Sony teases new G lens camera for upcoming Xperia Z1


  • ilili

    “20.7MP camera and will use the same lenses used in its DSLR cameras”

    Lol! No, it will not use the same DSLR lenses, just think about it for a while…

    G, ZEISS or whatever, doesn’t matter when the lenses are of smartphone camera size and the pixels are tiny. 808 pureview is a very good example of that.

    • Just passing through

      I believe you’d be talking about the sensor. The lens is different from a sensor, mate. The lens is the piece of glass, and the sensor would be the one that would fit better on your argument.

    • MrBran4

      I think he was talking about how the lens makes no difference at such a small size.

  • Sanjay Kumar

    This device is worthy being in competition with Samsung galaxy s4.
    Now let’s see how many carriers are willing to have it available which can boost their sale.

  • Craig McConnell

    4k video and 20.7MP images sound great and all, but with only 16GB of storage you’re really not going to be able to make much use of those sizes.

    • eszklar

      microSD slot.

    • Brad Hermann

      +1. I think a high quality sensor in a 8-10 mp camera is more than sufficient for 90% of us. Who really needs a 20 mp image. Otherwise that last paragraph of specs reads like a wish list for most of us. Seems like Sony is stepping in its own feet with the last couple of fines being so close in specs.

  • stann

    Those specs make it sound like a real beast!

  • EvanKrosney

    4K video? For all of us that own 4K displays/TVs, AKA nobody.

    • Jesse Laurin

      The Radeon 7970 graphics card comes 4k capable and it was released quite some time ago, slowly everything will be 4k , 4k blu rays are just around the corner, now phones too (soon), and in a bit 4k TV’s will be at a decent price.

  • Lucas

    i thought it was called the i1?

  • Nachotech

    Capable of recording 4k video and comes with 16GB internal storage? Of which maybe 10GB will be usable? Give me a break, even assuming you buy a 64GB micro SD card for it at most your storage will all be gone in like a 5 minute video at those resolutions.
    If Sony is going to give people the ability to record 4k video, then the minimum internal storage should be 32GB, with an option for 64GB, or even 128GB. 16GB isn’t even enough even if you’re planning on regularly recording 1080P video.

    • hyperhyper

      I know… I was nodding my head and getting excited until I saw the 16GB spec. Someone didn’t do their market research as to what a flagship phone should have as a minimum. And yes, while people love to put all their photos up into cloud services, I don’t think the local pics get automatically deleted. Will be interesting to see if it is any kind of stabilization and to see how it compares to the other top end phone cameras like the HTC One and Lumia 1020.

  • Garrett Cooper

    Put on stock Android and I might be interested.Oh how I want a Sony Nexus!

  • Merags

    Coming to Canada exclusively at Bell in summer 2015. (reference to how long it took the Z to come here… not the ZL).

  • dave birney

    completely lost interest when i got to the “5-inch display” part. and that G besides the camera looks fugly as hell anyway. they could have at least put it at the same distance that the flash is from the lens