they can line their pockets with the premium.

  • guest

    Try dealing with the big 3 (eg port # from Telus )Now the bully cries foul. Service in remote areas?How long have you been in charge? What have you done for them. Love your twisted ads and surveys!