Todoist for Android matures into one of the platform’s best productivity tools

An up and coming productivity tool, Todoist, has launched version 2.0 for Android today after an extended beta test, and the company is touting it as one of the most intuitive and beautiful on the OS.

There is no shortage of great options for Android users, from Any.do to Tasks to Producteev to Wunderlist, but Todoist focuses on a clean interface and a relatively inexpensive premium membership ($29.99/year) to separate it from the pack.

Version 2.0 offers an improved interface that adheres quite strictly Android’s Holo design principles, with a left sliding menu and top action bar. Doist, the company behind the app, has integrated sub-tasks and sub-projects, a variation on existing principles that allows users to segment their tasks into far more specific pieces.

Among the new premium features is the ability to search via date, full text or by a number of filters. Premium users can also receive flexible push notifications and add notes to tasks.

Todoist is used by 700,000 users across the world, and is available on platforms ranging from iOS to Chrome to OS X and Windows. The Android app is optimized for tablets, and can be set to sync with other devices on the same account.

Unfortunately, push notifications for reminders are limited to premium users, something that many other services like Wunderlist and Any.DO provide for free. There are plenty of reasons to subscribe to premium service, but with the free version lacking many features users of competitor apps take for granted it may be difficult to promote the switch.

Version 2.0 comes with a new widget, along with quick adding of tasks via the notification bar. It’s a fantastic app that deserves to be trialled, so do it.

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