Google updates all post-Froyo devices to Play Services 3.2

Did you hear that Google can update all Android devices at once? No, it’s not a new software version, but Google has managed to facilitate updates to the core operating system through something called Play Services.

The latest update, version 3.2, has now been completely rolled out to users running Android 2.2 and above. You may recognize the container in your app drawer, the green Google icon with the cog on top, where within you can adjust settings pertaining to location, Play Games, Android Device Manager and more.

According to a blog post on the Android Developer Blog, the update also contains some important behind the scenes additions, such as hardware-based GPS geofencing on devices that support it. When paired with a location-based app, this allows apps to use far less battery when engaging the GPS, while maintaining a precise lock on a user’s position. Also included is the new Fused Location Provider, which also significantly boosts battery life when location is needed.

Google+ sign-in has been fleshed out to include something called simplified sharing control, which cuts the steps needed for a developer to share to Google+. Photo Sphere Viewer has been improved with a compass mode so the screen will turn when a user moves his or her phone.

While these features may not matter to the average Android user, one universal benefit should be improved battery life across all devices.

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